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Avalokitashvara      April 19, 2008

Beloved Avalokitesvara
David Christopher Lewis
April 19, 2008   8:16-8:26 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Weave for You a New Beingness within the Heart of Mercy

Manifest Heartfulness toward Life, Give Mercy, Bestow the Grace of Kindness
and All Shall Know the Lotus of Love, of Mercy, of My Heart through Yours

            I am Avalokitesvara, emanation of Kartikeya, and I radiate the mercy of love to you.
            What is this love of mercy, and this mercy of love? It is the very beingness of the Divine One as compassion for all life—seeing that life as a part of self, and self as a part of all life, understanding the sacred processes by which the universe is sustained in love and how mercy maintains the balance of the law with justice.
            I plead before the Almighty for mercy on behalf of all Earth's evolutions. And the Lord Kartikeya, whom I represent to this planetary home, allows me in this hour to express the allness of mercy to those who would be merciful to life. As you love, so love is given to you; and as you enter the heart of mercy in mindfulness, so mercy may sustain you.
            I weave now for each of you from the sacred thread of the light emanation from my heart a new beingness within the heart of mercy. And as you are merciful in your thought emanations of others, so they are clothed with these threads of beingness in new garments of light. This is the immaculate conception of each one that I, with Mary, hold for all, even as you may be the instrument for the delivery of this radiance through compassion, through reverence and kindness of word, of thought and of action.
            Do you have kind thoughts of and toward others? As each kind thought goes forth, an angel of mercy may take it and bestow a blessing upon that one, and that blessing is the very action of mercy.
            Do you have kind thoughts of and toward your own soul, wrapping that soul in the same emanation of joyful mindfulness in God's Presence? Take time each day to simply be within the lotus light of mercy. Take time to revere the God-good within all, and then your vision and your thoughts will become passionate and of the very kind that God has toward thee.
            You see, blessed ones, the golden rule even applies to the highest of cosmic and Solar beings. For as they emanate the very essence of the Solar beingness of God and the allness of Presence they have become, so that Solar light is shared and returns to them, by the law of gold, as the abundance of blessedness and the radiance of the allness of God. If you would resolve all within you and have greater God-joy and abundance, manifest heartfulness toward life, give mercy, bestow the grace of kindness, and all shall know the lotus of love, of mercy, of my heart through yours.
            Avalokitesvara I am. I am the perfect flow of mercy light within you.

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