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Nameless Buddha of the Crystal Light      August 15, 2007


Beloved Nameless Buddha of the Crystal Light
David C. Lewis
August 15, 2007   8:03-8:24 am  MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

                                                            The Sacred Alchemy of Self-Transformation
                                                             Fulfill the Law of Being Through the Word

             With crystal diadems of fire in my hands, I emanate the action of the cosmic secret rays here and where devotees have gathered to fulfill the law of being through the Word. Blessed ones, I would speak of that Word flowing through you. For if you could see from our octaves what transpires when the sacred Word issues forth through you, amalgamating great frequencies of light though your own Higher Self and projecting these through the vision of your crystal third eye whereby light rays are refracted here and there across the earth and even unto other systems of worlds through your focus and attention, you would be awed at that which transpires in many dimensions of being through you, blessed hearts.
            I am a Buddha of the crystal essence of God's awareness of Self as fire. And through the action of the secret rays, there is the ensconcing within your soul of crystal patterns of perfection whereby a platform is being prepared day by day not only for the ascent of your soul in union with your solar presence but for the greater garnering of that light through the embroidery of the Spirit such that your wedding garment, your deathless solar body, may contain the riches of the Spirit and the full essence of who you are as a God-created one in the beginning.
            Yes, you strive to accomplish certain measures in your daily spiritual work for the raising of the earth. But I say this day that the greater work is that which is accomplished within you and the change and the transmutation that occurs within your soul whereby your spirit, which has always been one with the Lord God, may be fully integrated within you and you in it.
            Therefore, take to heart the understanding that this self-transformation process where light, light, light is subsumed and effused throughout your entire being is the sacred alchemy of the work of all heartfriends day by day. For if we are to have a golden crystal age upon earth, there must be many who are raised in spirit and consciousness to anchor the crystal fire mist in your dimension.
            Think on fire, blessed ones—its very changing nature moving, blazing, expanding and contracting. This is your true nature. This is who you are. And when the laser action of light of the cosmic frequencies of the secret rays is employed by and through you through the directed currents of holiness where you are, then the cosmic frequencies of the highest aspects of spiritual fire may be employed by you and utilized for the raising of an entire lifewave, a planet and her people.
            We are on a rescue mission for thousands and millions. And it will take all of us—yes, [the] all of each one merging in the stream of the allness of the All of all who have vowed to come to this planet to save sentient beings for the victory to be won. Thus, in answer to your calls daily to the Buddhas from the Pleiades and to Sirius, I come to lend my momentum of spiritual quintessence unto each devotee who is being trained up in the Spirit, who as Paul may be caught up into the higher planes and dimensions of Selfhood in God to understand the deeper mysteries of the Spirit and to abide ever within the heartbeat of God, pulsing forth the frequencies of cosmic love-wisdom for world transmutation.
            Pulse now, O secret rays, through these hearts. Distribute unto this earth the action of Mighty Cosmos and his love. Rain forth upon the arid places the full knowledge of the Lord. And where souls have been bereft of the watering of that Spirit where they are whereby there may be true growth and the evolution of their soul, let the great conflagration of spiritual fire occur. May seeds of light be set firmly in the earth, watered by these through intention and love. And let all life receive the reprieve, the blessing and the grace of the cosmic Buddhas who attend to the prayers of the righteous and come in answer to their pleas.
            If you would please God, then, blessed hearts, please understand God's love for you. For only ensconced within that heart may you know the All of true love. Yes, we meditate upon the light of the Mother and her love for her children and amplify that love through our presence throughout the galaxies. May that love flow in greater measure through you so that all may understand not only on this day of your glorying in the love of one great Mother but also in the sure knowledge that each of you, as a son or daughter of the cosmic Father-Mother, may know fully that light within your soul.
            Yes, Ma-Ray has called me forth. And I come in answer to her humble prayer for you, each one. She now stands in the atmosphere of earth, raising her hands. And the frequencies of the secret rays extended through the grace that she bears to each one, does come unto you, dear hearts. Your prayers are answered even as the Word through you is spoken. For, are you not that Word? Are you not the son, the daughter of the One? Therefore, she will speak this evening. And all life hushed in the presence of her light will witness to the change in the earth through the very voice of the Mother of love, Ma-Ray.
            Come and bring your gifts. Come to her feet and touch them. Yes, the beautiful feet of the Cosmic Virgin. Even the light contained within her sacred soles may transform you through her essence, the sweetness of peace of her presence.
            Now flow, O secret rays, through these crystals of light. Blaze forth! And let immortelles of the divine roses from the heart of the Mother waft upon the breeze, gently alighting upon this planet for the consuming of war and for the light of true love to be here. I thank you for your word and for your love of elemental life. For, you see, they have heard your prayers and answer even now. And though their burdens are great, in this hour they are free also to love the light of the Mother.
            I am a nameless Buddha of crystal light. And I ensconce in and around you the frequencies of my consciousness for you to ascertain that which is true within you and which is ever moving, transcending and becoming the essence of God where you are, O holy ones, O joyful spirits of crystal fire.

            [Messenger's comments after the dictation: This crystal Buddha is placing cosmic crystals in the earth at the points of the five secret-ray chakras of the earth. These are electrodes amplifying the light of the secret rays which are coming into the fore of mankind's awareness through higher teaching, through greater understanding of healing. One of these crystals is on the island of Taiwan, one is in Glastonbury, England, on is in Africa in an unnamed place, one is high in the Andes Mountains at Machu Picchu and one is in a sacred site known by the Native Americans on the North American continent in the southwestern United States. These are for the raising of Earth.  Let us celebrate holy communion and then go in silence and meditate throughout this day upon the light and how we can maintain it and emanate it.]


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