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Lady Kristine      October 06, 2007

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
October 6, 2007   8:00-8:08 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Lady Kristine's Chrisms

1.     Truth has consequences—a charge to change.

2.     Gather your spiritual provisions daily.

3.     Study the effects of sun, wind and rain on the earth element within you.

4.     Each progression of equinoxes and solstices brings new paradigm-busting portals for you to enter.

5.     For dynamic change, view and experience life from within.

6.     Groundbreaking news has been occurring for eons.

7.     It's problematic to become axiomatic without God.

8.     Do you truly recognize good vibrations?

9.     Life is God's experience of Selfhood.

10.  God's eternal glossary is fully contained within the OM.

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