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Cosmic Buddha of the Ruby Ray      September 28, 2007

Beloved Cosmic Buddha of the Ruby Ray
September 28, 2007   8:50-9:00 pm  EDT
Reconnecting with Your Beloved
New York, New York

Ruby Love May Be Yours through a Reconnection of Hearts
Maintain the Flow of This Connection by Being Love Where You Are

Place within Your Heart One Drop of the Sacred Buddhic Blood-Love that I Bear
e to All Life in This Area Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Crystal-Ruby Love

            I extend the radiance of ruby love to each of you here this evening. This love is a powerful love. It is a transformative love. And if you allow it to work from the inside out, from the very nexus of beingness within the crystal within your heart, dear hearts, dear ones, then that ruby love magnified through you can change a world.
            Take now the hands of those on either side of you, blessed ones, as I extend the pulsation of pure ruby love through this our one circle of fire this night. And I extend the radiance of my aura through all of New York, to every heartfriend, every soul in whom there is the divine spark. Whether you are young or old, black or white, an old soul or a newly evolving one; whether you are grey, bald or in the prime of your youth, love, as the key to victory, may be yours through this reconnection, which you may experience in many ways daily in the circle of your friends, your co-workers, your family and the greater circle of life as you live it upon earth.
            Maintain the flow of this connection of our hearts day by day in some way by simply being love where you are to one or to many. Through service and through conscious cooperation, this ruby love from my heart may be yours instantly when you see the need and feel the need to share this love.
            I AM that love within you of the Buddha and the Mother, [which] in its pristine form will allow you to move into the stream of divine bliss, perfection and the ultimate reunion of your soul with the Spirit of who you are, blessed ones. 
            Listen to those who understand the law of being, even those within this Hearts Center movement who invited you here, or [those] who[m] you may look to who have understood the higher teaching that you have now been privileged to receive this evening. I say that if even half of this body were to come together regularly once or twice a month in this type of circle of communion, sharing, listening with intent to each other's hearts and practicing something of your sacred science together, this city of New York, as well as many others, may have a greater presence of peace, of stability, a lessening in crime, the softening of hearts and a new radiance pouring forth because of your bonding, your connection, your love. May it be so, if you choose to follow this path and bring to the circle of community, through your own understanding and your gifts, that which you have garnered as truth thus far, blessed ones.
            I AM with you always through a wink, a smile and a sacred heartbeat. Yes, your heart may throb with a greater pulsation of my love, for I now place within your heart one drop of the sacred Buddhic blood-love that I bear for each one. This is not physical blood, but the divine essence of who I AM as a God-realized one. It now is infused and perfused through your bloodstream to every particle of your being. Yes, my love grows within you, if you would have it so.
            Now be up and doing. Now be to all life in this area Buddhas and bodhisattvas of crystal-ruby love. I thank you.

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