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Leo (Harth)      September 07, 2007

Beloved Leo (Harth)
David C. Lewis
September 7, 2007   (16 minutes)
Wellpsring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Understand the Import of the Hour
Greater Sacrifice Must Be Made for Our Mission to Be Fully Fulfilled

You Have the Resources to Bring About Miracles upon Earth
Work while Ye Have the Light and the Opportunity

Gracious Ones Who Truly Know the Import of Holy Prayer,
            I come this day from Saint Germain's retreat, for those of us who work here have been attentive to your prayers, devotions and songs and feel the earnestness of your desire to impress upon his heart your great love.
            I am Leo, whom you have known as Leo Harth. And I am most grateful to lend my momentum of the understanding of the law of being unto this movement of light. For we have perceived that you, blessed ones, are truly the fulfillment of that which was envisioned by the Knight Commander and his twin flame as those who would continue day by day to keep that flame of life on behalf of the evolutions of this planet and of many solar worlds.
            We see emanating from the retreat where you abide, as well as the homes and hearts of many heartfriends, great streams of cosmic light. And it is the work of the angels and the ascended beings to take these streams and to focus them toward the greater purposes of the Universal Great White Brotherhood to raise the consciousness of mankind at all levels.
            The use of the violet light is creating a sacred inroad into higher octaves whereby angels and masters may work more closely with mankind, and thus there is the quickening and the awakening of souls. And the recent dispensations that you have received and hear about during our dictations are such that when you call them forth and reinforce them and see them activated again and again by your acceptance and your call, then there is a great teeming action of the light brought to bear upon the earth in many quarters. Souls ascend unto our retreats in their finer bodies at night to receive instruction, and then when you or another come along to share something of this higher teaching, they will be more readily amiable to the words of wisdom that we will impress upon you in your heartreach efforts.
            Some of you have read the words that I spoke unto my daughter, which have been transmitted through divine telepathy and captured in the publication published by a previous activity of light.¹ Blessed ones, not all those suggestions impressed upon me by the Knight Commander in my meditations in his retreat were fully acted upon by those to whom they were directed. And so I come this day to ask of you to work while ye have the light² and the opportunity to invoke that light in great measure for the freedom of the souls of many upon Earth through a certain acceleration of this violet-laser light. For you have understood that when activated by the secret rays within you, you have the resources and the crystalline energies of the divine world to flow through your consciousness as that liquid, divine essence of spiritual fire, [which,] when fused with your visualization of the violet-laser light, may bring about, truly, miracles upon the Earth in the shift that is required for the acceleration of souls into a new awareness of the ascended master consciousness and Spirit.
            What you can visualize and see in your mind's eye can be real, I say, for we understand the science of divine alchemy. And as you employ it day by day in greater measure through the focused awareness of your group activity, then there is, streaming from our octaves at the behest of Solar beings, the amplification through cosmic wave patterns of that which you invoke. And the synergy of our work together creates a most beautiful mandala of divine thoughtforms from the very heart and mind of God. [And] though at times your minds do wander in your musing on the Spirit world, we keep the attention, through our communion with your Solar Presence, such that the work that we together are about may be accomplished day by day.
            Blessed ones, if you could truly see the miracles that are occurring at higher levels of awareness, even refracted through your higher bodies as you simply surrender and allow the radiance of these secret-ray frequencies to flow through you, you would not miss a session. For there is builded day by day a new spiral of fortuitous radiance around your aura and this ascends unto your Casual Body, from which you may then draw it forth again, day by day, in manifest works of the Spirit through the word that you invoke.
            Truly, blessed hearts, God is great! And when you ascend, you will understand how important is this sacred service that you are about. But I say this day that through greater awareness and attention upon your Presence moment by moment throughout your daily life, you may actually activate these frequencies throughout the earth where you walk. You may attend to the angels who come unto you and desire to be in your aura after you have invoked such great light, for they also request that you send them on missions of light. And they may only, in some instances, do this when you make the call to send them forth.
            We in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood who attend to the souls of mankind seek those among what you would call the “earthlings” who would grow in a greater understanding of the knowledge of the spiritual world. And so we must work through those whose consciousness is open and not stultified in a belief system or a matrix that keeps them bound through old patterns of thinking, of feeling. Thus the key component of a spiritual aspirant on the path is open-mindedness and open-heartedness. This each of you must have, blessed ones, and be ready and willing and able to receive the impressions of ascended beings given unto you moment by moment. For the goal is for each of you to become the master Presence upon the Earth where you are and not simply relegate to a future time and space your full attainment of your Christ divinity, your Solar and Buddhic emanation.
            This may be yours through conscious cooperation with your Real Self. Yes, your soul must come into a greater alignment, and this occurs by your being one-pointed and living at the apex of consciousness, attending to the voice that speaks within your heart, being obedient to that which you were sent forth to the Earth to fulfill and, in the process, being a joyful one in all things through Christ's Spirit that flows through you.
            I am a roaring lion. And my voice, speaking unto the chelas of Guru Ma, calls them and impels them to understand the import of the hour and of how a greater sacrifice must be made by some in order that our mission may be fully fulfilled.
           Roar with Lanello each day. Beat your chest, as the lionhearted ones, for in so doing, his invincible spirit, his magnanimous heart may be yours to claim and to fulfill the mission and the vision of our oneness in God.
            I am Leo, and with Leonidas, your Serapis,³ I stand this day on the white ray to impress upon you—especially those of you who will soon be flying to his home in [Egypt] anchoring the light from his retreat over Luxor there—[the need for you] to be those who anchor that ascension current physically in the Earth through your Presence. May it be so, and whether you go or not physically, let your spirit fly with his to attend to the voice of the Lord God and to be that holy will, wisdom and love in action in your world.
            I thank you for your spirit, for your verve and for the cosmic virya that you, the intrepid ones, display through the Word, who you are.
            God bless you. God keep you as you keep the light.

1. A Special Dispensation, booklets 1-3, later republished as Messages from Heaven by Patricia Kirmond, available through Summit University Press.
2. John 9:4; 12:35, 36.
3. Leonidas. Serapis Bey was embodied as Leonidas, the Spartan king, in the fifth century B.C.

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