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Angel of Joy      August 29, 2007

Beloved Angel of Joy
David C. Lewis
August 29, 2007   8:20-8:29 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Remember the Joy of the Lord

Sing His Keynote in Your Souls:
He Will Sprinkle the Essence of New Joy upon You

I am the Angel of Joy, and I come this day to impress upon your hearts, your spirits and your souls a new flavor of joy, that you may be raised in this spirit into greater oneness with your God Presence, blessed hearts. The joy of the Lord may always be yours if you choose to have it in your aura, in your life and emanating through your beingness in God as perfect joy.
            When you smile and enter into the playful spirit of God, as the child-being that the Lord is, then you, blessed ones, can ascend more easily into cosmic heights; because, you see, the universe itself is composed of joy. Become as that child again and again and work the works that God would work through you in the simple spirit of givingness, even as a child comes unto you, having plucked a flower from the trailside, to say, “Here, see this beauty, O my father, O my mother.”
            The very light essence that forms the cosmic web vibrates with the element of joy. And as you tap into and drink in the crystal fire mists of the quintessence of the Presence of the Lord, that joy does nourish your soul, does effuse itself through the channels of being who you are as a God-conscious one, and you may become a representative of God's joy to a world in need of greater light.
            Just think, if all could enter the presence of each other in joy, bowing, acknowledging the Spirit of Christ and Buddha and Krishna and Zarathustra within each one; just think, if all peoples of all nations would become as that child, embracing each other as brethren, as sisters, not as foe or enemy, but truly as the friend that that one may be through acceptance—oh what a new world we would see. Oh what a new glory there would be.
            O blessed hearts, you have entered into the joy this day by meditating upon the crystal of truth. For you see, in the emerald light there is joy at the core of the atoms that form the structure of that diadem of perfect beingness in abundance, in healing and in the very light that forms the strains of the music of the spheres that you hear when you are attuned to the sound of the voice of the joyful God, who is a God of love, not of wrath or of karmic recompense, but one who gives endlessly in the circle—in the spherical awareness of perfect joy.
            So although at times you feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders or your heart, be troubled not, O holy ones, O children of God's heart, but remember the joy of the Lord; for he came, that Jesus, to bring joy to the world. And so sing his keynote throughout the day, throughout the night in your souls. For winging his way upon the strains of that sound, he will sprinkle the essence of new joy upon you—yes, the joy of Aquarius rising within. 
         Truly, O hearts of light, you make the world bright through a joyous attitude, through a light heart—yes, a light, wispy, airy, fresh breath of the Spirit. Breathe in this new joy that I deposit within your lungs. For a certain essence of my joy will remain with you, circulating through the arteries of selfhood in God.
            Purusha. Joy to the world is come this day. [The last sentence was spoken in a whisper]


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