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Portia      March 16, 2008

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved Portia)
March 16, 2008   7:45–8:15 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Alchemical Elixirs #26

The Gift of Free Will and Progressive Revelation

The Bonding of Our Hearts in the Sacred Alchemy of Community

            Good morning, everyone. Portia comes today to invest us with greater light, as we have invested the cosmos and all sentient life with the blessing that comes through us from our Source. Every prayer that we speak is an investment of light, and we wear divine vestments as we engage in the sacred science of the Word through the flow of light that comes through us.
            Every word that we speak may be invested with a certain fire of immortality. The OM continues to vibrate and to expand throughout the cosmos. The more that you speak the word of truth as you consciously engage in this sacred science, the more you become that word. You become it as you apply it in your life and as you supply it with the radiance of your devotion—the stream of light coming from your Source through your crystal cord to your heart and fanning out through your other chakras: your mind or crown chakra, your vision center, your throat chakra, your solar plexas (as divine emotions or the radiance of the feelings of God) and your soul chakra and finally your root chakra and your feet, through which they are anchored in the earth.
            You can use all seven chakras and the five crystal-ray chakras as you speak and give the word in prayers, mantras, decrees and songs, which is one of the key components of alchemy and the higher sciences of light. The work that we are about is wholly about God, and it is a holy work of God because by our intention, our only desire is to bring the kingdom of God upon Earth with a new radiance of light from our Source; to bring that which we have gleaned from yesterday, and all of the yesterdays of our experience, into the very present Now through the reality of who we have fully become as God-realized men, women and children. And although we may muse on the divine science of alchemy as we engage in these devotional sessions, ultimately our purpose is to glorify and magnify God where we are, to intuit that which God desires of us, to allow God to blaze through us greater light, and to simply be a receptacle for the distribution and expression of that light-energy as the alchemy of love, wisdom and power.
            We have been graced with the gift of free will to express God where we are. This is a supreme act of givingness on God's part to his creation, and specifically to our evolution—the evolution of mankind, which has free will to be the expression of the Father-Mother God. Even the angels and the elementals do not have the richness of this opportunity of free will to express in the world of form the way mankind does. The elementals outpicture, according to a specific blueprint and seed of light that they have been given, the beauty of nature.
            We have a great amount of opportunity, Portia says, because of this gift of free will to experiment and to discern—through our Higher Self, our Holy Christ/Buddha Self and our Higher Mind—how we may enter into the very science of being through our expression of free will. We should not take lightly this gift of God and cast it aside by wasting our time and space and by procrastinating our divine destiny, but we should fully embrace our calling and mission—our divine plan, our dharma—and enter into it with a new spirit of joy whereby that mission may be completed with care, with love and in fellowship with our brothers and sisters who can in some way share in our mission as we share in theirs.
            In fulfilling our dharma, we may also partake of the sangha, the community of light. In so doing, our joint missions merge in a greater stream because of the connectivity of our hearts, just as the atoms bond to form a molecule. When two hydrogen atoms bond with an oxygen atom they form a water molecule, and when hydrogen bonds form between the molecules this causes even more water molecules to come together, until eventually you have a glass of water, clear and pure.
            The science of alchemy, from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic level, is constantly manifesting through nature and through our own Buddha nature, which is our individualized gift of identity from the Godhead where we are. Knowing the science of the Spirit and the laws that govern our divine destiny allows us to be active participants in every one of God's divine experiments, of which this Earth is one.
            The Earth itself is a microcosm in the greater macrocosm of the solar system, the galaxy and the cosmos; and we are step-down transformers of the light that comes to the Earth in order that we may outpicture in our dimension and plane of being the same laws that govern the destiny of solar worlds. As we enter into Solar beingness—which is the theme of these thirty-three days—through ingesting these alchemical elixirs of light from the ascended hosts, we can then bring that understanding, divine knowledge and wisdom into the microcosm of our experience as we press it down into the deepest microcosmic levels of the solar worlds of the atoms, molecules and cells that compose our own beings.
