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Victory      October 07, 2007

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
October 7, 2007   11:14-11:25 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


We Need You to Step Forward to Make Physical the Plans of the Brotherhood
You Will Build the Edifice of Fire by Your Daily Striving and Giving

I, Victory, come to set my seal of a cosmic V upon your intention and your stand for this property, blessed ones! The Karmic Board has heard your intent and seen the physicality of your givingness, and thus I come to anchor the light of Victory for this project and also for the pilgrimage. And though I often come at the end of the cycles, this day I choose to come at the initiation of cycles. [applause]
            And I announce to you that the Karmic Board, even before the money is physically received in Livingston, Montana, has answered. And there is by dispensation a quantity of light vouchsafed unto this movement whereby there will be the magnification of your abundance, blessed hearts. Each of you, as the one through whom the light does flow, can be an anchor point of this victory consciousness. For the light of victory is the light of the yellow ray, the golden light of the sunrise and the sunlight of eternal knowingness. And through the abundant consciousness of each and every one of you, we will be victorious in our endeavors.
            When Victory comes to set the seal of light upon an endeavor, it simply cannot fail, blessed ones! But it will prevail because God is behind it, God is ahead of it, God is beside it, God is at the center of its action. Only God can sustain the light of this economy. Only God can keep afloat that which you have seen, which at times has been most unstable. God in the center of all is the light of victory and will sustain it; but without God, nothing can stand. Therefore put God, put the light, put your intention at the very center of all that you do, all that you are, all that you give. And in that givingness, God will sustain that which you, by intention, focus [upon].
            Yes, we need those among you to step forward to make physical the plans of the Brotherhood here, and yet that need is answered even in this hour by billions of legions of Victory that come winging their way here to focalize that light for you, blessed ones. There are some among you listening who will eventually live here. And for those of you who would uproot yourselves to be with the ascended masters who speak daily and who anchor their presence here, I say, bravo!
            It is this level of devotion and of self-sacrifice that sustained the early American patriots in their drive toward freedom and independence, blessed ones. And thus, the same spirit of victory that was there is here today because of you and because of your self-sacrifice.
            What do you lose when you sacrifice? I say, nothing! What do you gain? Everything that is worth gaining. Everything of God that has divine value is yours when you let go and let God reign and enfire you with the sacred essence of his Spirit, who you are—that which is real within you.
            If there is one thing that I could tell you that sustained me in my hour of trial before the victory was won, it was that I looked upon God—only God—as my source for my being, knowing that all darkness, all that would assail me was as nothing in the presence of the light that I saw as the way out, which was the way up and in to God.
            There is a way, blessed ones, and we provide it for you. And the road—not to perdition, but the road to cosmic intention—is paved by those among you who would set the bricks, the golden bricks, upon the golden pathway to life, liberty and justice for all to [come] because you kneel in prayer and you give to the utmost of your love.
            My angels are now paving this sacred highway of light for many more souls to find this activity. They will find it through the website. They will find it through many of you, heart to heart. They will find it through your prayers. For by intention, my angels will take the light that you release and that flows through you and use it to tap one or another upon the shoulder to go here or there to see a poster or to tune in and do a search on Google to find something of higher truth.
            Use those key words that will clue them in to the intention set within the borders of this movement, which no longer will have borders, blessed ones, but truly a wide avenue of opportunity for souls to receive exactly that which they require for their victory. You will provide it! You will write those essays and key concepts which will be upon the website for many to read and understand and receive inspiration from. You will guide, guard and direct them by the words which you transcribe or edit or provide as module or as teaching. You will be the ones who will build the edifice of fire by your daily striving and giving. You are victory in action, I say! Claim it!
            Rise with me now, blessed ones. Make the sign of the V above you and say with me: [Audience repeats each fiat after Victory:]
             I AM the light of Victory this day!
            By cosmic intent, I accept the victory consciousness here!
            I will make the pathway real for souls of light through my work, through my hands, through my heart and through my crown.
            I accept it!
            I AM it!
            I proclaim it!
            And I AM Victory here this day, every day, forever and ever.
            Thank you, blessed hearts. I seal you with a laurel wreath of victory, which I have turned gold this day by your words of fire. So be it, O God. These have spoken. Hear them and answer. Amen.

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