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Fortuna      January 09, 2008

Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
January 9, 2008   8:00–8:14 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Come to Inaugurate a New Cycle of Abundance

Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen Who Would Understand the Nature of Cosmic Flow,

                        I AM Fortuna, and I come this day to inaugurate a new cycle of abundance for each and every one of you who chooses to be the instrument of God by conscious awareness of holy Presence where you are. You create a chalice through your consciousness, blessed ones, and as you allow the light to be where you are, God may fill this cup with all of the gifts of heaven, including abundance. Whichever way you look at it and from whatever angle you approach the very beingness of God, the essence of Presence is the same, and you cannot fully be the instrument for sacred flow unless you have first, through stillness, created this chalice of light within your being.

                        Beginning next week, Lanello will be with you each Monday evening in a sacred alchemy whereby when you enter into the very mind of God and that which was inspired upon Og Mandino in his notable work The Greatest Salesman in the World, you will have the opportunity, as you meditate upon the concepts that we conveyed unto him in this inspired work, to also be the instrument for greater flow to occur upon Earth.

                        Those of you who have had challenges in this area of your life can gain great benefit through the Master's presence. For there will be for some of you the sweeping clean of the corridors of being, the recesses of your subconscious, by the instilling within you of these thought patterns of light through the words that will be read by our son Tom in the full empowerment of the Spirit of Lanello. As you are witness to this and are very present for the inner work that will occur within you each week, Lanello and I will work directly with your soul for its sacred progression in light. And you will see a great upsurge in the abundance both within this movement, in the economy of the United States and other nations, and in your personal life as you choose to create and recreate the vessel of abundance where you are.

                        A simple shift in consciousness can create an open door for great galaxies of star-fire abundance to come into your world, first as the raising of awareness and then through acceptance and belief in your own capability to manifest the graces of the Spirit. The sacred flow, having been reestablished, will be for you a very present reality of blessing and grace, dear hearts.

                        The God of Gold has inspired you through the alchemy of the sunlight to be to this world and planet a sun-being, drawing forth those sunbeams of golden-liquid light whereby the radiance of your own Solar Presence may fully manifest within you. This class will augment that which you have received from the Knight Commander and the God of Gold with a new twist. Those of you who would desire at the beginning of this year to set forth new patterns of light within you and within your world may greatly benefit from that which we will convey.

                        We move as a stream into greater heights of cosmic awareness, and we would draw you into that divine current of light, which is the vehicle for all that you require in your world to be sustained within the sacred flow of God's light. Truly, blessed ones, you all have within you right now all that you require, and yet for some there has been that challenge of how to first access it and then fully embody and manifest it in your world. A simple turn of the dial, for many of you, will be key for greater abundance in your life and also for the sustaining of that present awareness that you now know is key for your ascension, for the ascension of the planet and for the great Golden-Crystal Age to appear in all hearts.

                        I, Fortuna, now radiate the precursor of light as a stepping-stone to prepare you for the cosmic activity that will be manifest within this conference of ten weeks. Yes, it is a confluence of many hearts of ascended beings who will merge their streams with ours to convey something of the wisdom teaching through this Meru University course, which we trust will be recorded and then eventually released upon CD so that many more may benefit from the instruction, as the corollary to the scrolls, whereby the essence of the paradigm shift is conveyed within, blessed ones.

                        Thus, we encourage you to be self-motivated within the greater context of that which will be a great boon in your world should you choose to participate in this ongoing alchemy of many hearts. Lanello has a number of gifts in store to unroll as each scroll is brought before you. Once you have untied the ribbon that guards the keys within these scrolls and then laid them before your higher mind, the light essence of the Word that will be conveyed through the words will, for many of you, allow great gain in the awareness of the Word, who you are now fully becoming. In the sufficiency of that Word, we manifest awareness of this sacred flow. Come ye and drink from the chalice prepared for each one of you and know, blessed ones, great God-beingness of living the abundant life truly within the heart of God, the heart who loves you so.

                        May divine fortune always be yours as, through the crystal and precipitation rays, you follow the stream of light back to the Source of all that is. I thank you.

Messenger's comments:

                        Thank you, blessed ones. I encourage each and every one of you, as the Master has encouraged you,  to consider this next class, beginning next Monday, the fourteenth. I'm looking forward to being the instrument for whatever Lanello would like to convey.

                        Just a reminder for those of you who are attending this class to please secure the publication The Greatest Salesman in the World. It's available in a number of different options, as an illustrated book or the simple pocketbook. You can go to through our website to secure it. Please do so and read the first number of chapters, up until the chapter with the first scroll.

                        God bless you. Have a wonderful day. May this entire day be filled with great joy, holy presence in the sanctity of spirituality. Thank you.

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