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Padre Pio      September 21, 2007

Beloved Padre Pio
David C. Lewis
September 21, 2007   (16 minutes) 
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


It Is Time for the Full Merging of Your Being with the Sprit of Holy Love
I Come to Remind You of the Inner Vow You Have Taken to Serve to Set Life Free

Gentle Hearts Who Would Truly Understand the Mysteries of Devotional Prayer,
            I come this day to bless you and to augment your work with the flame of the Holy Spirit whereby every momentous thoughtform, every erg of energy that flows through your consciousness may activate and ennoble all that you say through that holiness that is the very essence of the Spirit borne by those whose goal is to return to the heart of God through the ritual of prayer.
            As you prepare for your pilgrimage to Europe, it is incumbent upon each and every one of you to understand the nature of this mission and that is to enter more deeply into the heart of God and not simply to go to observe another clime, another culture. The preparatory work of your consciousness in order to receive the action of the secret rays, whereby there may be, through the distillation of the light flowing through your heart, the consuming of ancient records as well as the replacement of that darkness with light within you, will allow you, blessed hearts, to more deeply understand the very nature of God as light, as energy, and your purpose in being instruments for the release of that light to all.
            Truly, when the secret rays have been activated within your chakras, you [may] begin to experience the very passion of the flow of the bloodstream of the Divine through you, whereby there may be healing, there may be the transfer of light from chakra to chakra, from heart to heart. Only in understanding the very purpose of the delivery of these higher frequencies, which is for wholeness at all levels of being, may you truly become those instruments, those focal points for the Lord to use for his purposes upon earth.
            There must needs be an acceleration of consciousness within some in order to understand the holy purpose of the greater mission of their lifestream[s]. For not only in study but in the practical application of that which you have received through the transfer of light through your being may you then be receptive to the next circumference of fire from your Source that descends as you understand the very nature of evolution and of the ongoing stream that may be yours, by intention, through that oneness with God's holy purpose.
            Many came to me for the dissolution of their sins, and yet often they held within themselves matrices that they simply could not let go of. I come this day to dissolve within you patterns that have become momentums and habits, if you should choose to allow these to go permanently, blessed ones. For though you may come to the altar and seek dispensations, only through surrender of past momentums would enter into the very heart of that oneness that you seek permanently
Therefore the letting go through the self-emptying process, either through the confession of your sins to your Higher Self or to another, as a representative of that Christ Spirit, allows there to be that washing clean of your consciousness so that the new light, the ruby light shining bright[ly] within you, may take hold within your being. [This light is] amplified by the very light of the Blood of Christ, as the frequency of his love pouring through his consciousness. You may partake of [this light] in Communion, [both] when it is served in holy ritual [and] throughout the day, through every meal, through every exercise of your heart.
            The holy brothers who served and the holy sisters of all orders who truly entered into this divine relationship of being brides to Christ or being wed to the Spirit entered into the very heartbeat of the One above. And when there was the complete surrender of self to the Divine One, then the Spirit of Christ, as a mantle of light, descended and that one, ennobled in the Spirit, could be truly a representative for healing and for the flow of grace to all whom they served. It is so with you if you choose to accept the mantle, for many of you have served valiantly in past lifetimes in the monasteries of East and West as holy brothers and sisters. And it is time now for the full merging of your being with that Sprit of holy love so that the graces and the gifts of that Holy Sprit may flow through you for the fulfillment of your Christic mission, blessed hearts.
            I come to remind you of the inner vow you have taken to serve to set life free. This vow sets the sail for your life, all the way to the apex of attainment. It is a true coursing of your spirit's journey that then allows the grace of God to be where you are throughout your trek home. The vow clears the channels of consciousness, allowing God to [reveal through a portent or omen] that which he has seen from the beginning—oneness in the final embrace whereby you too, as the Christ, may receive the [divine approbation]: “Just and true are thy works, O my son. Glorious are thy ways, thou just steward of the light. I now bestow the mantle of immortality upon thee because thou has surrendered all but that light who I am within.”
            I bestow my aura upon you this day as you gaze upon my picture, as you listen to the music provided by my son. Seek the light early, seek the light late, but be that light always through your meditation, through your prayer, through your resonance with the heart of God.
            I will be there in Italy, singing with you when you sing my music. I will attend to many souls who come within the radius of your auras as you travel, and I will give you an extension of your auras as you are able to visualize and to perceive the ruby-ray action of the holy love outflowing from you to bless all within that nation and all nations. 
            I am your ruby Bapu, your father, your friend, a brother of the Sprit and servant of the Christ in all. Bless you; seal you in the love of Christ for the fulfillment of your mission as servitors of fire.

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