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Ray-O-Light      September 13, 2007

Beloved Ray-O-Light
David C. Lewis
September 13, 2007   8:18-8:35 am MDT
Livingston, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat


Cosmic Surgery to Remove Shards of Darkness in Our Chelas
Continue Moving in the Stream of Oneness in Community to the Victory 

Heartfriends of the Ages,

            I come as a cosmic surgeon to extract from you certain microbial and toxic elements that have manifested as fear in your world, inveigling themselves [in you] at many levels of being and causing a spiritual paralysis that has caused you to be both immobile, inflexible and stationary on your journey homeward. I am Ray-O-Light and I anchor the fearlessness flame here and throughout America.  For there has been a malaise upon the land and in the hearts of men who tremble for fear at what may come upon them and upon the earth.  And yet, if they truly had the God-sense to dwell in the very presence of their own inner light, the God-flame within, then they would never fear what may come. For being centered in the reality of God Self-awareness there is no cause for fear, for the only cause is God.
            Blessed hearts, guilt is fear.  Shame is fear.  Self-deprecation is fear—fear of standing on your own two feet and proclaiming, first to yourself and then to the world, that you are worthy, you are a son or daughter of the Most High, created in his and her image and vested with the authority and the commission to go forward, to co-create  with the Lord of All.  Understanding your own Buddha Nature and the Christic patterns that flow as light essences through you, you can and will come to terms with that which God invested in his creation in the beginning.  And it is simply this, blessed ones—to be fearless in moving through the stream of God's consciousness anywhere and everywhere; to perceive with great understanding all that is; to be aware and conscious in the moment; to learn the lessons of the great schoolroom of life; to appreciate all that is; and to know with a depth of cosmic knowingness that through love, life and the pursuit of God-freedom all may come to the understanding of the All-in-all within the creation.
            When you partake at the table of the Lord in the great bounty and feast of the harvest of light that God has provided within the created universes, you see how great is the glory, the wonderment, the awe of the entire cosmic web. And you cannot help but truly come to terms with that fearless life that leads you onward in overcoming to the shores of true and noble love. But when there come the dark ones who would inveigle their toxic poisons [in you], injecting them into the stream of your being and [then] manipulating them such that at almost any hour you may be frozen in fright and burdened by the plight of their nefarious ways, you cannot move forward with that freedom flame ensconced all about you.
            And thus I come.  And many ascended masters speak, release their light and free you at certain levels day by day, peeling away the onion skin of the not-self, protecting your auras with the essence of the stream of our consciousness that, then you may perceive in such a way that, never more will you have flowing within you these dark globules of unconsciousness, but transmuted by the sacred fire of holy verve, you can move forward unabated in that cosmic stream and know truly that which God would have you do day by day.
            When analysis paralysis sets in in the minds of some who would try to view everything from every possible angle before taking any action, then we cannot help that one unless, through a simple call of faith, he or she requests assistance. But when, as a little child, you move forward as the intrepid one, not always knowing exactly where you are going, and yet always moving toward the light, upward and onward, then we will be there to lead you past the dark, craggy and virulent [climbs, climes and] times that most of you have, at one time or another, experienced on your journey.
            We set mile markers. We set signs before you, showing you where to turn and how to proceed unerringly, blessed ones.  When you are attuned through divine meditation and the silence of the con-science within of knowing the God-light that vibrates within you—and then through a simple process of acceptance and knowing that each step that you take forthrightly moves you toward that goal—then even if at times you should fall, we will be there to assist in helping you up. And you will never look backward toward the past days of mortality but always toward the light of cosmic [freedom in] movement, of divine gnosis in our presence and in our guiding way.
            Many of my angels move in the stream of consciousness of the battalions of the light in many nations.  These are those who, as the fearless ones, take up the calling of God as missionaries of the Spirit to proclaim the Word and to bring that light to many souls caught in darkness.  When you call to me and to my legions through a simple fiat:

            O God of Fearlessness, Ray-O-Light, stream forth your consciousness
            now and save souls caught in the astral sea of illusion!

 then thousands of my legions may release the sacred fire to shatter the bonds of darkness and of fear that keep souls locked into a lifeless stream of darkness.  This it is our joy to do.  And then once the shackles have been removed and the souls of these guided toward the light, we return to the very point from which the word was uttered through you to bring our radiance and to revivify you with the essence of our staunch stand for God-good everywhere.  Thus, on the return current of God self-mastery which overcomes all fear through love, you receive that impetus of fire whereby you may continue to step unerringly upward, blessed ones.
            Every prayer that you say with intention, every meditation that you partake of in discernment—aided and abetted by the angels' ministrations—move you higher into realms of the tranquility of peace and of the light of the Holy City where there is no fear, but only love.
            Thus, in this cycle of Virgo I have come.  For the anxiety that at times I see within the chelas of the ascended masters that sets in even through all that they read on the internet whereby they think that every word that some one or another has written is completely true—and whether they believe it or not, allowing a certain consciousness of fatality and fanaticism to land upon them—we must come to remove [as] shards of darkness that cloud the vision, that cloud the perfect one-eyed stream that must flow through your awareness to perceive as God perceives—only light, only light, only light!
            Therefore I come to strip you now, as we tear bark off the tree, of certain veils of illusion, of mindsets that you have accepted through the musings of those in the media who are not balanced in body, mind and soul.  And we ask you, blessed ones, to not so much rely upon the words of those who you think may have something good to offer but to first look to your Higher Self for that guidance. 
            Vibrate with the secret rays, travel on wings of light to the higher worlds and with us visualize the new world that you would have vibrating in this plane. And then make it real through action, through prayer, through heartreach and through the togetherness of community.  For in the cosmic stream of your working relationships there is a greater synergy, a greater power of movement. And the forces of darkness cannot stand in the way of the holy army of light that will compel all to see the truth and to know that truth because fear has been conquered, because love, as the motivating power and force of light, moves through all heartfriends, one with our holy purpose.
            This is my message unto each one.  Take it. Make it real within your world and then be the fearless conquerors for me, blessed ones. I thank you for your attention, your love and especially for your fearless action in bringing greater light to this world.  God bless you.


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