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Kuthumi      May 07, 2008

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
May 7, 2008  7:00-7:20 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Open Portal of Your Heart
Is the Key by Love to Your Ascent

            O gentle hearts, the key to the healing of your soul and the full reintegration of the light within you is love. This love comes from the heart of the Mother coursing through your soul, restitching those frayed elements of selfhood that through a simple lack of awareness and presence you have allowed to go out of the way.
            The Mother light comes to truly ennoble you and to bring you back, back, back to that point of reality of the soul attuned to the heart of the One, the Oversoul, the great pearl of beingness.¹ When you have been shown compassion by someone, even amidst times when you know that you have not always been forthright or true to the divine reality of who you are, an unguent of mercy has flowed to you. And this has created the vehicle whereby you could once more realize wholeness body, soul and mind.
            Many have studied the science of mind and how thoughts influence not only your consciousness but the very molecules of your being, even your physical bodies. And there have been many studies in the application of various services and tools to assist the soul to be whole. I come this day to tell you that at the core of any and all true healing methodologies is the vibration of the Holy Spirit. And at the core of this is God's love.
            If there be no love and true compassion within the practitioner then how can wholeness come, blessed ones? If it be simply an exercise in the recounting of the past then how can one move into a new field of awareness whereby the soul receives something of the Spirit, surcease from its struggle to then abide once more in the arms of the Mother light received as the prodigal one² once more unto her bosom?
            Blessed ones, you have always had the key to wholeness right within your heart. And yet through a cacophony of noise of the lesser self you have not stilled the mind to enter true beingness to perceive fully the light of the God-reality who you are. Therefore I come, having meditated upon that Spirit most holy with you, to bring you a new level of awareness of holy love.
            When you still your mind to truly listen to the needs of another, to hear with intention what is at the core of their pain and suffering and sorrow, you can be a very present resource of light for the reconnection of that one, soul to Spirit, through your heart of love. In the golden age dawning true healing practitioners of all means will understand the science of the soul and the psyche and of how, unless there be the synaptic flashes through a stream of divine love flowing through that one's heart, there cannot truly be complete and total healing of the one who comes for wholeness.
            Therefore, as you work on yourself to have a greater connectivity with your own divine beingness through stillness, through the holy breath and through the science of Solar Beingness, no matter what words are spoken, there will be at the core of that which you convey, the very Word that you have become as the Christ consciousness. And through this, the conveyance of permanent healing radiance may manifest.
            As I survey the souls of the disciples of the ascended masters the world around, I see how many are beginning to understand the depths of consciousness, the heights of awareness and the balancing factor of love-wisdom that may be employed in reverence to the soul that will move them into a new paradigm of oneness, no longer struggling to attain to something outside or above themselves in a future experience, but accepting in the very present reality of the God-flame within the full empowerment of the soul by the Spirit.
            Truly, blessed hearts, the Christ in all of his divine appearances and archetypes is there for each of you to fully embrace. And even though at times you feel like the leper before the great God-light and emanations of a solar being such as Jesus or Gautama, that one will always raise you up to understand that the same light and radiance that he has fully embraced and become is within you—when you fan the fires of love, when you understand through compassion the light of that Spirit most holy, blessed hearts.
            So, as we have communed together during these last six weeks, and you have studied my life as Saint Francis, I have been working with your Higher Self to bring something of that new spirit unto your soul, whereby you could catch a glimpse of the higher reality of your own beingness in God, and once having fully caught this vision, that you could live and abide ever in the very living light and presence of your own God-awareness.³
            The open portal of your heart is the key by love to your ascent. No matter what comes your way in terms of challenge in days ahead, either through misunderstanding or a lack of sensitivity on the part of others or even yourself, allow your heart to sing and remain open to the continuing discourse of heaven, to the radiance of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe, to the frequencies of brotherhood and unity, and to the very light of that Christ who you are at your core, blessed ones.
            As you fulfill your assignments and prepare for my brother, the Master Djwal Kul, who would continue the three wise men's teaching on the Higher Self, Morya and I will continue to work with you as you call to us. And in a tripartite manifestation of light, whereby there is balance of love, wisdom and power within your heart, a new glow and radiance will be yours as you attend to the things of the Spirit, even while abiding and fulfilling your mission in service to others.
            As Jesus said, “I am with you alway, even unto the end of the age”4—the age of innocence and a new age of love-wisdom, which now may be yours, O holy brothers and sisters. I thank you.

¹ Matthew 13:46
² Luke 15:11-32
³ Kuthumi taught during a Meru University class for six weeks just prior to this dictation. Later, Djwal Kul taught during another Meru University class.  Together with El Morya this completed a three-part series of classes on The Higher Self.
4 Matthew 28:20

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