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Portia      March 20, 2008

Beloved Portia
David C. Lewis
March 20, 2008  8:14-8:22 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                                          Alchemical Elixirs #30

Blessed Hearts of Fire,
            I come to deliver you unto God, but not quite yet in your bodies, for they would be brought into greater light, would they not? I am Portia, and I have taken the sacred sword of justice and wielded it on behalf of each and every one of you for the clearing from your subconscious of ancient records of a sense of injustice and of all that has flowed through you that is not the pure stream of freedom, of light, of liberty and of the reality who you truly are in God as a solar being.
            Our discourses to you, bringing the alchemical elixirs of living light for your solar beingness, are for the raising of consciousness so that you may perceive yourself as who you truly are and manifest something of that beingness more each day until you are fully merged into the cosmic stream of God's solar beingness, which you have heard from the Master Omraam this day, is the very life essence, the blood of God's living Presence.
            What will it take to let go of all that has assailed you and entered your world that keeps you from fulfilling your divine destiny? That is what I have seen and that the sword has erased within you, if you would accept it. So, now say with me, blessed hearts, “I accept my clearance this day” [Audience begins to repeat the affirmation after Portia.] “of all within me that is not of the light, all subconscious fear and doubt, anxiety, frustration and burden, all that has kept me from being who I am in God and from manifesting my solar awareness now. So, help me O God, I accept it. I am it. In your holy name, I Am that I Am, Amen.”
            Angels of cosmic justice come to bring the oil of gladness now that you have released these ancient patterns once and for all, and they minister to your soul to impress the radiance of the light into those areas where previously you had held concepts, momentums, patterns and burdens within you. And the archeiai have come and will continue this work this morning, even as you meditate upon the light of your Solar Presence and accept the new frequencies of Aquarius—the love, wisdom, power radiance of your God Source flowing through your spiritual bloodstream from this day forward until you are fully merged into that solar light of living God-ness.
            In this Meru University session throughout the rest of this day know O soul of light, how precious you are to God and how it is time for you to realize it fully, so that you can be all that you have always meant to be—God, God, God in the Earth.
            I am Portia. I have taken a pound or two of flesh1, the substance of darkness, and balanced the scales within you. And I offer to the Lord God that which you have released for the victory of many more upon Earth who are coming because you have determined just to be who you are. I thank you.

¹From “The Merchant of Venice”, spoken by Portia, the woman who poses as a lawyer and saves her fiance's friend from having a literal‘pound of flesh' removed for the failure to repay a debt.  Instead, Portia is saying she is removing the 'substance of darkness' as the pound of flesh. The name Portia has added meaning for students of the ascended masters who are taught that Francis Bacon wrote the Shakespearian plays and that he modeled the noble woman Portia in the play after his ascended twin flame, Portia.

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