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Lady Kristine      November 20, 2007

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
November 20, 2007   8:00–8:22 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                                       Lady Kristine's Chrisms

            Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Lady Kristine's ongoing lessons known as chrisms. Today will be a more unique anchoring of the chrisms in the Earth. I actually have fifty. So what will happen is I'll just read them each one time through with a few moments of silence between each one for you to meditate on it. There will not be a discourse. This is for you to assimilate them in their inner meaning for you. 

1.     Preceding the dawn, Grace comes to instruct souls on how best to receive the Solar light as each day's love infusion. 

2.     Grace, though radiant, is also photonic, for the concentrated pressure of her light is sometimes used to free recalcitrant souls who have begged for intercession. 

3.     Grace's properties are numerous, her holdings few, but her savings vast. 

4.     In discussing cosmic evolution, Grace prefers the term immaculate design. 

5.     God's grand scheme called life has always held Grace close at heart. For in its infancy, all life requires her tender care to survive. 

6.     Let your preconceived notion be that Grace is everywhere to be found and in everyone to be uncovered. 

7.     Grace's confession: “I have always been in love with God”; and God's, likewise: “I have always been in love with Grace.” 

8.     The master healer's prescription base is always grace.

9.     Try Grace as your production manager, for her spherical awareness maintains the harmony required to adroitly complete the most difficult of projects. 

10.  Yearning for God's love draws your Presence near, and sharing his love keeps both the love and grace of that Presence ever near and flowing to all. 

11.  In the heavenly octaves, quality control is always accompanied by Grace's outflow. 

12.  Time slowed such that I heard a hummingbird's song, and I was consumed by Grace's sweet aria. 

13.  Grace can even free radicals from their pernicious paradigms. 

14.  Populate the planet with new heart emanations of grace. 

15.  The forensic evidence is in: God is alive, by her grace. 

16.  One cannot prevaricate in Grace's presence, for her purity exposes all to truth. 

17.  My compelling reason to meet God? Grace set up the date. 

18.  The humble heart is the perfect chalice for the sacred elixir known as grace. 

19.  A quality life is one in which Grace has not only appeared but reigned. 

20.  Let your words of grace at each holy repast be spontaneous, alive and heartfelt. Grace prefers a new infusion in every cup of tea. 

21.  Talk about spontaneity—you should get to know Grace. 

22.  Grace is what every man seeks and what every conscious woman already has. 

23.  The five elements are all carriers of grace, but throughout the ages water has been the one through which it has most easily been conveyed, both in baptism and in bathing. 

24.  Grace's granddaddy is Compassion, and grandmommy, Mercy.  

25.  Studying the material world while also engaging in introspection allows the birthing of the divine science of grace. 

26.  The teaching of grace begins in utero and before. 

27.  Every virgin thought, as an immaculate conception, may give rise to the fullness of grace within you. 

28.  The principles of Grace are found in every crystal, and her values in every flower. 

29.  Every redeemer, world savior and avatar was tutored by Grace. 

30.  The understanding that God values every life—from conception onward—as sacred may be acknowledged only when you also believe in Grace. 

31.  All proclivities toward the five misappropriated passions of anger, envy, lust, greed and pride may be dissolved in Grace's divine solution. 

32.  God endowed you with a divine spark, through which he granted you ready access to his heart of grace. It is time to cash in your stock and fly. 

33.  A full harvest always awaits those who sow, water, fertilize and weed with Grace.

34.  Transmute “road rage” into “race grace.”

35.  Before every human tragedy, Grace approached and offered a way out; yet those embroiled in self ignored her steady gaze and ready hand. 

36.  Let your Myspace face be radiant with grace. 

37.  Every divine offering keeps grace in mind, and beauty in heart. 

38.  It is always propitious to follow Grace's lead, especially when entering dangerous territory. 

39.  Only Grace can darn socks strong enough to protect your Achilles heel. 

40.  Grace's angels' advice: “When all your travel plans are made, wing it.” 

41.  Grace invites you to try her new crystal abacus when you count your blessings. 

42.  Grace's only indiscretion is that she is constantly cheating on death. 

43.  A life lived to the glory of God is always rife with challenge, but also ripe with grace. 

44.  If you must be contentious, then at least do it with grace.

45.  A fallow field of consciousness asks for opportunity, but a fertile field of awareness invites Grace. 

46.  The divinely prolific have always had Grace in their drawing rooms. 

47.  Grace's staunch ally is trust. 

48.  Beingness is more about grace than intensity. 

49.  Grace says, “You paint the picture, and I will fill in the subtle tones and hues.”

50.  The possibilities of sharing Grace's offerings are infinite. For the infinite resides in her every offering. 

            So, blessed hearts, may the peace of your Presence keep you blessed in holy grace throughout this day, and may you fly on the winds of the Holy Spirit in your meditations and musings on the divine world even as you serve life.

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