            The stage is set where we are for the acts of God to manifest in our world through conscious choice and by divine direction. This is the beauty of the free will that we have, that we can consciously act and choose to employ all of the energies of God available to us through the five senses and then the higher senses of our Solar being. And as we develop the gifts and talents that we have been given, that have come to us over many incarnations, and as we employ and utilize that free will to work the works of God, we will have greater access to the Divine Presence and higher energies—the distillations of the Spirit known as siddhis, or the gifts of the Holy Spirit—and we can employ these through our heart, head and hand by conscious choice to create the beautiful new world that all of us together are working toward fulfilling.
            It is God's original dream, but it has been dreamed over and over through each and every one of us as individual monads of fire, as expressions of God's consciousness and awareness in the world of form. God created the universe to experience himself/herself in form rather than simply in complete formlessness, or Spirit. We have the opportunity to ground the energies of Spirit in a specific reference point of Mater, in the Mother light, through mater-realization—through the materialization of the Spirit where we are. And the more we can bring what we know into being through work, through physical acts of givingness and conscious presence—by making something beautiful with our hands and with our mind, working with our hands through our heart—the more we can fulfill the dream of the Father-Mother God for their creation in Mater.
            The science of alchemy is a noble science. It is one in which Knights and Ladies of the Flame enter, through the Round Table, into the divine experience of working in consonance with each other in this sangha, or community of light, to bring about a better world, because together we can do more than we can do individually.|
            Today is the last day that people can apply to be Knights and Ladies of the Flame if they would like to partake of one particular event at our upcoming Easter conference. So if you have not fulfilled that requirement, I encourage you to do so, if you desire, by today because I will be reviewing, on behalf of El Morya, the requests sent in. This is for the purpose of bonding greater numbers of our hearts together in this sacred alchemy of community at the Round Table of the Lord.
            As I was reviewing one particular submission from a person desiring to serve as a Knight or Lady of the Flame, El Morya commented that he wanted to physically knight this person because of his or her steadfast dedication over this and past embodiments. So you never know when setting forth, by intention, your desire to serve in this way may lead to a greater initiation of light and beingness because you have made the choice, by free will, to serve at the Table Round with the masters of wisdom.
                Saint Germain is the knight champion of a number of fraternities of light, including, with El Morya, the Knights and Ladies of the Flame. He is, with Portia, a supreme example of what it means to be a divine diplomat with seventh-ray tact and diplomacy—one who is courteous, having developed all of the graces of the Spirit; and who, with a very caring heart and deep understanding of the laws of cosmos, can communicate to us beautiful teachings and higher concepts with this great tact because he has a tack, as a Solar being himself, for living the divine life. Saint Germain, Portia and other masters who have risen to the heights of cosmic consciousness and becoming cosmic beings desire to pull us up, and ergo their teaching on Solar beingness. They now know something of living in this higher vibration of the Sun Presence of God always, of emanating light and of being a source of inspiration and creativity to many, as the sun itself is.
            Each master is now a Sun-source of light, inspiration and the particular qualities of God that that one fully embodies and manifests for many evolutions. We see this with the seven chohans, who embody the divine qualities of the seven rays, and those who serve under them on a particular ray are inspired by that one who is the epitome, or the divine example of his or her ray. Cosmic beings glory and revel in the divine light and radiance that their disciples have embodied and express and in seeing that they have become a Sun-source of this radiance on behalf of many more evolutions, even beyond only one of the rays.
            So you too—as a Solar being in potential and now in the becoming through the application of the laws of divine alchemy—can become a Sun-source of light, radiation and inspiration for many who come within the stream of your beingness, your life essence and your Presence wherever you walk in the Earth. And the more that you self-identify as a Solar being and the more you see yourself in this guise and in this way, the more you can then emanate joy and kindness, compassion and mercy, love and all that flows through your consciousness because you have allowed God to have residence in your being where you are.
            To me, this is the ultimate joy of our service—to simply be God where we are in some way for every soul that comes into our life, into our sphere of influence, into our circle of fellowship. And it is a beautiful thing, because we have allowed God to make it beautiful where we are; we have desired to please God through the simple joy of living, not in the human sense but in the ultimate divine sense of glorifying God as our goal and our sacred work day by day.
