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Serapis Bey      January 04, 2008

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
January 4, 2008  7:14-7:26 am MST
The Hearts Center of Chicago
Stelle, Illinois

The Sealing of the Heart Chakra of America

            I am Serapis Bey. And I anchor my light in the heart chakra of America. Blessed hearts of fire, you have determined with a steely determination to drive forth the light into the world with great intention through your prayers. And this day I answer those prayers by anchoring the very light of the ascension current, flowing out from this point in time and space throughout America.

The light of the ascension currents is imperative for each of you to understand. For as you weave around you these dynamic and transcendent frequencies of the Spirit, there can be for you a new joy and truly a white page within your life as you begin this year whereby, if you maintain your steadfast focus, there can be a great acceleration in your consciousness such that you have not known since the time of Lemuria when you walked the earth as veritable gods, blessed hearts, able to access directly the currents from your Solar Source and utilizing them for great work of cosmic consciousness. In this hour it requires greater numbers among you to guard, guide and direct these currents such that, when employed and utilized not only in your spiritual services but in your physical life, all around you and all within the aura of your being may also receive the benefits of this dynamic energy.
            Imagine with me now, blessed hearts, what it will mean for you if the coil of the ascension is tangibly felt by you day and night, when, through greater connectivity with your divine Source, you can be this fiery electrode for me and for the angels of the ascension flame where you are. Even as you have heard the voice of Elohim and the great clearance that has occurred for America and the world at the conclusion of your New Year's conference, so you now need to maintain this steadfast spirit, almost as a volatile fire that can light on contact more and more torches who truly are those heartfriends of the Spirit as through this rekindling light of the ascension there is brought to bear in every avenue and throughout the chakras of America first and then all of the avenues of the Spirit a greater driving energy toward the victory of the light that you seek.
            Blessed hearts, many of you have come to my physical focus at Luxor, and you have received the initiation that I gave to you individually and personally. And yet some have not fully developed and sustained that action of the ascension current. So I remind you of your inner vows and of that which you personally must sustain within your worlds, within your work that will allow the sacred energies of Spirit to flow more graciously and more directly through your chakras, your meridians and your being day by day.

Some of you revel in the feeling that you receive when you contact these frequencies. And yet I say it is not only in your feeling world, but it is in all of your sacred centers and in four lower bodies aligned and trued to the true north of holy purpose that then we may utilize you as those lightning rods of the Spirit to reinforce all that has been presented by the masters of wisdom and of truth and of the will of God to bring forth the new culture of light of the Mother upon earth.

Chakra by chakra, heart by heart, soul by soul we move. El Morya is on the march. Saint Germain and his angels of the seventh ray are moving around the earth even as we speak as you have invoked them these last two days. And their work is both magnificent to behold and yet also very subtle within the souls of lightbearers. Yet, I say that the work of the Master of Aquarius must be known! And thus I charge forth this radiance this day through each and every one of you, especially revivifying the currents that flow from your base to your crown such that you will feel, whenever you hear this dictation, the currents of the ascension fire rising up your spinal column.
            Blessed hearts, the lily of love who you are must bloom in the full intensity of the Spirit. And thus, even as you give your violet flame calls and your calls to the ascension currents, you can see the intertwining of the violet ray with the white ray. This is a new visualization for you, even as the caduceus does rise and you see that representation both personally and planetarily.

Thus, utilize [this visualization] when you move from the Friday evening services, giving your calls to me which many of you now have begunalso as you give the calls to Astrea and moving into Saturdays when you focus more directly on the violet fire currents. See the intertwining of these such that there will be each weekend a great clearance of the earth, first by the action of Astrea and the circle and sword and then [by] the cleaning up of what has been bound and consumed by the light of the violet ray, blessed hearts.

 If you could see what the angels do and what the Elohim do when you give those calls, you would truly be amazed at how they sustain the balance in the earth itself. Thus I honor those who have determined anew to give their calls to Astrea each night. For in the preamble as you pray also to me, I send forth many legions of the ascension ray to give you a personal boon and boost in your life. And when you arise in the morning, refreshed by the Spirit from the currents that you receive each night in your communion with the ascended hosts in the retreats of the Brotherhood, you will, I say, blessed hearts, know a newfound spirit of joy.
            Thus I have come. The white snows of the Lords and Ladies of the Flame serving on the white ray, especially the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity, [have] been anchored anew in the earth in recent days. We of the white ray are determined that you will not fail but shall always prevail and thus take to heart the message of every white-ray master. Know the depth of their love for you and their steely determination to bring you not only the disciplines of the Spirit but the great joy of purity that when you find yourself within its radiance, there is a great new glow within you. Sustain this glow, blessed hearts. Multiply this glow daily and allow the fullness of God's joy to be where you are, not only in spirit but truly in matter.
            I am Serapis. I am fulfilling in the earth your reason for being as you accept these currents even as you fulfill them by your assent, by your ascent and by the descent of the God-fire from your Presence into the earth itself. I seal the heart chakra of America. Even as the messenger moves and wings his way to other spheres and planes of being, so you, blessed ones, can move in consciousness daily and in your meditations to higher and higher realms of beingness in God's Presence.
            May the light of the ascension blaze forth where you are, encircle your chakras, your being in the radiant joy of the All in all now. I thank you.

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