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Lanello      September 23, 2007

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
September 23, 2007
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana 

A Call to All Heartfriends to Support the Mission
of Mother Mary at Wellspring 

Most Gracious Heartfriends Who Love God,

            There is a reason for the season of the autumnal equinox, as this is a reminder to all to reenter the very equation of God as light whereby there is within the very center of being the equalization of that light within—the harmony, the balance whereby the scales of Libra within you may manifest that stillness when the quotient of fire upon both sides is equal and there is not the movement of duality within. All of heaven pauses at the cardinal points of life within the various solar worlds, and I, as the Sun King, emanate now within this place the light of the crown, the corona of fire of the Godhead for the energizing of the sacred alchemy of your work together.
            I come to announce to all heartfriends that we have both sanctified this property. Is it not obvious, blessed ones, what day by day the energies streaming forth from and through your hearts in holy oneness through your prayer sessions have brought to bear, anchoring within the earth the crystal fires of heaven here? And thus, the leaders of this Hearts Center movement have determined that there will be the anchoring physically of a certain presence of this movement of light through the presence of the messenger in holy work through your hearts dedicated to holy service and that a framework be established utilizing the very physical property itself—the offices, the rooms which have been energized by the light from many hearts one with ours over these many years.
            I am asking every heartfriend worth the salt of the crystal of beingness to consider ways and means of supporting this mission—the mission of Mother Mary, the mission of the Universal Great White Brotherhood upon this physical property—by either moving here, by supporting financially the outgrowth and stabilization of this sacred outpost of  the Brotherhood or, if you are not able to come because of other responsibilities in your life, to support it through your prayers, through the intention of your hearts one with those who will be serving here within this sacred flowfield¹ of light.
            Blessed ones, if you read between the lines of all that has transpired within the dictations that I have delivered through this messenger and that all of the Brotherhood have issued forth through this dispensation, you will see how essential is community, the communion of hearts. It takes many, the multifaceted cosmic geode of light, to bring in a golden crystal age of freedom and enlightenment. Each facet is essential. Each gift, each heart beating one with the universal is important and should not in any way be downplayed by any.
            Why, even the children, the blessed children of your families, anchor great light through their solar beings. And though they may not always outwardly seem to be affixed upon your mission as you see it, yet the inner light of the essential nature of God within them does support, uphold and move forward the plans of the universal stream of the Brotherhood vibrating both upon earth and within the heaven world.
            O gracious ones, some have given their all daily. Some have given the very life blood of all of their service to life in this and past embodiments by moving here, by working assiduously to build and build again that which is worthy in the sight of God as this sacred outpost and sanctuary of light. But now, I, Lanello ask many more of you to come forth and support me and beloved Mother in the ongoingness of the Mission of the Two Witnesses, which, blessed ones, has never stopped and continues in this hour through our voice one with yours.
            Thus, some among you must consider measures whereby you may put your money where your mouth is, where you may deliver to the Lord God that which you vowed eons ago to be in support of when the cycles were ripe, when the stars were aligned, when the Word would be delivered and when it was time to act.
            “There is a tide in the affairs of men,” Saint Germain said, “that when taken at its crest” would allow movement towards the victory of the light. And that tide is now and it is here. And on this autumn equinox, having placed my feet firmly within the crystal of the sands upon the shores of great Yellowstone here, I, Lanello, place my rod of fire deep within the earth, even as I did as Lancelot in support of the great mission of the Round Table and the Knights and Ladies of the Flame called by Arthur and Guinevere to the sacred realm upon the islands of Great Britain.
            Blessed ones, I call you. Move the light. Move the energy. Move the frequencies of the secret rays through your being and understand the cycles, the times and the signs within the heavens that all must come to terms with within their own beings in order to ride the wave upon that crest as “cosmic light surfers” unto the shores beyond samsara unto the reality of your beings.
            Yes, there is gold here! It is the gold of the Spirit. Yes, there is the flow of Mother light as a sacred essence and the gushing forth of the spring, the wellspring that nourishes the soul here. Yes, there is, both by vision and prophecy of many that some of you have heard recently, the very anchoring of my heart and the hearts of many ascended beings here upon this sacred soil because, through intention, you will continue to make it so day by day through right effort, through right sacrifice, through the Eight-fold Path of the Buddha, through the Ten Perfections of the law, through self-mastery in the cycles of the cosmic clock taught by blessed Mother Mary and by the geometrization of light within you as a crystal being, conscious and aware of that who God is within you at all times.
            Thus prepare, blessed ones, and listen with intention to our words and to the message behind that which I speak. Those of you who have the resources, those of you who have the drive, the connectivity and the desire to fulfill your reason for being, merge with the stream that flows from this holy well—the fount from the heart of Mother Mary here of healing light—and know that in this divine equation of your own receptivity to that which speaks within your soul and sings within your being, you may fulfill all, you may know all, you may be all in love within the very crystal of God's heart.
            We have given you the leadership within this movement that will move forward the plans of the Brotherhood through this dispensation. Do not discount the vision of these visionaries of the Spirit that I have called, blessed and appropriated for the sacred work of building this movement. I have seen the sacrifice of each one of these as well as of those of you who have moved here and supported this dispensation daily through your prayers and your physical presence. You are all heroes and heroines of the Spirit! And I magnify the Lord within you by giving you a greater energization of the flow of the sacred essence of the blood of your own Christ beingness through my magnanimous heart this day.
            Yes, it is mouth to mouth and heart to heart that I resuscitate within you the very vibration of the Lord of all. May it be so through your assent, through your conscious cooperation and co-creation with the ascended beings whom you know, whom you love and whose mission we together fulfill.
            Whether you are near or far, whether you are new or old in your understanding of the universality of the teachings of the ascended masters through this and previous dispensations, it does not matter. What matters is your heart, what matters is the great love that you bear for thousands and even millions of souls who are depending on you, blessed ones, for their own uplift, for their own victory in this life. Yes, you are a wayshower, you are the one whom they look to as a Christ, as a crystal being, as a teacher to show them the way home. May it be so. Make it real and let us live within this Round Table Union of Holy Communion in God together.