            Though we may slip and fall and at times have challenges, this is part of the process. For we are learning to discern energies; we are learning to bear a greater load of darkness even as we bear a greater load of light. And we have to get used to drawing down from our Presence the understanding of what is acting within our sphere of being, even as we bear, on behalf of many evolutions of the Earth, the darkness that at times besets mankind through the acts of the unconscious ones and those who have chosen, at least temporarily, not to embody the Godhead as we have.
            Yet we honor all choices; we honor free will. And although we may look outside of ourselves at certain points to see what is outpicturing in the world, ultimately, as we have learned, we must work on ourselves. We must go to the deepest levels of beingness and see truly what is acting within us—that which also finds expression and anchors itself in the world—and then root out the core levels of unconscious living and enter fully into the Presence of God, who we are in reality and who we are now fully embracing and becoming once more.
            The teaching we have received on Ho'oponopono is a key teaching. I believe we will be understanding, utilizing and becoming it more and more throughout the days, weeks and years of our service through this movement of light because it is so simple and yet so profound, in that we work on ourselves because we know that we are one with all life and that the only person we can truly change is ourself.
            So we continue this work at deeper and deeper levels, even as we enter the higher heights of cosmic awareness, of entering into Solar Presence. We work at both the microcosmic and the macrocosmic levels simultaneously, going to the deepest depths of the subconscious even as we rise, through the inspiration of our Solar Source, to the highest heights of celestial beingness. By doing this and entering into this process, we have a greater reach of beingness, a wider circle of beingness in which to express. We have a more profound opportunity for entering into the science of creation as co-creators with God—as Above so below—with the ascended masters as our guides. These are our elder brothers and sisters who have shown us the way and who continually and continuously express their new levels of beingness unto us through divine revelation, the progressive revelation that we have available to us through this movement.
            Those who have embraced progressive revelation understand its nature as it comes through many prophets, seers and those who deliver the Word of God through some creative effort. They do not shun that voice when it is presented to them, because they know that it may lift them up, even as they are becoming more of God in the process of surrender, sacrifice, service and selflessness. But those who would not have any further teaching from the ascended hosts as it is inspired upon prophets, seers and wayshowers have, in a certain sense, shut off the valve of the teaching and the flow. And therefore they must completely rely on their own connection, which is not always pure, as we know. As the world moves higher we have to have a greater connection and flow in order to deal with the darkest of the dark energies that are coming back for transmutation, and sometimes it is only through the advanced teaching that we have access to this greater flow and connectivity to our Source. That is why we have progressive teaching.
            We cannot simply rely on something, no matter how beautiful, no matter how profound, that was given thirty, forty and fifty years ago, because the challenges of the Now have moved us into a new point of reference to the universe. The planet Earth is encircling the sun, and the sun is circling the galactic center, and we have a new frame and point of reference in the new position that we are in. Therefore we require greater knowledge and understanding than we had when the planets were aligned differently years and years ago, or embodiments ago.
            It will continue to be so throughout the stream of our awareness as a conscious person, either unascended or ascended. We will continue to have teachers, guides, guardians and wayshowers long after we are ascended because it is the nature of life that it is progressive and ongoing. We are lifelong learners, and that life is a long life, as we now know.
            So, blessed hearts, take to heart all that you have received. Make it real. Take the teaching that you have received and apply it in some way, even some simple little way each day, because then you anchor that teaching as a stepping stone for others to then walk up the spiral staircase of light to their own greater understanding of truth.
            This is the teaching that beloved Portia has desired to give us today as an overview of what we are about in this movement—why we have messengers of light, why we have each other, why we have The Hearts Center community and what we can do together to bring greater presence to the Earth through the divine alchemies that we engage in in our work and service.

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