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Lanto      January 06, 2008

Beloved Lord Lanto
David C. Lewis
Jan. 6, 2008  6:16-6:31 am MST
Lawrence, Kansas

                                                                 A New Epiphany Dawns Today
                                               Preparedness and Adaptability is Key for Your Victory

            Through the inspired one, I come. I am Lanto, and I appear with the three wise men to lead you into a new world consciousness of light and freedom this day. As a new Epiphany dawns today, you have opportunity to release elements of the past even as you have that same option to access the new blessings of the now, and in this process of the ebb and the flow of divine light you enter the greater processioning of the Spirit where you are.
            Today I announce that a shift is occurring whereby you will be challenged to think and cognize in new areas of awareness and to act in new arenas of activity in which many of you have not heretofore been involved. Thus, openness of heart and mind and flexibility of consciousness, which I term adaptability, is the primary requirement of the hour. Preparing for our new world order rather than that set forth by the dark ones requires the due diligence of the refinement of your senses, and for many of you this will mean a complete makeover of your consciousness in terms of what you now value as valid, heartworthy and meaningful for your spiritual path.
            Consider, blessed ones, if you were challenged as the lamas of Tibet or the monks of Burma and thrust out of your current habitat and natal land. Would you be willing to change and to learn a new language, a new way of life and new values? Having to live in a completely new world, how would you adapt? Would you be able to think on your feet, to learn skills in areas that you now completely avoid, and to move at a moment's notice in order to survive and then  maintain a new balance of love, wisdom and power within you?
            These are questions that you should meditate upon, because this new scenario may soon be one which many of you will be entering if you will survive in the new millennium consciousness in a new life of the Spirit. And the adaptability of the adroit and shining ones will be a key to the fulfillment of their mission in the ongoing plans of the Brotherhood for the earth. Many of you have, at one time or another, had to quickly pack your bags or household and personal possessions and move, just as the wisemen did upon discovering the new star in the east which beckoned them to discover its source and meaning. And although a certain temporary uncomfortability was yours before and during the hour of decision-making, looking back at what later transpired you realized that your decision was necessary for the evolution of your soul and in many cases for the survival of your body temple as well as your spiritual path.
            The pliant ones with whom we work are always ready for a challenge. This requires a willingness to be God-taught as well as God-wrought. And the working of God's mind in you and the internal transmutation that occurs in your consciousness is part of the greater plan for the reversal of your past ignoble ways that have led you astray from the divine imaginings of the Spirit, the greater glories of God-consciousness that await the malleable ones.
            Consider with me now, blessed hearts, the possibility that you will have to move into what we term a survival mode within the next seventeen months. Past skillsets may have almost no value to you except the ability to process information, to reason, to formulate and carry out new plans, to master and then teach new methodologies, systems and skills. How would you fare in this environment? Would you be able to keep up with the new caravan of Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul?
            The dependable ones must move within our stream, always gaining steam in their firey determination to invest in the greater gnosis of the masters of wisdom. So I come this day and assign the leadership of this movement of The Hearts Center to begin the planning of a weekend event this year, specifically dedicated to the development of physical and spiritual survival skills among all heartfriends, including your families and youth. This class would include the basics of what you would need to live in the wilderness, to cook your own food in nature, to create temporary shelter and to live in challenging environments including in the woods and at high altitudes. It would include wilderness first aid, hiking, backpacking, skiing and snowshoeing skills, orienteering through unknown territories, and, most especially, group dynamics.
            It could include many of the basics of what your scouting organizations teach their young people, including knowledge of communication with codes and symbols in the wild, regardless of your native language. Blessed ones, although you may or may not be required to actually use all of this information in the short or long term, for many of you this challenge will test your ability to be more adaptable, which is the requirement of the hour. And this in itself is important for your victory as you move into new heights of cosmic consciousness and through new fields of awareness in God.
            Old and young alike will greatly benefit from this experience, and we highly recommend and encourage all of you to take part in this training, no matter what your age. Even on the very first day of this year a number of you, including the messenger, were challenged with a potentially serious survival scenario. And so, being the prudent masters that we are, we have determined that no matter where you are at any given time you must have both the resources and also the capability to survive and to adapt to any circumstances, and to live out the full term of your holy office as a light-bearing one upon Earth.
            You have a plentitude of spiritual knowledge. Now develop the grounding of that same understanding so that you will maintain your internal joy, come what may in the coming months and years. Something of this new field of knowledge must be forthcoming at every major quarterly event sponsored by this movement in 2008 and beyond, though a major thrust in this effort may occur during your upcoming Freedom Conference in Montana. You are moving into a more dangerous period, blessed ones, and we come early this year to begin to sound the alarm and to help you set forth the plan for your victory in every possible future scenario in which you find yourself.
            The avant-garde are those who truly are one with the mind of God. Would you be one of these, no longer railing against that which is the internal compass, whereby you can move and live within the very vibration of the Spirit that will at times, blessed hearts, be truly challenging in these very physical days ahead? A word to the wise is always sufficient when they live in the sufficiency of the Lord and the light of the presence of hope in the eternal now.
            May the blessings of Christ peace be ever yours, as in cosmic wisdom you abide. I thank you.

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