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Portia      March 12, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
March 12, 2008   7:00–7:16 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Alchemical Elixir #22

America, Awaken to Your Holy Purpose to Defend Light
and Secure the Bastions of Freedom

Pray Continuously for the Island Nation of Taiwan and Her People

            The light of justice always prevails because God is within that fire. It has been thirty-three years since the coming of my beloved to warn the Earth and the United States of the consequences of abandoning the people of Taiwan. And I come in this hour with the bodhisattvas of heaven to manifest the light of cosmic justice for the seed of light of Sanat Kumara in the Earth.
            When the peoples of the world abandon divine principles of freedom and liberty in order to gain commercial advantage, then I say woe unto them. For the karma that does come when you put aside the first principles of light in order to engage in commercialism and materialism does not move you into the stream of God-consciousness and awareness in the holy Presence of God, who you truly are, but moves you into the lesser stream of darkness and nihilism, where you cannot gain access to the higher worlds of light of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the Spirit. When the beasts of selfishness, pride, anger, gluttony and especially greed manifest and attempt to take from you all that is real about you, then I say woe unto that which is within you which has caused you to surrender the light of God and then to manifest in your world the darkness of defeatism and anti-light.
                Therefore, America, awaken now to your holy purpose to defend light and to give where giving is required in terms of securing the bastions of freedom, such as the island of Taiwan. For if you do not defend that which is true within the people of light who have stood firm now for decades, then that which you have secured even within your own borders will be up for grabs to those who would steal away the light of freedom in your own world.
            There are those who are the weak-minded, willy-nilly ones who have no spine and determination to stand firm on the principles upon which this nation was founded, blessed hearts. And they would rather give in to the beast than to state to the world that they will stand firm upon those principles of light. Therefore if this nation, America, does not defend the holy people who stand and kneel with the Buddhas and bodhisattvas upon the island of Taiwan, then I say woe to this land, woe to this people, woe to that which you have secured of a materialism that you take for granted and see as the very benevolence that America represents throughout the world.
            I, Portia, call to task the leaders in the State Department and in the very highest offices of this land and I say, unless you have a change of heart and turn your ways toward the light, then that which is of the light within you shall be taken, as the Lord Jesus has said.¹
            Therefore the ladies of heaven now weave a sacred garment of fire, of golden mesh around the island Taiwan in a protective action so that those missiles from the mainland will not land upon that soil, but be caught within the spiritual forcefield of light that we weave this day.
            Blessed hearts, you may visualize, day by day during the upcoming cycle before the elections on the twenty-second of this month, a great flowfield of light around that island nation. You may do the necessary spiritual work that you have been taught in this and previous dispensations whereby you are an electrode of light for the salvation, the self-elevation, of people of light everywhere. And unless some among you stand firm in your own resolve to do this, where will we go at the time that the button is pushed and a volley is sent forth to destroy the holy Taiwanese people?
             Therefore I call forth an ongoing vigil among the hearts of those within this movement, that you pray continuously for this island nation and her people. As Saint Germain said many years ago, do not place your head upon your pillow at night until you drop to your knees and say a prayer for the people of light upon this soil. For if the great Red Dragon does move, this will be the beginning of its attempts to subdue the light of freedom in many nations, blessed hearts. For if they see that America does not stand firm to defend freedom upon this tiny island, will they believe that America will defend that light upon its own shores?
            There is a difference between the conquest of soil for the profit of multinational corporations and the defense of an innocent and humble people who plead and call out for aid and assistance; and America had better discern the difference ere it is too late.
            Even if a small percentage of that which is now being expended in the Middle East were to be diverted to assist these people, who have crafted their very constitution and ways upon those of these United States of America, it would be enough to secure their protection and freedom, blessed ones. But many among the leaders of industry, technology and the economic engines of this nation in the Western world are more concerned about the bottom line, that which goes into their pockets. You have seen that many corporations are crumbling because of the decline of the dollar and that which has been built upon the sand of paper money and its printing in this nation. You see some of the leaders of these businesses falling because they have stripped from their corporations the supply of the common worker, to their own benefit, even while laying off hundreds and thousands of those who are seen by them as simply chattel.
            These are the warlords of today, who are not the true leaders of the people of light. Expose them now! Call them to task, and let the light of freedom and liberty arise in this and all lands, O hearts of fire.
            Even while you call forth the judgment of the seed of the wicked, first look within thyself for the exposure and the eradication of that which within you has not manifested purely as light. For unless you first root out the forces of darkness within, then your words will be null and void when you send them forth on behalf of many nations, leaders and peoples.
            I AM forgiveness acting here, casting out all death and fear within this holy people, O Lord.
            The light of freedom within America is very tenuous in this hour and, as you have heard, the spiritual sponsorship of this nation is on the rocks. But I say this day, let it be firm and true upon the rock of the Christ, who you are as a God-realized one, as you stand for freedom, as you are determined not to let go of the light within you; not to let go of your mission, your vows; not to let go of your sacred purpose for coming to Earth—to save sentient beings, to be an example to many and to anchor that light day by day through your awareness, one with God, your Solar Source, the I AM THAT I AM, who is real.
            Saint Germain has given you the teaching of the great I AM Presence, the divinity within you, the light of God that always prevails all about you. Take that teaching and make it real, and make it known throughout the Earth. For now that many more have heard the teaching of the Now and of living in presence and stillness, tell them of their I AM Presence—the great God beingness, the Solar essence that they are. This is what they must know! This is what they must feel and experience now that they have been freed from the mental concepts of the dark ones who have kept them in bondage and in ignorance for centuries.
            Let my people go into the light of Cosmic Christ-illumination and receive new opportunity to rise in freedom because you have chosen to be the way, the truth and the life with Jesus, with Magda, with Jesus' disciples and those of Gautama and all true teachers of ages past, present and future.
            Go be the Buddha where you are. Go be those who will be the example of truth and freedom, liberty and justice, and the opportunity to serve to set life free everywhere.
            I AM the Lady Portia, and I sing a new song of joy within your heart even as you muse on the Solar light of beingness within you always. May the peace of your Presence keep you blessed and dressed in light always. I thank you.

1. Matthew 25:29; Mark 4:25Luke 8:18, 19:26.


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