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Portia      March 08, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
March 8, 2008   7:20–8:00 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat   8:15–8:30 am MST

Alchemical Elixir #18

You Require the Direct Experience of God's Presence Where You Are Here and Now

Gracious Knights and Ladies of Love,
            The intrepid know that the law of divine love is supreme. And as their hearts expand, as chalices of living light, to entertain more of the emanations of their own God Source, the elements of freedom within begin to sing. And the song that is heard is beautiful, for it is accompanied by the voices of all in heaven whose hearts are also one with God.
            Freedom to be God is paramount, and you each have the ever-present availability of your God Presence, or Higher Self, with you to be the wayshower to immortal perfection. This state of eternal Now-ness is not one of human immutability whereby there is no change or evolution, but one of ever-glowing radiance whereby the unchangeable elements of divine love are ever present where you are. The cycling of the divine breath and holy awareness through your consciousness may allow you to always feel and know that God is real within.
            You who have in some way experienced this heightened state of presence that we call Solar beingness know that no human high or temporal feeling of bliss brought on through outer stimuli, such as psychedelic drugs or alcohol or the exchange of the sacred fire between people, can replace the all-inclusive light of seventh-ray joy. The light of freedom that blesses and caresses your soul through the fire of the Spirit that comes upon you in moments of divine awareness is one that you simply must have and know and experience through all of your divine sensory and emanating centers called chakras.
            The ascended masters are those who live and move and have their being in pure presence, and we can assist the evolutions of mankind in bridging the gap, the chasm, between the mundane and the divine worlds through our insights into the eternal experience that may be yours through the alchemy of love as Solar beingness. These daily sharings from our hearts are for your spiritual edification, and also for the ultimate purpose of bringing you to the finality of knowing God as Self and then fully becoming that divine light in manifestation always.
            The teachings of any world religion or inspired guide should always bring you back to the kingdom, or consciousness, of God within. For this is the point or portal through which you experience Solar beingness, and not through the simple belief in the words of a long-deceased personage, no matter how enlightened that prophet, seer or avatar. What each of you requires is the direct experience of God's Presence where you are here and now, and that is what we bring through the transmissions that we deliver known as HeartStreams. For these issue directly from our living Presence and experience in God, which you may also have.
            Every true spiritual teacher is only an instrument for the transfer of divine light or God-energy and therefore should never be worshiped as God, the Creator of all, or as someone who has more than what is available to you now as potential for your own Christ consciousness to manifest. So I come to inculcate a new spirit of Christ-I AM-ity into the Earth, whereby those who call themselves Christians will no longer simply believe on the man Jesus; they will follow him through the initiations of life to the point of emanating the same Sonship, or Sun-ship, or Solar awareness, that he did.
            Truly, blessed ones, the presence of your own Christic or Buddhic potential has ever been with you, expressed in your own divine mediator known as your Holy Christ/Buddha Self. And whether or not you have previously followed the teachings of Jesus or Gautama, you can understand today the principles that they taught as the eternal truths that will lead you to the divine experience of knowing God within you in the fullest sense in your life now.
            Many are awakening to this new opportunity to understand their own innate Godhood through various spiritual teachings that are communicating our message of hope across the Earth. For we have many vessels through which to pour out the Aquarian stream of love-wisdom to mankind. And today you may also become an instrument for these teachings and this new consciousness to manifest to many souls through your own direct experience of God, your own individualized light of Solar beingness.
            We are about the Father-Mother God's business of spiritual enlightenment through the delivery of violet-joy love and through a new internal belief system that no longer relies on outer rites and rituals to convey spirituality, but simply on the acceptance of who you already are as a Solar being in your own right, no longer dependent upon human intercessors to lead you to the kingdom of God within. And though there are divine principles and precepts that are helpful for you to embrace and understand, we are not about the creation of a new church hierarchy or religious institution that requires the following of various doctrines and dogmas before you can enter into higher awareness.
            The joy of this teaching is that you have this opportunity now to know God. And the path, though difficult for many to fully comprehend because of their human mind-sets and past conditioning, is actually very simple for those who are being quickened by the internal light, which brings the eternal verities of truth to their outer awareness on a daily basis, moment by moment. Through stillness and living in this blessed state of divine silence, you may hear the voice of God within and no longer be subject to the voice of the past, with its babbling noise in your head, which will never lead you to all-wisdom.
            Be still and know that I AM God.¹ Be still and experience this Solar beingness now through your heart-mind connection, which is your tie to the divine world all around you.
            I AM the Lady Portia, and I thank you and bless you this day.

1. Psalm 46:10.

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