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Fortuna      March 21, 2008

Beloved Fortuna
David C. Lewis
March 21, 2008  8:00-8:11 pm MDT
Easter Conference
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Opening a Cosmic Cornucopia of Abundance During a Spring Prayer Vigil

                                    Teach Your Children The Laws Of Abundance 
           I open a cosmic cornucopia as a vortex of light from earth to heaven and a new bounty of cosmic abundance now flows here to this outer retreat of the blessed Mother and unto each heartfriend who is here and participating on the broadcast, and who by intent upon listening to the replay, will also engage their hearts in the holy work of calling forth that light. This cosmic funnel will remain until June 1st and many angels will be here to draw down the abundance of heaven as you continue to come day by day to participate in your prayer work, both here and over the broadcast, and work to raise the funds necessary to fulfill the dispensation and the grant spoken of by El Morya. To those who have given, more shall be added. And to those who have yet to give fully, I remind you of your inner holy vows to support the blessed Mother in her mission of healing here, both on the inner and the outer.
            There are already many souls who have been cut free by your calls, your rosaries, your Astreas, your meditation and visualization and they have been streaming at the etheric level to observe and ask for assistance on their path home. When your constancy is here day by day in the giving of your calls, you have created in a certain sense this funnel of light that magnetizes many to this home where they can be nourished by that which you invoke which gives them hope, which gives them new impetus to move onward, to rise upward out of the doldrums of human existence into the light of the new dawn of a new age.
            Why blessed ones, have you not even heard that because of the class of Meru University whereby you did study the book A New Earth, Awakening to a Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle, you cleared the way for the greater work that is occurring even now on those Monday evening worldwide internet broadcasts?¹ Yes, it is true and much more is in the offing and being planned at etheric levels in our retreats because of the calls that you sustain of your holy work day by day. You are making a difference. And lest some think that they are unworthy of our light, our sponsorship and our love, I say: You, each one, are revered in the retreats of the Brotherhood by the masters of wisdom. Never denigrate yourself as the demons and the discarnates and the entities would lay out a trap for you. But love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul and spirit,² even your own Solar Presence in the inner core of the reality of who you are and then never shall you enter into a downward spiral of depression, of ignorance or of the debasing of the light of God within.
            So, look up and see the hosts of the Lord who come with arms outstretched with many Easter baskets just waiting to bestow unto you Omega's eggs which you may color and prepare for the children to find on Sunday morning. Take time to be with the little ones, to know their names, to engage in some way in their lives. For these are the ones who will carry forth the mission of our Brotherhood long after you have risen on skeins of light to ascend to the heart of God. Entrust in these the values that you hold dear by example. Teach them the laws of abundance—of how to open a savings account both physically and spiritually—and of how they may bank the prayers that they may offer with their families toward the day of their own initiations on the path, and that which they will undergo as they also seek to carry on the work at hand.
            I secure this opening to the higher octaves by the light of my causal body and I will come on June 1st if you desire, to give you a report as to how we together are doing in fulfilling the requests of the sponsors of this movement to secure this property for the Mother.
            Blessed hearts, may the light of abundance flow through you always. May the Mother energies rise always through you. May the gifts and graces of the Spirit be yours to use as just stewards. And may you shepherd many more into this movement by your love, by the light in your eyes, the smile upon your face and the great joy in your hearts that sings the song of God.
            I thank you.

¹Oprah Winfrey hosted a 10-week live, worldwide webinar on Monday evenings with author and mystic Eckhart Tolle, discussing his bestselling book. Over five million people participated in some way in the on-line classes. The Messenger David C. Lewis hosted a similar Meru University Class for six weeks with Anita Wolberd during which Eckhart's book was also studied. The class is available for sale on CD on The Hearts Center store as Heartstreaming for World Transmutation for $33.
²Matthew 22:37

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