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Lanello      December 29, 2007

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 29, 2007   3:15-3:45 pm CST
Light is the Alchemical Key
Chicago, Illinois

                                                         I Initiate a New Spiral of Light within You

                                                 Each of You Should Be Transmitters of Sacred Fire

                                                    Help Rekindle That which Is Real within Others

            I initiate a new spiral of light within you here in the heart center of America. And the radiance of joy that I bring during this Christmas season is one which you may tap into. For I, Lanello, have knelt at the crèche of the Christ child, and this day I kneel before your heart. For you also, as an infant of the Divine in this hour, appeared to me just as the Lord Jesus did as a newborn babe in the arms of the Divine Mother. [And you] may also live a long life in fulfillment of holy purpose as a son or a daughter of God.
            The purpose of the coming of the Christ was to ennoble the light within all and to provide a clear example of beingness for all to follow back to the heart of God. And this Jesus did so nobly and ably. And yet today, two thousand years and more after his appearing, mankind has not fully embraced the message that he brought, the power of internal change that he wrought and the divine spark that leapt from heart to heart that he kindled and that he sought to enfire within the hearts of men, women and children.
            You have begun to understand the very nature of the Christ's appearance within the world; for you have embraced something of that Spirit, else you would not be here or listening to my message. And thus I come with a greater God-determination to empower within you that rising Mother Light and that divine radiance such that you may fully become the totality of who you are here and now in time and space and not put it off to a future. For where is God but within you now, blessed hearts. Where is his appearing, and hers, except within the very vessel that God has prepared as the sacred chalice of your being.
            Do you feel the warmth of that Spirit burning within your breast daily? If not, then what will you do to rekindle that fire? I ask. Does it take hours and hours of prayers, of begging the Divine for that Spirit to impress its radiance through your chakras? Or can you in any hour of the day or night make contact with that divine emanation and employ the totality of its verve, its essence to heal, to raise, to teach or to rekindle that light within others?
            Why, each and every one of you should be the transmitters of sacred fire! And those of you who have caught wind of this, your commission, know whereof I speak, for that Spirit does move you, does move within you, and you cannot help but do something to allow it to flow and to grow daily.
            So I come with a fiery brand, as a firebrand, to stamp you with the approval of the Divine One! Yes, you are rare spirits, but not so rare that God cannot enfire you anew within his kiln and upon the anvil whereby sacred fire does work its perfect work to make you a new creature in Christ, in Buddha, in Krishna.
            The purpose for our coming each day and during these four quarterly conferences is [so] that, having gleaned a new radiance of the Word within you, you—having become that Word—may then carry something of God's message to a world in need, to those who are hungry for the light, to those who would understand something more of their purpose, their divine nature, their reason for being upon earth. And when you know who you are, then naturally, blessed ones, you may also help to rekindle that which is real within others, raising them in sacred fire, moving them up higher into their own God Source, Higher Self, Christ Spirit.
            Does it always take the raising of our voices to rekindle a greater fire within you? I say not. For even in the still small voice within, you can feel the pressure of the light, the inflow of that Spirit. And yet for some, the fire must come, must burn away the dross to prepare the way for the full empowerment of the Spirit within you. And unless and until you have this daily washing clean of your soul, your chakras and your aura, then the dust of the mass consciousness at times takes hold of you, and in your forgetfulness you lose sight of the true nature of being who you are in God.
            So I come this day as your friend, the lover of your soul, the visionary of your heart, perfect within the cradle of God's own being. Yes, give your heart this day to the Divine One in some measure. Offer that [which] you have become anew upon the altar of the Holy One and see how during this weekend your life may come to a greater fruition in the Spirit, how your love may grow. The intensity of your desire for complete oneness with the All in all may become, through this experience, not only a one-time or a one-weekend event, but a daily experience.
            In presence and in the Presence of God here, I initiate this spiral of light. And in our oneness and camaraderie of our souls, let us begin to recreate with God something holy, something beautiful, something that can ennoble this dark star that earth has become [and] reclaim it for the light and for Saint Germain, Mother Mary and Jesus. Yes, during this Christmas season we have seen the Christ within each one. And having seen it, witnessed it and its great illuminating power for change, we together may move forward in the cosmic stream of this brotherhood, sisterhood of the Spirit to shine that light across the entire earth.
            I am the champion, the knight champion, of your soul for its eternal perfection and freedom in the light. Now, blessed ones, take that sacred sword of the Word from your heart and together, as noble knights and ladies of the flame, let us touch our swords together as we say:

            One for all and all for one!
            One for all and all for one!
            One for all and all for one!

            In God's holy name, I AM THAT I AM. And as the witness of that light in all creation, I thank you.

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