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Portia      March 06, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
March 6, 2008   8:00-8:22 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                            I Bring a New Spiral of Divine Justice

his Day Certain Karma of the Peoples of Earth Descends as Judgment

            I bear the light of cosmic justice to quell the dweller that has arisen within you, thrashing and lashing out at your Real Self and your soul and attempting to proclaim its dominion over you. It is not real. It is not who you are. It is only a shadow. And this day I take the sword of justice and thrust it into the evil eye of that sense of injustice that it may be now no more within you, if you so choose to ratify it.
            Whereof does this dweller come? She comes from rebellion against the law of your own being as cosmic joy—your joy of divine justice—and therefore seeks to drag you down, O mankind, into a vortex of anti-light. A new spiral of divine justice I bring to counter that which has arisen upon Earth, which if it takes its full course would mean the destruction of all. And therefore the angels of justice come to cast the tares of injustice seeded among mankind into the fire of transmutation. And we now seed the Earth with new crystals of light by the hand of the conscious ones who work with me to balance the scales of justice in the Earth.
            Are you dependent only on God for all that you require? Then no longer be dependent upon your own human frailty or a lack of God-Self-awareness, but know that through the hand of the Divine One you may have all you require to live a life of peace and harmony, grace without frustration or angst.
            Therefore see your brother as your brother, your sister as friend within all races, nations and peoples. Through presence of mind and heart, understand the nature of God within all, within each and every one as part of self and not separate from thine own identity. And from this perspective, move in a new stream of awareness, of presence and consciousness whereby justice for all is manifest because every choice that you make, every act that you perform is now done from this point of understanding that all is good, all is just and there is no injustice within life, which is God.
            I speak to the leaders of all nations and say, come under the law of love and beingness and no longer attempt to cast aspersion upon other peoples and nations or to take what is not thine. And from a new sense of the community of mankind, use the resources provided by Mother Earth to the benefit of all life, being respectful of the consequences of every decision. For that which you take that you do not require will be as a curse upon your people and will be stripped from you through the outplaying of elemental forces and the law of cosmic justice. Therefore abide in peace and harmony and oneness of purpose to serve all life in balance.
            I speak to the leaders of all religious movements worldwide and I say, live in the light of harmony and of the original intent of the prophets, the seers, the avatars who came and taught the truth. As you teach and as you live, so it shall be upon you. And if you teach murder and mayhem and destruction as necessary as a part of your religious tenets, then know that the Lord God will return unto your head and your being the full wrath of cosmic justice for the error of your way and your teaching and that which you spawn in the Earth of darkness as a result. It were better for you that you had never taught or lived this life than that you continue to spawn the evil ways and the machinations of darkness.
            Therefore come to the fount of divine justice this day. Bend the knee and surrender to the truth of your own divine being. Let go! Let go! Let go of the errors of your ways, and let the children lead a life of joy and laughter, of learning, of living in the Now.
            I speak now to the very ones who are causing pain and suffering anywhere upon Earth and I say, that which you do that is of great darkness now comes to remind you of who you are. As the scales are balanced, all is trued and you receive by the hand of justice opportunity to know that which you have created through your choices.
            Therefore this day a certain karma of the peoples of this Earth does descend as judgment. For if it does not descend, O mankind, then woe unto you. And it descends directly upon those who have spawned evil and darkness in a very directed and, I must say, efficient manner. The recording angels and the Keeper of the Scrolls have laid the record out before us of the Karmic Board, and the swift hand of justice comes unto many this day.
            Therefore if those among you in this movement would be the instrument of love and light, then get the victory over the beast of injustice lest that which come upon you also be intense and more than you can bear. To the humble people of light, the saints in the Earth, the angels of justice now pass over where you are—your homes, your schools, your workplaces. But to those who have been the instigators of darkness for centuries and eons, justice is served this day and the descent of the hand of the Prince of Peace is manifest.
            Hold fast that which you have received of light, of attainment. For as the Earth shakes as justice is served, and as the armies of heaven come to defend the Woman and her seed, even as the fallen energies are reaped from among the dark ones, you must be strong and sure in your resolve to be God in manifestation, O sons and daughters of the One. This judgment and cosmic justice is a relief unto you who have held a great balance. And so you now see how through the outplaying of karma a little less weight will be upon your shoulders in days and weeks and months to come, though some of you would continue to hold even greater weight of light and darkness within your being.
            I am Portia. The day of reckoning is at hand. This is mercy come as judgment, lest any think that it is the old wrathful way of the Lord. For unless justice be served in this way, there should no life remain upon your planet because of the great darkness that has beset the nations and the peoples through the choices of mankind. Be sealed, O hundred and forty-four thousand true and noble hearts, saints in the Earth, and know that God is with thee always.

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