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Portia      February 27, 2008

Beloved Portia
Alchemical Elixir #8
David C. Lewis
February 27, 2008   8:03-8:23 am  MST
Bethel, Washington

See the Violet Ray as a Blessing Ray for All Mankind
Feel the Pulsations of Your Presence Flowing Out into the World

Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen,

            Who would understand a greater depth of your soul and that which God has placed within you as a magnet of fire? When you understand it fully [it] will bring you back to the point of your departure from the Spirit which may now be your entry into the divine world.

            Those who have gotten in touch with their soul are those who may now soar. Those who live from the point of reality of beingness in solar light may now shine. Those who have placed first things first in terms of their spiritual development may now know the allness of perfect peace in the Presence. I am Portia. And I take this opportunity as the messenger has been in the Northwest to anchor light within the greater metropolitan area of Seattle, the entire state of Washington and the West Coast of these United States and North America such that every soul will feel the arising from within of that very special something that will move them into a new field of awareness, rising above the complacency of a life lived to the glory of the human ego [into] one lived to the glory of God.

            Those of you who have caught a glimpse of the very essence of your being as soul-ful-ness know whereof I speak. For you are beginning to feel the cosmic pulsations of your Presence flowing through your being and emanating out into the world. This must become the norm in the age of Aquarius, blessed hearts, whereby through the thought and feeling worlds of many more among mankind the higher aspirations and the elements of solar beingness may fully be resident within the auras and the lives of devotees of all religious persuasions, of those who seek God within. Jesus has come and shown the way and passed the torch to Saint Germain and me whereby as we take up that torch and bring to mankind the next step in the evolutionary process, they may see freedom as a very present reality of opportunity for victory within their lives.

            You have been given the gift of the violet transmuting flame. And many of you have utilized it to perceive that within you which is unreal and that which you now would have enfired as real and true. You have performed the ritual of forgiveness. Now I say see the violet fire as a ray of blessing and as you emanate these frequencies of freedom, opportunity and justice, mercy and transmutation around the Earth, see the very essence of the violet light as a blessing ray, blessing here and blessing there, caressing the lowest and even the highest among mankind with these alchemical elixirs of light.

            Yes, you may become a fount of blessing instigating new opportunity for mankind to come up higher where you walk, where you talk, where you work and worship. As you live and move and have your being among your brothers and sisters everywhere, see the light, oh so violet and glowing, blessing elementals, all human beings everywhere, all substance and nature, the very molecules of which you are composed and of that which Mother Earth long ago accepted of the Father's Spirit to birth a world.

            Each of you may be this fount and chrism of blessing as you choose to make the most of the opportunity given you each day to work the works of God in some conscious manner. Whatever you do, wherever you abide I, Portia, expect that from this day forward you will no longer denigrate yourself but that you will see the very present reality of your own Christ and Buddha essence as that fount of blessing.

            When you say, “God bless you,” you can extend the light of violet fire freedom and opportunity to all. And even when someone sneezes the angels of the violet ray will be there as you say, “Gesundheit, God bless you!” They will feel the radiance of your heart, your soulfulness, your loving care and concern for them and when one or another asks for prayers for burdens to be lifted, for healing to occur, this fount of blessing who you are may flow ceaselessly as you maintain your inner connectedness with the spirit, your attention upon your Presence, your life lived to the glory of God.

            As you know, one among you has outwardly been blessed and anointed as a Priest of the Sacred Fire. Many more among you may receive this initiation if you choose to be this fount of blessing to life. For that is the purpose of priests and priestesses of the Order of Zadkiel, Melchizadek and Afra. And as you wield the energies of the violet light mindfully and visualize the currents of sacred fire pulsating and streaming forth from your solar awareness to all life, then you may maintain the holy office of being a priest or priestess.

            It requires a certain presence of poise and peace, it requires taking time in silence and meditation upon your Source each day to reconnect and allow a greater flow, opening wider the portal a little bit more between your world and the divine such that all that you do will be empowered by the Spirit and you will be that blessing unto all.

            O holy ones who are rising in true practical spirituality through that which you do, think, say, feel and emanate, let all be ensconced in violet-light joy. Let all be empowered with these new frequencies of Aquarius. Let every breath that you breathe contain new particles of the Spirit as blessing to all upon Earth. You as a focal point of the brothers and sisters of heaven are valued by us more than you know. Therefore never devalue your worth, your God Self-worth, through thoughts of irritation, depression, fear and darkness. But when at times you feel the burdens of life weighing upon you as you carry the extra load that you have offered to bear for the Lord of the World, know that we are ever present, the angels of mercy are ever with you, the joyful ones of heaven smile upon you and cosmic priests and priestesses of all the seven rays are at your command when you use the name I AM THAT I AM and proclaim the immanency of God's spiritual kingdom come upon Earth—heart, head and hand through you.

            I now turn up the heat. The spiritual heat pours forth through all anointed ones of the spirit throughout this nation. Awake, America, to your mission! Awake, O I Am Race, to that which has been implanted within you as engrams of fire for the completion of your sacred labor upon Earth! Awake, O children! Come to terms with that within you which you have accepted of unreality and embrace that which has always been the God-being solar awareness of who you are. Awake! Awake! Awake, mankind! And receive the blessing of heaven and of all the seventh-ray angels this day who with the angels of healing now come to reclaim you for the light and to do their cosmic surgery to remove something of unwholeness and manifest the completeness of your solar beingness this day.

            As you meditate upon light so this cosmic surgery will be continued throughout this twenty-four hour cycle, and all for whom you pray for healing and blessing will receive the currents of these alchemical elixirs which will raise their souls in freedom's light.

            Now go forth and be the conscious ones who will bring to the Earth and to all greater connectivity with Selfhood in God. I bless you. I bless you. I bless you in violet joy light!

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