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Nada      January 03, 2008

Beloved Lady Master Nada
David C. Lewis
January 3, 2008  7:57-8:16 am  CST
Stelle, Illinois

I Cherish Each and Every One of You as My Roses

            I come to expand the love fires of the rose within your heart this day. As you have entered into love you can begin to understand the very nature of God. Why, O mankind, do you settle for less than the love of God within your life? For God is love and having placed the very presence of his spirit within your heart, you may always know the rose of his heart within.

            This Hearts Center community worldwide is composed of many roses, you see. A rose here and there within the heart of the One, one with God. And if you would see this floral bouquet of love grow to enfold the entire earth, then day by day you must understand how God has placed this same rose of love within the hearts of all. And by watering carefully that rose, it may fully bloom. And then in joy you may enjoy the rose of another's heart, mindfully expressing carefully what it is that you would wish to convey of the teaching even as you receive in some way the floral gift, the aroma of that one with whom you share God's love.

            For any teaching to manifest fully within and be embraced by another, that one must be open, blessed hearts, to the fragrance of your heart. And so your heart must first be fully open else there cannot be the conveyance of the love behind and within the teaching that has the transformative power to raise one and all in love.

            Sharing through your heartreach some aspect of the worthiness of God within all life, one by one you may express not only the teaching but something of who you are as a God-realized soul. Yes, each rose is at a different stage in its full development and realization, and thus you must be careful not to attempt to pluck that rose from the stem that God has provided, which is the pathway for that one to experience life. For who can know truly the full depth of the evolution of a soul except that one and the One who created that one who is God?

            Thus those who come to deliver a teaching from any master must understand this sacred alchemy of love. For when a soul is allowed as a rose to unfold according to its natal seasons and cycles, then that one will fully appreciate what it is that you have to offer. But when you attempt to force-feed the rose with something of what you have experienced then that rose may simply close in a guarded way to not fully embrace who you are. So gentle ones, be careful and kind to each other. Understand how delicate the nature of the soul is, even as the rose itself is delicate. In caring and humility you will win hearts through your love. But with any caustic remarks or human analysis or judgment, that one will feel what you feel even though your words outwardly may be sweet to the ear.

            I also come this day to give you an understanding of a teaching that all must have within this movement, that ultimately there is no difference between the word conveyed through the messenger unto all roses, all hearts whether it be from the master rose or the rose of the heart of the one through whom we speak and convey the message. Some of you have said in your mind, “This is the messenger, and this is the master. I do not accept what comes from the mouth of the messenger when it is not the master. Yet I fully embrace the rose of the teaching when I feel the master's presence through the messenger."

            A rose is a rose is a rose. And though of course there is error in the human condition and no messenger is perfect, how can you from a point, blessed hearts, of mental cogitation fully understand through human analysis what is real and what is unreal? You can only fully know the truth of the teaching and the word from the point of reality of your contact with God through your heart and through the heart-mind connection. Therefore, from this day forward and this year and beyond, we adjure the messenger not to say, “This is the master and this is me,” but simply speak. And when our presence is manifest it is present, and whether through the voice of the Higher Self or of the messenger or otherwise you feel a teaching is true and valid for you, then you may embrace the petals of the offering of the message regardless of the specific source from whence it comes and arises.

            We often test chelas in this very way to see whether they are focused through their heart and their own higher heart-mind connection, or whether through human analysis they would pick apart the teaching and decry the very voice of the master which may not speak so pleasantly through the messenger.

            You have received during this past conference a greater understanding of the nature of communication, heart to heart, and how you need to be observant of your thoughts before you speak. This is so important. And we the ascended masters through our communion, heart to heart, at the level at which we abide in the ascended state are always reverential toward each other, as the individualization of our own God flame is unique and beautiful. And yet there is a oneness of the cosmic mind that we all have access to as that universal spirit of joy and beauty which lends itself toward complete appreciation and honor of each one. And so it should be with you, blessed ones, giving the benefit of the doubt to all that that one is truly trying to convey something of his own or her own Higher Nature. And though the words may not always be conveyed with perfect NVC1 or compassionate communication, allow that one the benefit to express him or her self as best as that one is capable, without analyzing or judging but simply being in presence, in love, in receiving the message and the love behind the words.

            This will take some time for all of you to fully understand the way of love through speech and speech patterns and of how when there is that heart-mind connection fully developed and embraced, then the words that you speak will flow naturally and gently through your heart, yet carrying the meaning and the specificity of what that one desires to convey, truly with tact and diplomacy, with grace and great compassion and understanding.

            I speak on these matters because at times even within your Hearts Centers, the council meetings and communications, and your emails there has been a certain lack of tact and grace. And lest there be greater division than there already has been in the attempt of the lower nature of the soul to foist upon others some aspect of itself, each of you must take to heart the way of love. Come up higher in your speech and communiqués and attempt in all ways to reverence each other as holy brothers and sisters, truly in the great Order of the Ruby Rose Cross of this movement of The Hearts Center.

            Yes, blessed ones, my brother Kuthumi did reveal on the European trip the very nature and origin of this Hearts Center movement as an offshoot of the Order of the Rose Cross. And so there you have it. Each and every one of you truly as a Knight or Lady of the Flame of this holy order may rise in grace to understand the highest nature of love as the accelerated action of the ruby ray of which I am also a servitor and guardian.

            I come with great love and cherishment for each and every one of you as my roses. I see each of you each day in full bloom. And as you can see yourself in this wise, in this holy way through honor and greater understanding all within this movement and all upon the Earth will truly be raised in the sacred fire of God's eternal heart, blessed ones. I seal you with my aroma of rosy love. I am with you always here in the heart chakra of America as you meditate upon the very heart of God as love.

1 Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life (Puddle Dancer Press, 2nd Edition Printing, August, 2003)

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