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Fortuna      September 06, 2007

Beloved Fortuna
David C. Lewis
September 6, 2007   8:21-8:25 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I AM the All-Abundance of God for and on Behalf of Every Lightbearer
Receive the Gifts and Graces of the Spirit

            I am the full acceptance and the victory of each fiat and I AM statement of those here!¹ I am Fortuna, and I come to lend my momentum, along with the God of Gold and all the servitors of fire of heaven, to your sacred alchemy this day!
            Blaze forth the light now into this place! Blaze forth the light now for the securing of this holy space. Burn through now, by the power of the sacred Word that each one has become through the orifice of sacred fire of their throat chakras now. Burn through now! I accept now these statements for and on behalf of every lightbearer who has participated and those who have given their statements in their hearts, who have listened to this broadcast. Burn through now by the power of the sacred fire!
            I AM the illimitable light of Victory! I AM the light of Victory here! I am Fortuna and Victory, weaving an action of spiral light now for the victory of this manifestation.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire by the crystal ray now! I deposit emerald-crystal light in this space. Burn through now! It is sanctified by your word. Burn through now! It is sanctified by the Word that you have become. Burn through now! It is made permanent in time and space as you have said it, as you have proclaimed it, as you have shed now the human momentums of the past and accepted the rightful abundance that is yours!
            I AM, I AM, I AM the all-abundance of God here for and on behalf of every lightbearer! I AM, I AM, I AM manifest in action now the cosmic radiance of heaven's floral blessings through the roses that you have offered to Mary. For she has now empowered these roses and returns them now unto you, blessed ones, in a shower of light, in a cosmic radiance that shall not cease so long as you maintain your harmony and the flow of your prayers unto her day by day.
            Burn through now! These roses, as immortelles of cosmic abundance, are yours to use day by day. Claim them now. Receive them. Cup your hand before you. Receive these roses unto your heart, for they are yours to use.
            In the silence of your heart, I speak. When you wish upon a star—the star of your Presence—then the cosmic Tinker Bell comes to empower your wish. I am your fairy godmother Fortuna, and it is my great desire to bless each one with my wand. Receive the gifts and graces of the Spirit, O holy ones, for this day you have entered the joy of the proclamation of the Word. And in the novelty of your creative expressions, the Lord God has heard your pleas and is pleased to bestow his love, his grace, as that abundance, upon you.

1.  Before this HeartStream devotees participated in an alchemy of giving aloud "I AM" statements or affirmations, claiming their divine and material abundance, their spiritual and physical opulence.

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