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Maitreya      September 28, 2007

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
September 28, 2007
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Stand and Pray to Defend the Buddhist Monks in Burma!

Holy Children of the Buddhas,
            I, Maitreya, come this day and anchor my presence where you are, each one, for the victory of the light in Burma. Blessed hearts, Gautama has called me to assemble the hosts of the Lord, including numberless numbers of Buddhas and bodhisattvas, for the protection of that which is at the very core of life, namely freedom upon and in that nation. And I ask every heartfriend to be, with me, that anchor point for the Buddhic light to flow for the dissolution of darkness and for the presence of peace to manifest.
            Throughout this weekend, I ask each and every one of you to walk as Buddhas and bodhisattvas on behalf of the precious and courageous souls who have marched for their freedom. For you see, blessed ones, there is a direct heart-tie between many of you and many of these as your [spiritual] brothers and sisters. They have stood for freedom. Will you stand for and kneel for freedom, I ask?
            Thus, every moment of the day that you are able to, pray and affirm that the light within every son and daughter, even the most humble servile person, is worth defending, that the light within the children of men and women is worth ennobling through the light of freedom. For you see, blessed ones, enlightenment is freedom. And entering into the Buddhic awareness through your crown is the greatest aspect of freedom that you can know, free from the impositions of the carnal human mind, free from the lethargy of the lesser self and the nihilism of the notself that seeks to steal away that which is real about you.
            These Buddhist monks have stood for the light for eons. They have seen what has occurred in Tibet and they will not stand for the same disenfranchisement of their nation, their history, and their legacy that has been a blight upon this planetary home and what has occurred in the rooftop of the world in that area.
            Thus, the Buddhas now are assembled in their battle gear. And we will prove that of which we are made, which is light. And the armies of the earth of these fallen ones cannot stand againt the light that we bear from the Pure Land of God-knowingness, the home of the Buddhas.
            Blessed ones, see yourself also arrayed in wings of light and the full armor of protection as you call unceasingly for these souls and for the freedom of their true leader, and not those who have taken up arms against the very spirit of Gautama and the Buddhas, who for centuries have ennobled this holy people and land.
            The focuses of light within this nation must be safeguarded and protected. For, blessed ones, if another nation such as this, dedicated to the frequency of the secret rays, through the light of the crown of the Buddhic pathway were to go down, it would be a dark, dark day for this planetary home. Thus stand, sing to us, chant the OM, and walk with your brothers and sisters, who, even in this hour, have laid down their life for you through their sacrifice. Yes, blessed ones, if you could see the balance that these holy brethren hold for the earth itself, you would defend them through the spirit of givingness from your own heart.
            I, Maitreya, now stand in Rangoon and blaze forth the light of the ruby ray, of the emerald crystal ray, of the golden Buddha ray and of the five secret rays throughout this nation. I say to those in the Burmese military dictatorship, thus far and no farther shall you extend the darkness of the nihilistic self to endanger and to ensnare my people! If you shall raise your arms once more against another soul, then your judgment shall descend upon you with a swiftness of the eagle, the Flying Eagle, Sanat Kumara, who also, as a warrior of the spirit, comes to defend this land.
            O holy ones, who have given of the utmost in past lives and who know the story, the age-old story of the sacrifice that is required for the victory, I ask you, each one, to put aside time spent in pleasure during this cycle and to fully, and in a one-pointed manner, focus the light through your secret ray chakras unto Burma.
            What can be done when there is an outcry from the world and from millions who pray for and would defend a people is stupendous. And it will take not only sanctions imposed by the West, but it will take a greater sacrifice on the part of many more to understand the processes of freedom and what is required to bring it forth within a nation beset by the dark spirits who move as ants, attempting to claim the rightful station, the stupa, of the Buddha.
            OM (Lord Maitreya chants for 19 seconds.) I impress my vibration in a ring of fire around Burma. Burma is the land of the Buddha merged with the ray of Ma. Let it be so, within you, that the Mother Light, having risen to your crown, may defend the seed of the mother in the earth through the light of the Buddha who you are.
            I am Maitreya and I defend this people this day. Will you join me, blessed hearts? Then make it so by your word and by your stand for freedom. I thank you.

[Messenger's comments:  Thank you blessed ones. I appreciate each and every sacrifice that each of you make. Maitreya and Gautama and Sanat Kumara, Jesus, Padma Sambhava and the Buddha Mother appreciate every sacrifice, every prayer, every good thought, every positive affirmation, every intentful glance of light and simple awareness of your own God Self that you emanate throughout the day. Every erg of light that flows through you can support Maitreya today and throughout this weekend. And I am asking that whatever prayers are done throughout this weekend, tonight's service, as well as Saturday and Sunday, be focused on Burma as much as possible. It is a crucial, critical time and you heard Maitreya, so thank you very much.]

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