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Saint Anthony      March 21, 2008

Beloved Saint Anthony
March 21, 2008   12:15-12:31 pm MDT
The Resurrection of a Golden-Crystal Age Economy for America and the World
2008 Easter Retreat
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Solar Beingness of the Christ Forms a Grid of Light
that Is Anchored within the Earth as a Safety Net for Lightbearers

              In great joy I come, and I bear the light of the Christ Child, even as you reflect on the Solar light and the currents of the resurrection in this cycle of Eastertide coming. I endow this property and others that we within this movement sponsor for the security of heartfriends and those who bear light on behalf of Earth's evolutions.

            You have come physically here to support the Blessed Mother during this conference and also to raise the light within this economy, to sustain it long enough so that more may be saved. And already, because of your intent, your prayers and devotions, there has been an inner correction and a turning of cycles on this spring equinox day as the Lord Jesus descends in great light on his natal day to declare to the Earth that the second coming is here within all, if they choose to accept the light of the Christ—both within him as a representative of the people and within one another as they emulate and revere that light.

            If you would have a golden age, blessed ones, then the standard of gold must come forth. And that standard is abiding by the golden rule, which must rule all of your interactions, your choices, your work, both in your families and homes and in the marketplace. Therefore the Lord Jesus comes with me. And though many representations of my personhood show me bearing him in my arms as a child, yet this day he comes as a full-blown God-Man, having fully realized the attainment of Buddhahood. And I am blessed, even as you are, to receive that Solar light that he bears the Earth as the Son of God.

When you rely upon this Son of God as your example, as I did and still do, then you too can rise in Christ-attainment to secure for your life the victory of the resurrection and the ascension, passing your tests and bringing to the Earth that essential light that, as it descends from your Solar Source, does raise the economy of your life as well as that of all; does secure greater ground for God, because where one has attained to the level of Christ-attunement, there the Christ, multiplied over and over, does abide. This was Jesus's vision for the Age of Pisces and beyond, that Christ would appear here and there because he went to the Father and prepared the place whereby you could also reside within the light of your Presence and shine forth that light in your life.

So on this natal day of beloved Jesus, the image of the Christ is magnified and multiplied millions and millions of times throughout the Earth, and this Presence of his Solar beingness is anchored deep within the Earth for the securing of a safety net for lightbearers and lightsharers everywhere. It is as a planetary golden chain-mail energy and frequency, which you can tap into during your prayer work for the duration of this event and conference as you continue to work on the divine economy for America and the world, blessed ones. And the God and Goddess Meru and all who serve to set life free through education, illumination, understanding and teaching will energize this grid of light, even as you draw forth and down the fires of heaven, through intention, to safeguard your personal economy as well as that of this Hearts Center movement of light.

I, Saint Anthony, say unto all those who heard the call and answered in response to our request for abundance for this movement and this property, thank you for your givingness, your great God-generosity. For it has allowed us to move forward with greater plans for this property. And I now, with the Lord Christ in your presence, draw a ring of fire, of spiritual energy, around this flowfield to augment all other focuses of light, grids and protective currents of the ascended masters released during their dictations. And I lend my momentum of prayer and support unto each and every one of you who will call to me. You can simply call me Tony, if you like, for short.¹ [audience laughter]

Blessed ones, we are about our Father's God-business, yes? And that is a good and just and wholesome business, I must say—one that you can invest in without negative repercussions, one that you know will bring you greater assets as you work. This is what Jesus began long ago and what each of you is continuing, even in this day through your prayers, decrees, songs and all that you are building spiritually and physically upon the Earth.

Yes, we would see many Hearts Centers established as divine outposts, whereby the mission of this movement of many masters may move forward with surety and great speed to accomplish the ends that we have seen from the beginning for the victory in the light of this nation and every nation. You are making it so by right choice, by right effort, by self-sacrifice and laying upon the altar your gifts and graces and abundance. And again, we of the Brotherhood commend and thank you for all that you have given in support of this dispensation, messenger and community of light.

Therefore now, blessed ones, take the hand of the one sitting next to you as we create a new ring of fire here. Feel the pulsation that I now send through this ring and circle of oneness. Through the bonding of each heart, one with another, there will be a new victory spiral manifest on this spring equinox for the fulfillment of the vision of the Blessed Mother here and for the fulfillment of your vision for your life, your ascension. O hearts of fire, we are with you in your struggles and trials. We are with you even when you walk into hell. And we will lift you up and secure you on your path home, so long as you remain true to self, living in the light of God, bowing before the Christ in all and praying for guidance, for direction, for hope and for understanding among all hearts.

This is the day that the Lord hath made.² Let us glory in it! And enjoy, love one another, embrace each brother and sister, and move on into the light of the new day and the dawning of the Golden-Crystal Age of Saint Germain and Portia, and of the Divine Director and his beloved.

I AM with you always, even as the Christ is with you—in your hearts, in your service, in your love. God bless you, and thank you for this opportunity to come and be with hearts of fire whom I love.

1. The amanuensis David Christopher Lewis heard eight years after this HeartStream was delivered from his next-door neighbor, who is a devoted Catholic, that many communicants say a simple prayer to Saint Anthony for help in finding a lost object:  "Tony, Tony, turn around; something's lost and must be found!" David's wife, Mona, for years has made another fiat:  "Saint Anthony, show your power within the hour!", also to find a misplaced or lost object.

2. Psalm 118:24.

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