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Pallas Athena      August 17, 2007

Beloved Pallas Athena
David C. Lewis
August 16, 2007 2:44-3:16 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Using the Heart-Mind Mudra for a Greater Connectivity with God

Blessed Children of the Sun,
            When a soul's heart is upturned to God, then through that attention the Godhead is also attentive to the soul. Each moment that you experience in communion in some way with the Source of Being, you receive the selfsame directed currents of love-wisdom, magnified in greater measure, as those that you send to God. Through this law, it is natural that those who spend more of their life's energies focused on God receive a greater awareness of Presence as a result.
            I come today to assist you in taking full advantage of this law, because at times, when you think that you are focused on God in prayer, you are actually far afield from that direct connection because your lower mind is actually drawn away into other fields of experience, meandering every which way and thinking about the mundane aspects of life in your plane.
            In order to have a stronger connection, I invite you to try one simple exercise as you pray or meditate, and that is to hold your hands upon your heart and head and seeing by this physical act a current and electronic energy field established through this added sense of touch. For many who are not adept at visualization through the higher mind, who are often those who require almost physical proof that the word of their prayers are not falling on deaf ears, this simple practice can offer a reminder of the connectivity that is required for a more perfect flow to be established between your soul and the Spirit.
            Blessed ones, I suggest placing your left hand on your heart, seeing the activation and the spinning of the twelve petals of your heart, and then placing your right hand on your head, sealing the crown of your being, thus adding the impetus of the secret rays that flow through your hands to this heart-mind connection. Those who are healers know the Alpha-Omega polarity that flow through each of the hands, and thus the Omega energies, through the left hand touch your heart, allowing it to receive the pure energies of the Alpha currents through the right hand superimposed over your crown, the seat of Alpha.
            A figure eight flow will begin in this process that will establish a greater current, just as electricity passes through wires before you tap into it at a certain point or juncture in your home in order to use it. And although you may not require the physical touch of this simple mudra all the time, at any time that you feel your mind wandering or not fully engaged in the full connection with your God Presence which should "direct the show" of your prayer and meditation session, you may bring your hands back to these positions to reestablish the strong connection again.
            Dear hearts, we observe your great joy and your desire to change the world through your prayers, decrees and songs. Often, it is your inner motivation and surrender to what God would do through you that is the determining factor in how much you can be used as a sacred vessel for world transmutation. It is not my might or by a forced thrust through your chakras, but by a willingness to be molded as cosmic clay, that the results that you seek may be fully complete.
            A key in alchemy, as you know, is the letting go of the thoughtform of the desired result once it is sent forth, for if you maintain a tie to that matrix it may not be free to travel across the universe to fulfill its divine mandate through the freedom flame which is indeed the alchemical ray inveterate. Thus, allow God to use you as an instrument as He wishes and attempt to refrain from mandating that results come in specific ways and means, for the Lord of All truly knows what is best for your soul according to the cycles of karma and the outplaying of the greater drama of your life in time and space.
            With shield and spear in hand, I wield the cosmic energies of divine truth to dispel the antithesis of truth as the lie of believability in the not-Self. Through acceptance of the serpentine lie that you are separate from God you have allowed inroads to darkness to inveigle themselves within your soul. And in order to maintain the full integrity of your being, calling back those lost soul parts and reintegrating them into your being, you must have the magnet of truth to accept what is real within.
            What is real is God! What is real is the divine experience of a life lived to the glory of God! What is real is Selfhood within the greater Selfhood of the All! For only in perfect harmony with the Source may you know the All-Truth of the Divine One!
            Take up your spiritual arms with me and move forward as the victorious ones who you are! We move and live and have our being as God's. Invictus!

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