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God of Gold      March 23, 2008

Beloved God of Gold
David C. Lewis
March 23, 2008  late afternoon
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Fulfill All Now through the Abundant Treasures Bestowed upon You!

            I am the God of Gold and I open a new vein of light in the earth for the sunlight of abundance to flow here. And I work in conjunction with Fortuna, Goddess of Supply, and take advantage of the dispensation that she has brought to anchor a greater presence of living gold light within you and within this flowfield.
            I am the sunlight of God's eternal purpose for earth manifest now. I am the living light of the abundance of the Almighty flowing through my consciousness. I am a heart of gold sending forth light rays to all the earth and her evolutions to know the wisdom of God, the power of God and the love of God within. I accept fully who I am in God as a God-realized one. And thus all abundance, all cosmic flow is here for me to use in the alchemy of love and in the givingness of the Spirit.
            My chakras spin on behalf of the Buddhas of illumination and understanding. And by the vortex of fire that I bear, there is sustained in the earth the golden age consciousness whereby all may be raised into the light of the crown of their own being and experience divine wisdom, divine knowledge and an understanding of the higher principles of light. I am the merging of my heartstream with the Almighty whereby the sacred flow continues day and night, even as I am a vessel for the all-abundance of God on behalf of those whom I serve. And I am the manifest action of the all-knowingness of God to know where to go and how to serve to best befit this world for the new energies of Aquarius that must come for the golden age civilization to manifest.
            Blessed hearts, I have given you a call that you can give daily to establish the reconnection of your mind with the mind of God, your heart with the heart of God, your purpose with his holy purpose. And as the connection is made and  the flow is established, then the sunlight precipitated through the crystal of your own being may be for the earth key for the victory of this mission of The Hearts Center, of this flowfield of Mother Mary and of every Hearts Center and home of light of all who resonate with our cause.
            Utilizing every gift available to you in your meditations and in your time of silence, you can ascend the spiral staircase of light to commune with angels of victory, angels of abundance and of the golden age consciousness. And nothing can stop you if you are determined to be the one through whom that fire flows, blessed hearts. Thus, I give you the impetus of my own crown, which is a golden crown illumined by gemstones of other systems of worlds that shine forth and blaze those cosmic light rays that will bring an action of acceleration of your personal and your planetary abundance manifest for you.
            Even the mother of this messenger told him as a young child that his good works would bring jewels to his crown. And so it has been fulfilled this day through my overshadowing presence. And it may be so for each of you that as you fulfill your cosmic assignments given to you before your incarnation in this life, that many more gems and jewels of the Spirit may be there within your aura to magnetize that greater abundance that you require for the fulfillment of the total mission that you with heartfriends everywhere came to fulfill.
            I see now kings and priests, queens and priestesses of the sacred fire before me. And my angels, ministering to you each one, place a replica of this cosmic crown upon you which, when you call to Fortuna and to me and to all masters of abundance, may be a talisman of light for the magnetizing of greater God-abundance in your life. There is no reason why you cannot now fulfill all through the abundant treasures that we have bestowed upon you. And if you take advantage of every dispensation, every blessing, every beneficent offering that we bring forth in our missives and dictations and darshans and discourses unto you, blessed hearts, you would have the full cornucopia of light that you require to sustain you at all times and in all places.
            I bow before the light of the crown of the Buddha within you this day. And I am pleased with that which you have brought forth and manifested during this Easter Conference in terms of joy, in terms of resonance with the hearts of all within this movement, in terms of the new expectancy of victory that is so close it is as a whisper away from complete fulfillment for you. I say reach out now and grasp the victory of every project that you have in heart. It is right at your fingertips. And in some cases it only will  take one more step, one more leap of faith in order to fulfill something that will then bring that victory into the domain of the physical.
            Keep on keeping on, O servitors of light! And you will see that which you visualize and hold within your mind's eye firmly. And as divine alchemists, when that which you conceive of is fully received in hand, then you can kneel in gratitude to the one God for the full bestowal of a new level of inheritance of victory in your life.
            Where is the Goddess of Gold? Maybe she resides within your own soul and within your crown of fire. Seek her out as the mother lode of light of cosmic wisdom that will shine forth the way for you to follow unto the Eternal One. This is my message for those whose heart-mind connection is firm and who would now move into a higher stream of cosmic connectivity with the allness of the beingness of God. I thank you.

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