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Maha Chohan      October 24, 2007

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
October 24, 2007   8:05-8:19 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Let Your Word Be Fire

In Stillness There Is the Very Voice of Love
May This Love Be Your Voice in Stillness and in Speech

            Upon the currents of no-thought, I come. I am the Maha Chohan, and this day I choose to accept the gift of your word and manifest the miracle presence of life where you are.
            The word is sacred. And even as the orifice for that word as your throat chakra would be purified, would be cleansed, would be raised by your word and through the word and the fire that flows through that word, yet for some of you there still remains an aspect of the use of the throat chakra that has caused for you trouble in this and in past lifetimes. Much of the remaining karma that many of you have [has been] promulgated through the throat chakra in words that are not sacred that you have allowed to come through you, in vibrations that flow through the orifice of your throat, and even that which you take in through this same portal, which should be a portal of God's consciousness, blessed hearts.
            Meditate with me this day on stillness and the stilling of the vibrations that come through your throat until you can feel that that which you say is pure only, that which you speak—even within your mind before it is enumerated, pronounced and spoken as a vibration—is cleansed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
            If you study the lives of the adepts, you will notice how many entered into long periods of silence. And in the state of stillness they were able to perceive the deeper nuances of the spiritual fire that they were merging with on their path.
            There is much senseless prattle and the misuse of the mouth, even by many of our best stewards and students.  [So] I ask you to consider this day, even as Morya is preparing the next class of Meru University on Solar evolution, how there may be the cleansing of the deepest recesses of your karma, made through the connection between the solar plexus and the throat, through entering into this period of silence, of nonspeaking. For in the sacred space that is created, your own higher Buddha nature may speak unto you in the soundless sound that is God.
            When you are still, then you can hear the sounds and the words of Nature, in all of her glory and beauty, speak unto you. You have prayed for the elementals this day. Have you heard their speech to your soul in reply? Have you listened intently to their voice as one voice that rises?
            Even in the crackling of the fire, there is the voice of the fiery salamanders, who speak of the consummation of substance, the purification of darkness. They do not withhold anything in their outpicturing of their own essence as fire, and so you see the energy released of their being in a fury, in a flame. And yet, blessed ones, in stillness, still at the center of the fire, there is the very voice of love. May this love be your voice in stillness and in speech, whereby you partake of my essence.
            Receive the fire, who I am. And in discerning the Spirit of life within all, enter into the sacred space who is God within. I am the essence of God's awareness as fire in all realms of being. I am the very fiery nature of the Godhead, quenching all with my love fire.
            If you would pass the test of the ten and of surrender, then enter the fiery furnace of your heart with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.¹ Experience the Christ-awareness in the seven levels of fire and light within, and know the presence of the sacred fire that burns on and on within until there is nothing left of self but Selfhood in God.
            I irradiate the nuclei of the not-self! Burn through, and now let, O Lord, the divine nuclei of Selfhood in thee, as one particle of purity, manifest through these holy ones. Purge their voices. Cleanse their throat chakras. Let them speak only of thee in all. May it be so by thy Word in them, O Lord.
            I am the fiery servant of the Most High within all life. Now let your word be fire.

1. Daniel 3:12-30.

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