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Portia      March 10, 2008

Beloved Portia

David Christopher Lewis

March 10, 2008   6:00­–6:13 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Alchemical Elixir #20

I Come to Free You from a Sense of Bondage in the Human

Each New Day Is an Opportunity to Be God in Manifestation

Most Gracious and Gentle Hearts,
            I enfold you in my radiant joy this day, for it is a joy to be with you in Spirit and in Matter. And in this sacred space this day, heaven is come upon Earth where you are.
            The ennoblement of your consciousness as a spiritual being is what we are about in these services of light. As you attend to your heart, one with God's, in a victorious sense of freedom, you have access in the here and now to a divine essence of the Spirit, a sacred flow of that which is real, of God, and you may employ the graces of awareness above the ken of the human to serve sentient life and to raise all in love's eternal fire.
            I AM the Lady Portia, and I come to impress new molecules of the Spirit within your aura to free you from a sense of bondage in the human and to raise you into the all-pervading light of your great God Self this morning. Whether you come from near or far, and no matter what journey you have been on in this and past lifetimes, you are here and I welcome your heart, your soul, your spirit.
            Each new day is an opportunity to be God in manifestation. And each moment, as you breathe in the essence of the Holy Spirit through your lungs and into your heart, there is the enfiring once more of that threefold flame within you, which is your contact with the divine world, the essence of who you are as a spiritual being living in these coats of skins. It is all for the purpose of learning and of living, of serving and of striving, truly the education of the heart whereby you may always realize how much you are appreciated, valued, revered for the God-essence who you are, which is one with all life. And then as you amplify this light within yourself, you may also go forth to appreciate, value and revere that which is real in all others, who are truly one with you, blessed hearts.
           This Hearts Center movement is about the veneration of light and God within all life and how we together may raise consciousness, awareness through the awakening of the Spirit and the God-light within all life—that which may have temporarily been darkened or in some way lost in the human sense, but which God has always valued and seen as the Real Self
 within all. Therefore take time each day to appreciate each other, to in some way value, honor and revere your fellow brothers and sisters in the way. Look upon life with the eyes of God, who sees the reality in all, and grow in the comfortability of the Spirit within your heart whereby your soul may sing, new life arising from within you may be joyous, and all that is true about you is manifest consciously as you move in our great heartstream of love-wisdom to know God, only God.
            Opportunity is the sacred vessel through which you move as free will to know the Spirit where you are; and because you have free will, you are free to move into higher consciousness ever and always. What this will look like for you is for you to discover in the Now-­ness of Solar beingness. And as Saint Germain and I revere you and bring something of the essence of who we are to bear in your world through these teachings that we are delivering, there can be the very present reality of great God-joy welling up within you as a light of freedom, as a certain consistency of the Spirit that flows through your chakras and aura. And thereby every new day may glow in the sanctity of the spiritual opportunity to live in light; every day may bring you a new chance to know something of God that you had never known or realized before; and every person you meet upon the way you may greet in light as a friend and share from your heart that somethingness, that suchness of God who you are, to expand the divine expression of beingness within the allness of God, ever and always.

            See yourself this day born anew as a little babe or a child. And in this way, as a divine manchild, enter and experience the freshness of God's beating heart that may also be yours in stillness, in peace and in the silence of the great OM, the Word that emanates continuously through all of cosmos, through all of God's Solar beingness. We are truly one, one in Spirit and one in the alchemicalization of light through the elixir that I bear, which you may now drink. Drink ye all of it and know the essence of your own God-identity, through which you may know love—only love.
            I AM, and we are, with you always, even unto the end of your trials in Mater and your victory in Spirit and in cosmic joy. 


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