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Portia      March 02, 2008

Beloved Portia
David C. Lewis
March 2, 2008  8:07-8:25 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Alchemical Elixirs #12

The Ancient Dream of God That Heaven May Come Upon Earth

Gracious Hearts,
       The very present reality of your Godhood is here and now available unto you. And it has always been so though you have not always realized the essential nature of your Solar Reality, the very living presence of God within. Once you catch a glimpse of and understand the fullness of who you are, you are in a sense free to be the God-person that you have always been, accepting the frequencies of the spirit that flow from your God Source unto you through your crystal cord— your tie to God—which deposits within your heart the radiance of immortality as love, wisdom and power by which you live and move and have your being within the center of God's life, who you are.
        When Saint Germain brought the gift of the knowledge of the violet light unto mankind through the teachings released through the I AM Activity it was so that all could know the very present reality of freedom within through using this divine resource of [the] transmutation of karma, of the past misuses of the light, whereby you could accelerate through cosmic forgiveness—the consuming of the past—and move into the very present reality of living as God-free beings, one with your Source.
       Mankind has now had this gift for three generations and more, and yet many among mankind have not fully received or used this divine resource to the extent that civilization as a whole has moved into the new era of Aquarian love that we, the ascended masters, desire to see fully manifest upon earth. Each new age is an opportunity for evolution to spiral upward and for mankind to grow in consciousness such that God's great plan for the entire solar system is fulfilled through all of the evolutions of light evolving within the time-space continuum of their particular worlds.
        As life proceeds upon the Earth, the third planet from the sun, so through love, the third ray, life may be fulfilled throughout this solar system. The time of Aquarius is key for the fulfillment of love within all evolutions upon Earth. And though mankind may not fully understand the cultures of all peoples upon this sphere, yet through acceptance, through reverence for life and striving, through greater God-communication heart to heart mankind may fulfill the law of love within so that every man, woman and child may be free to pursue the higher path of light and of living a life to the glory of God and to that glory manifest within the Earth.
        So we, the Aquarian masters, come with new opportunity for mankind to move into a higher stream of connectivity with their Source through forgiveness. For forgiveness is understanding; it is letting go. It is surrendering to a higher purpose within one and within all. Therefore we call to the leaders of all nations to put away the implements of war, of suffering, of violence and to instead come to the table to communicate.
Those leaders who do not come under the rod of God in this directive by the Lords of Karma spoken through me this day will receive the direct transmission of their karmic choices because they have been and continue to be a block to that which the Solar Lords who govern the destinies of many worlds would see manifest upon Earth.
        The people have cried out for freedom from the oppressors within their nations and governments and economic systems. And we have heard their cries and answer. Thus we give notice this day that those who do not move into the new stream of Aquarius of conscious living, of attention upon their God Presence through whatever discipline of the spirit that they might abide in, will be removed, first, spiritually from their office and then in time from that physical governing office because they have not attended to the holy will of God through that office and through their decisions, blessed ones.
        We bring hope for a new world manifest through each one of you by right choice and by your voice raised in praise, thanksgiving and holy prayer. The entire culture of the Earth may be raised into a new awareness of light, understanding and freedom. It will take many more of you who would understand the science of the spirit to emanate the new frequencies of love-wisdom to all peoples.
        And thus we call you to our Freedom Conference in Montana in July. For there shall be unfolded to the Earth and to all evolutions of light upon the Earth a greater impetus of fire, spiritual in nature, that will move you further upstream into the glory of your own God-awareness as sentient beings, one with the heart of God. Make every effort to come and be here physically, blessed hearts. For that which you receive in the beatitudes of the spirit, in the balancing of personal and planetary karma will accrue to your causal body—that great God balloon of sacred energies that you have accumulated over many lifetimes—as a resource for you to move into higher consciousness until one day your soul is merged with the Divine You, your Higher Self. And then you have access to all love, wisdom and power within the several worlds in the spheres of light through which you may live and move and have your being in God.
        Saint Germain stands now to deliver to the soul of each one of you who will see or hear this, our message, a compact, an agreement that you may sign with a stylus held by your Higher Self where you agree to utilize the resource of the violet-laser light with greater God-determination to transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of all world infamy, darkness, of all collusion between the forces of anti-freedom and darkness within the earth who seek to steal away that which within you is Real.
       And if many more among mankind will take this sacred gift and utilize it fully then we will see the dawning of a new age, the coming of beautiful children unto the earth who will lead you into a new wave of higher consciousness. And the ancient dream of God, that heaven come upon earth, may truly manifest as a physical reality for all to know. Thus, blessed ones, we come in service to humanity to give of our hearts, of the wisdom teaching, of the gnosis of higher laws and principles of divine living. We honor who you are. And even in your limited perceptions of life we know that you are trying, are striving. And if you continue to keep on keeping on then the victory will manifest in your life and within the world itself.
        We thank you for your great hearts of fire, your dedication to your spiritual path and all that you do to serve humanity, O sons and daughters of God, O children of the One Light. I thank you.

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