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K-17      September 08, 2007

Beloved K-17
David C. Lewis
September 8, 2007   7:36–7:50 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Be Prepared!
Take Stock and Secure the Resources You Require to Sustain Your Life!

Be prepared! I come this morning with a message for all lightbearers throughout the world. It is an urgent one, blessed ones. For I have seen the plans of those who are up to no good, and thus I come to warn you. We have given messages of preparedness, and your own Lanello, with whom I work, spoke to you on the first day of this year with a message of urgency, which I ask all of you to review and to take to heart.
            I am K-17, and Saint Germain stands with me this morning, and together we anchor the light in America. But we also come to tell you that you must in this very hour prepare for what is coming, for the plans have been laid out. And if you knew all that we know, you would truly work, work, work to have all within your home and within your community and communities of light that you need for the sustainability and viability of your four lower bodies, to have the [resources] needed to sustain your spiritual path.
            I do not accept in my world fear, and yet I bring the fearlessness flame of Ray-O-Light, who also stands with us in this hour. For, blessed ones, when you are prepared, when you are mobile, when you have the resources by which to live a life dedicated to God, then you are fearless. But when you are not attuned to the divine world or the riding of the Four Horsemen and what this means for you personally, then if you are caught off guard, you may suffer pain in some way, whether the anguish of your spirit or the effects of being without certain resources. It is up to you to determine what level of preparedness and sustainability you are willing to move heaven and earth to have within your homes, your auras.
            As you know, first and foremost the maximum preparedness requires that you be in alignment with your own God Presence. This Saint Germain has spoken of. For when you are in the right vibration, then you are in the right place. But when you are out of alignment with your own holy purpose, then no matter how many resources you have in your home, basement or garage, you may not fully be prepared in consciousness for that which may transpire.
            I have shown the messenger this morning an article over the Internet of the appearance of the director of the CIA, publicly to this nation, warning of impending attacks by Al Qaeda within this nation and possibly throughout the world. Look at the face of this one and determine, through attunement with your own Higher Self, for whom he speaks. Read between the lines, blessed ones, what is transpiring, and call to me during this vigil to El Morya, [call to] Lanello and Saint Germain and Ray-O-Light to amplify the light within America for the exposure of the plans of those who would subjugate the very souls of all lightbearers if they could. But they will not, because your soul freedom, being essential to the very purpose of the coming of Saint Germain and his mission to the earth, must be sustained by your conscious awareness of that freedom flame within you.
            If you read between the lines of all that we have spoken of in our dictations during this short dispensation, you will see that we are very concerned with the physical reality of your lifestreams and your preparedness at all levels, blessed hearts. If you simply live in a pie-in-the-sky world and do not take the very physical actions that will create for you the opportunity for your families and the greater body of heartfriends to live with all that [you] require for your sustenance, then what good is all of your musing upon the divine world, which vibrates at a higher frequency?
            You must first have life in the physical, for this is where you work out your salvation, your self-elevation, in God. And thus, take stock of exactly what you have and what you have received from us as recommendation, through our Committee on Preparedness and Sustainability, to have in your homes. Secure at least a three-week supply of all that you need, including batteries and light sources, even shortwave radios. And review from the link on the home page to the preparedness website that has lovingly been prepared by our heartfriends what you require. I ask that the town hall meeting be moved up to this Sunday such that those who are preparing the next phase of our words to you come this weekend, blessed ones.
            The handwriting is on the wall. The handwriting is in the air. Look to the skies to see what is vibrating at the frequencies of the etheric, mental and emotional planes that are simply almost ready to precipitate in the physical world, and understand the need for action, action, action. When you are mobile, when you are ready, then as Minutemen and Women of Saint Germain, Knights and Ladies of the Flame, and Keepers of the Lightning, you truly can move heaven and earth for us through your calls and the dispensations [of light] that we have released to sustain the evolution of life upon the earth.
            I now stand in Washington and New York. And El Morya and Saint Germain with the God of Fearlessness come. And we create an arc of fire and roll it, as a magic carpet of emerald-violet light, across America. This is as a grid of sacred fire to expose, bind and transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of the shenanigans of those who have their evil plots and plans in mind, whether of Al Qaeda or whether of a shadow system of those who have planned, as I have said, the subjugation of the souls of the lightbearers.
            They shall not pass! And yet, where there is an inroad through those who have no soul or no spark of divinity within them, for they have allowed it to be snuffed out, there can be the flashing forth of their plans. This is why we have envisioned many Hearts Centers throughout America and the world, blessed ones, to sustain the grid of light to protect you from all that could transpire through nonawareness and nonaction.
            Therefore be up and doing. And as soon as this prayer service is over, I expect each and every one of you to take action and for the Preparedness Committee to put out a message to every heartfriend to listen to my words. This is my request and that of the Knight Commander['s].
            I thank you and I return you to your service, without fear, but with the joy and the self-mastery that overcomes all fear! For we are one and we will be victorious. I thank you.

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