            Morya now stands at the helm of the Round Table. Please rise, blessed ones.

            And, Saint Germain in the guise of Merlin also is here. And a certain frequency from that dispensation of Camelot is now appropriated and is energized within the earth physically here by the presence of one from Glastonbury who has seen the vision and who has vowed long, long ago to be an anchor point for the light of the Mother within the earth. Thus, there is a purpose for all that transpires within your life. And you know internally that which is true, that which is real by the movement of this cosmic stream through your consciousness.
            Thus I say as we raise our swords together and as we did of old, All for one and one for all! All for one and one for all! All for one and one for all! The allness of God is what we are for. And because of our love for each other, our victory is assured in God when we remain One in heart, in spirit and in work.
             I thank you, blessed ones, for all that you are, and I see the glow of the crystal diadem of your own Buddha and Christic nature shining brightly this day within the Sun King and Queen who you are with me. Yes, I lived many lives upon the soil of Britain and of Europe. It is time for the brothers of all nations to unite toward the purpose of providing the platform for peace and enlightenment upon the earth.
            I, Lanello, now kneel and implore the sons and daughters of mankind to put away the implements of war, confusion and infamy. Lay down your weapons, come to the altar in whatever means you have of worshiping God and live as brothers and sisters once again and walk the earth in reverence for life. This is my prayer to hearts of all people. O Lord God, I thank you for hearing my prayer and for these hearts who will help to make it a reality, for they live still in the physical where thy words may be made flesh within them.
            I seal you, blessed hearts, with the sign of the heart, the head and the hand. Through days of service and nights of rest, may the peace of the Presence keep you blessed until one in the reality of the circle of fire of our union we may know all in God. Amen.


[David's comments following Lanello's HeartStream: The cat is out of the bag. But the details of how The Hearts Center movement as a headquarters here will become a reality is up to many of us to fulfill. So I expect that the leaders of The Hearts Center will make known more details on this as soon as arrangements can be made.
            Some of you listening and others who may not yet be listening today have made your intention known to purchase certain condominiums in the Golden Ratio project. I urge all of you to begin the process now of finalizing your arrangements. And some of you who have not yet stepped forward who have the resources, consider what you can do to support the physical anchoring of The Hearts Center headquarters here. Lanello is purposely coming early today and bringing this message to us which is an important message.
            John Fanuzzi has been a hero to the Brotherhood in what he has accomplished here. And he is in great need in this hour of our support for the finalization of all plans for the securing of this property for the Brotherhood. Now The Hearts Center proper may not necessarily own everything. The Brotherhood wants to secure this property. It has always been stated that way by the masters. But I definitely see this property as…I don't even like the word “headquarters.” It's a “Hearts Center”—that's the name of our movement.
           You get too much in your head and you get problems, but if you work from the heart, hopefully you won't have those problems. So this could be and is, in my opinion, a major focal point as a Central Hearts Center vortex and property.
            If you want to be where the message comes forth and you want to look into the possibility of living, moving here, supporting what we are building, please contact those in The Hearts Center movement and those who are helping John in this hour to fulfill the vision, the dream that we have. John has had this dream for a long time. Anybody who has been here physically is awed at what has been built by the vision of this man, one with Mother Mary's heart and Mother's heart.
            So, right now we're in a temporary lapse where there is not as much energy through the physical presence of people doing a lot of work in the Golden Ratio building. And Feng Shui-wise we know that sometimes when buildings are vacant, there is a stultification of the energy. So we need to have activity. We need to have events, we need to have things going on all the time here and all kinds of people coming, giving presentations, having fun and dances.  We all have this vision. The Golden Ratio Spa needs to be reactivated. This will be a major healing center for the masters. But it will only be so if certain people step up to the plate, put their resources forward and make it so.
           Those of you who come daily are the heroes of the Spirit, and you have supported this. But now we need others to help. El Morya and Lanello are here to lead us into the next cycle. We can go within to understand what our place within those cycles is.
Lanello shared this today in such a way—not creating fear. Building community is the message—a message based not on fear but on love.]

¹A flowfield is a forcefield of spiritual light through which a continuous flow of divine radiance may be sustained. Often, it is the result of regular prayers, meditations and spiritual services by one ore more devotees. Each one's aura may become a flowfield when that one is in alignment with Presence.

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