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Portia      February 23, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
February 23, 2008   6:20–6:37 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Alchemical Elixirs #4

The Ascended Masters' Divine Alchemical Experiments

Increase Your Vision and Pour Greater Light-Energy
into the Sacred Science of Invocation

Dearest Hearts,
            Did you know that the universe is a grand experiment within the laboratory of God's consciousness? And we the ascended masters, who are one with God, continually perform sacred alchemical experiments whereby the universe is expanded, the consciousness of sons and daughters of God is raised and mankind may enter into a greater understanding of the law of love. As you rise into your Presence and live as God-conscious ones, you may, with us, also take part in these experiments of the Spirit.
            Thus we come to those among mankind who would glean greater God Self-knowledge in the science of the Spirit and in perceiving with us the great scheme of what God is up to in the very Now-ness of being. As you give your violet-laser-light calls and prayers, mantras and songs, a beautiful field of energy graces your Presence, and this is the very circumference of fire by which you may enter into these alchemical works with us.
            Thus, if you would know what Morya, Saint Germain, Jesus and Mother Mary are up to in determining how they may bring greater God-connectedness to the sons and daughters of God upon Earth, through your own voice you may add something to the mix, to the cosmic soup, through the elixir of love of your own heart raised to God. For as you participate day by day in your vigils, such as on this weekend, blessed hearts, your Higher Self actually takes part in a higher alchemy, often unbeknownst to your lower consciousness; for you are active participants in the greater God-goals of the Universal Great White Brotherhood.
            When your sight is opened and you truly see as we see what is occurring as you invoke the sacred fire through your invocations, you will be amazed to see how the angels and many cosmic beings and masters, and even the blessed elementals, utilize the resources of the Spirit through the words that you invoke to deliver to the Earth itself great cosmic energies. It is as if, through your invocations, there is established a grid and many substations of the Spirit city by city and group by Hearts Center and heartfriends group. And a network of light is established, which empowers the sons and daughters of God to rise into higher consciousness because living so close to these receptors of the Spirit, they can tap into those frequencies and thus have available, through their Higher Self, and have delivered to their outer mind the teaching, the contact and the way out of their human dilemma into the divine experience of oneness with God.
            Therefore we encourage all of you to understand the sacred science of the invocation of the word in this new context. For although you feel the currents of light flowing through your being, if your vision could be raised slightly to a new level of understanding, you could pour greater light-energy, through your vision, into the work that you are about and create great vortices of light and fire—multicolored and beautiful-to-behold rainbow energies—that many souls could tap into and then also reconnect with you as heartfriends of the Spirit, join in your work and receive the teaching that you have to offer in all of your heartreach efforts.
            The spiritual foundation must be laid through prayer, fasting and holy contact with your Source through silent meditation before you begin your greater heartreach efforts to contact souls. And this you have been doing now for three and more years, blessed ones. This has been the establishment of the etheric matrix, and we have utilized these energies in our divine experiments to see just what may occur in the greater context of our universal work.
            Now you have seen how one experiment is about to take place through the merging of two streams: Eckhart Tolle, who has brought forth a divine teaching for all mankind, and Oprah Winfrey, who has developed a media empire through which that teaching can be delivered to hundreds of thousands of souls. This is one of our greater experiments of the Spirit, which we urge all of you to take part in, both through your prayers and visualizations and your active participation.
            Thus we come to suggest to the leaders of Meru University that you consider, beginning on March 3, moving your class to another day of the week so that all of the students of the Spirit in this movement may actively engage and participate in our experiment. For we will see what we will see as to what of the divine alchemy of the Spirit may be delivered to the Earth through greater God-consciousness through one and through many. For we will utilize every lightbearer who participates in this drama to bring the connectivity with God-consciousness into their homes and communities and nations. And you will see a great upsurge and a swelling of the light as the greater grid is enfired and souls rise higher by simply being there to participate in this e-class, as you would call it.
            Blessed ones, we have other divine experiments in our plan, and yet this day we reveal not all unto your outer waking consciousness. As your Higher Self does participate with us in these sacred events, we together plan for the Age of Aquarius, whereby every man, woman and child may know God fully within, have an understanding of cosmic law and move forward the evolutionary plan to bring in the great Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius into physical manifestation upon Earth.
            Saint Germain and I are grateful to each and every one of you who has in any way given of your energies, your resources, your abundance, your personal talents to our cause through this and other movements of light. We encourage you to keep on keeping on, even though at times there is still within your subconscious the shadow self that emerges to squash that which is about to occur in this greater scientific experimentation of the Spirit. You can see and understand now why the dweller on the threshold rears its ugly head just before the victory: it knows how much you will receive of a new life energy and frequency and how you will truly be raised in spirit and in consciousness to perceive as we perceive, as God-realized ones.
            So, blessed hearts, we offer our hearts to you. And as you have listened to my beloved yesterday and begun to fully bring about radical forgiveness at all levels of your own being and unto those who have wronged you or those whom you have wronged, there is beginning to be built a greater field of violet-joy light as a carpet of sacred fire around America and the world, by which the divine play and drama may now come forth.
            I AM Portia. I have been waiting for you to balance the scales of divine justice within you for quite some time. And once your karma is fully dissolved and all is trued within you, then one day I, along with the Master Alchemist himself, will receive you in our sanctuary of light as God-free beings. And for those of you who have ascended twin flames and come to our home of light, we will place the hand of your beloved within yours, and you shall know in that moment true divine joy and love as you have never known it before, blessed hearts.
            I seal you in the light of divine alchemy, the alchemy of love—God-love within.


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