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Padre Pio      March 21, 2008

Beloved Padre Pio
David C. Lewis
March 21, 2008  8:00-8:11 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Ruby Fire Energy as the Blood of the Christ Principle

            The Presence of the Lord is here. And the fire of the Holy Spirit I bring to purge from your electronic belt that which I see is not you. I am a fiery disciplinarian today and I come with the ruby ray to clean you up, each one, so that you can be better servitors of the light. You think that you are adepts. Well I say you should see the Lord Jesus as I now know him as an ascended being. You would do more, you would be more disciplined, you would control your thoughts and emotions and you would stand firm in your resolve to do what it takes to become the master yourself. If you would lead a company of saints upon Earth, then first you must know what it means to be a saint—which is to be selfless, self sacrificing, serving only God and living in complete surrender to that holy will of the Divine One.
            I come to infuse your bloodstream with new ruby-fire energy to dissolve the particles of selfishness and to give you an infusion of the blood of your own Christ Consciousness which may now flow through you, if you would accept it, blessed hearts, by your nod to the angels of the ruby ray. So each [one] comes with a cosmic IV and gives you that transfusion of the sacred blood of the Christ principle, even that which I have shed in my lifetime as Padre Pio on behalf of my Lord in assisting him in the transmutation of the sins of the world. You may not be required to enter into the divine agony as we have, but you must know greater transubstantiation of the lesser into the greater, of the base elements of the personality into the gold of the divine individuality in Spirit.
            Therefore, release into the sacred fire this day something of self that you have not surrendered, that you have held on to, thinking that it was who you are. And with Jesus in the garden, kneel in your soul before the Lord God, the great I AM, and accept his will, his cup, his chalice of sacred fire this day. If you would walk where he walked you must enter the tomb and give your life for humanity in beingness within God. And then when God sees fit the fire of the resurrection will come and the living light and the flames of fire will lap up through your consciousness and deliver you as a fully God-realized one and you will emerge from that tomb and see the new world that awaits because you have surrendered all unto your Lord.
            The stripping action of the ruby ray is for your boon and blessing if you can accept it and realize how much God loves you even in this concentrated essence of accelerated love that he bears through the disciplinarians of the Spirit who come to purge you when you are ready or not, but when the cycles are aligned and the time is right. This morning that time is here. And I am here and I take your unreality unto my heart and I consume it and deliver it once more into the chalice that I uphold now to the Lord Jesus in commemoration of his passion, his love for all.
            So now drink, O blessed hearts, from the cup that I bear for each of you—the new wine of the spirit, the new understanding of the path of the ruby ray that is before you. And know God  in all his eternality in the concentrated compassion of ruby love that he bestows unto you this morning. Drink ye all of it and know spiritual fire coursing through your being. And live from this day forward as divine solar beings in his name.
            I consume the curse that has beset this community and I bless one and all with the sign of the cross—the rosy, ruby cross of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray.

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