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Lady Plieades      September 11, 2007

Beloved Lady Plieades
David C. Lewis
September 11, 2007
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

It Is Time that More of You Use the Talents and Graces
of the Spirit You Have Been Given

Bring More of the Divine World into the World of Form
Dance and Sing More Often

Most Gracious and Blessed Hearts,
            I come this day to give my first dictation through my friend. I am the Lady Plieades, and I bring the essence of roses and daffodils and violets unto you. And I weave in this sacred place the aroma of the spirit of the heaven world through your consciousness, into your aura for the lifting of any burdens that may be upon you and for the establishment of a new coursing of light through your being for you to ascend to greater heights in your spiritual service to life.
            It has not been so long since I took my leave of you. And though I did suffer physically in the last days and weeks and months of my life, blessed ones, it was oh so much worth that which I went through to support the mission of the Mother and of the salvation of her children everywhere and for the firm establishment of this dispensation, which I saw as paramount to the ongoingness of the mission of the Two Witnesses. And in the early days when David did share with me those messages that he was receiving from the saints in heaven, I did revel in joy at what I saw as the possibilities for many who had lost the way or had temporarily gone out of the way of knowing the pathway home through the portal of love and light that the Two Witnesses had established most beautifully for us.
            So I have been a friend of Lanello['s] for eons. I have danced and sung with him the waltz of the Spirit, transcending planes of consciousness, even flying to the Pleiades to partake of the essences of those divine worlds and then bringing them back unto you so that you could understand the ways of the secret rays and of the flow of light through the prism of self, through the crystal consciousness of your own being. For, blessed ones, unless and until you truly know yourself as a God-realized individual, one with the All in all, you will truly not fully know the blessedness and graces of the Spirit that God, in all of his givingness, is always ready to bestow upon you.
            Truly it is a new day, and I come on this the anniversary of a day of infamy to ease the pain of many who have lost family, friend, brother and sister, husband and wife, child and co-worker. Though the causes of that which you have seen outpictured as terror and war are truly the unconsciousness that allows the invasion of darkness from the netherworld [into the soul], truly, blessed ones, this may be assuaged through [your] prayer services and that which you do, [with great]  intention, day by day through your own contact with the divine world. [It is manifest through] the givingness of your hearts in holy prayer and in all that you may experience in singing the song of the Divine and of simply being, in perfect poise, anchor points of light upon this world.
            As my physical body did deteriorate, yet the spirit within me was strong and grew day by day in understanding in my final hours of all that would be available to me as an ascending one. And now that I have had the opportunity to commune with many masters and saints and angels, I have seen how the new way of Lanto may be experienced by many, many more souls, even those who have walked in previous dispensations or who do not yet fully understand the divine processes that are experienced through this activity.
            For, blessed ones, when there is the availability of contact with the divine world through a messenger of light who has sacrificed and truly given all unto God, then many ascended ones may press forth and stream forth the essence of the divine world through this portal to raise the consciousness of souls everywhere. You have experienced this, and you know whereof I speak. And yet it is time, blessed ones, that many more of you go forth and use the talents and the graces of the Spirit that each of you [has] been given by your own Higher Self [and] share them in a new understanding, in a new way, with a new light with many friends—heartfriends throughout the world.
            Lanello and I will be there, singing and dancing and bringing forth a cosmic interplay of interdimensional spiritual frequencies that will speak to the hearts of those with whom you share these teachings. And in your presentations and the glory that you individually have become—[which] will flow through your being unto many—hearts will be transformed, a new world will be born, and the kingdom of holiness will shine its radiance upon this planet for all to see and know.
            All divine Spirits in the heaven world are one in consciousness, and though we may have many guises and a certain individualization of the Spirit, yet there is the sacred essence of Godhood within each of us that is the same yesterday, today and forever. And this divine essence may be yours to claim and to proclaim and to send forth as that God-issue of oneness, of blessedness, of joy.
            Rise with me now, blessed ones, in spirit above the earth to see the many souls teeming with light in their higher bodies, even though they are not often aware of their own God Self. See how these souls often struggle to understand why life is as it is upon this earth—with violence, war, plague and the debilitation of the bodies and minds and emotions of brother and sister in many nations. Now see glowing around the earth the frequencies of the ascended hosts, always available upon your call to enter the scene of earth and to inspire through the Higher Selves of souls ways and means whereby they may attain to the greater heights of consciousness and levels of spirituality that their souls truly desire. [And yet] there is a disconnect between the spirit and the flesh because they do not understand that they are divine beings and have the right, as sons and daughters of God, to also walk the way that the saints have walked.
            Each of you now, as a spirit-spark of the Divine, may be an intercessor for these when through your own attunement with the divine world you act consciously, appropriately to share something of who you have become as a crystallized God-conscious one with those who would know more of the divine experience. Thus see each day as an opportunity in some way to bring more of this divine world that you feel in this hour into play in the world of form. See each moment as an opportunity to breathe new life, new virya into a world at times gone mad. And know that we the ascended ones will always be with you in your work, in your meditation, in your time of silence and even in the revelry of your joyous and, at times, somewhat raucous spirit as you share the path of joy with each other.
            Dance and sing more often, blessed ones. Get up and move. Waltz in the spirit as a little child. For when you let go and live through a certain almost carefree attitude, as an angel of light in your own right, many will be drawn to your hearts. For they will feel both the simplicity of your path and the cosmic joy that flows through your auras because you understand the very nature of God as love, as harmony and as movement.
            I sing an aria with Lanello to the Mother and to her children. It is a song of the stars, and in my voice there is, through the distillation of who I have become, the flow of the blessings and graces of untold dimensions of being with you, my friends.
            I send my love to my children and my grandchildren. I am always with you when you call to me, ever available to inspire you, to enfire you and to raise you in joy with my smile and my kiss upon your cheeks.
            I am the Lady Plieades, and I bowand curtsyhonoring the Christic light within you, each one.

Messenger's comments:

She was dressed in scintillating garment, truly a cosmic ballerina, with action of secret rays flowing in her aura. At the end, she did gracefully curtsy, a plie (part of her name). I send my love, with hers, to all of her children, grandchildren, both in Bozeman, Los Angeles, wherever you are. Hope we can make sure each of you gets to hear this dictation.

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