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Omraam      August 12, 2007

Beloved Omraam
David C. Lewis
August 12, 2007  (16 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

All Life Is One through Self-Identification with the Source
Let the Divine Experience of the Reconnection with Source Begin Anew

I Bless All Those Who Look to Me for the Teaching of the Sun

            In gratitude to the sun, I am come, and I emanate the light of the Sun from within you. Your own Solar Presence is here and now. And through acceptance of this teaching—which I impress within the very cells of your being as true and as the very fount of that which you may now take forth and teach again and again as the very present gnosis, sharing it from heart to heart—a new world may dawn through each one who has become a Sun.
            I am Omraam. And though you may speak French or English or one of the Slavic languages, it does not matter; for the light of truth within the Word who you are will be felt by all who receive the teaching of the Sun through that Sun who you are, blessed ones.
            Can you imagine a world of thousands and millions of sons of God who have become fully present through identification with the Sun Source. Yes, I imagine it! I see it. I feel it. And as each of you imagine[s] it in your outer waking consciousness [and] then go[es] forth to make it a reality in your dimension of being, in the physical, then the New Age will dawn, [and] it will be throughout the cyclic rounds of the entire day and night of your experience.
            There is something special about the dawn, for the new light of a new day is brought forth each time you gaze upon the solar disc and receive a higher level of light than what you had experienced the day before.¹ But the goal of this practice is that the full outplaying of the light of the solar emanation from your own God Presence may manifest where you are through this identification with the light of Helios and Vesta. For you are not only made in God's image but through that image who you are. The full beingness of your own experience as a Sun in your own right may be yours to command, to issue and emanate forth day by day through the eternal cycles of being.
            The sun does revolve around its axis and is itself hurtling in space around the Great Central Sun, the very being of God. And every solar system is a miniature of the cosmic essence of the Godhead. All life is one through this process of self-identification with the Source. And when you reconnect through the divine channel of being through sun gazing and allowing the light to be where you are fully, then through the cosmic connection, heart to heart, and through the greater antahkarana of the connectedness of all sons of God everywhere, there is the empowerment of the great cosmic grid, and life is raised, blessed ones.
            Yes, I have called forth eighty centers of light in the United States of America. And there is abuilding [within]heartfriends of your Hearts Centers, first, the very present awareness [of] their connectivity with their Source, and, second, with each other, the outpicturing of that which I did envision many years ago. If one or another Hearts Center, separated from the cosmic grid of this connection, were to spin off as a separate identity, it would lose the very essence of its purpose, blessed ones. But when there is the molding of hearts through presence into that golden, liquid-light matrix through this sacred science of solar identification, then the great Hearts Center of all life does flow through the rays of fire in all dimensions and planes of being, and each one does receive exactly what is needed. And then there is the sharing heart to heart of all the essences of each son such that the full complement of God's creativity through all sons and daughters is reestablished as it was meant to be, blessed ones.
            Each of you has something to share, as my son has shared this day in great measure. Why, can you feel the welling up within you of great God-desire to have your gift of light brought forth and shared through the inspiration that you have received this day in how, through focus, the Word may be brought forth in great measure? What one can do, all can do because of the connection with the One. Therefore tap into the universal stream of your own God Source. Realize the full potential of your innate Godhood this day and every day, and manifest the works of wisdom, love and the power that will flow through the cosmic grid of self.
            As you perceive with the eyes of the sun, who's eyes are upon you, you see, when you gaze upon the Source? Did you think that only your eyes were trained upon the sun? Well, I say that the eyes, the cosmic rays flowing through those eyes of Helios and Vesta, are also trained upon you. And as you gaze upon the Source, the very beingness of God in that perfect vision of who you are does flow through the empowerment of the rays that you drink in in your meditation, blessed hearts.
            This was the mystery that long ago I perceived, [both] as Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, [and] in past incarnations when I anchored the light of Rama as the Son of God in India and in many sacred places upon Earth. Let this divine experience of the reconnection with Source begin anew through you for your full healing, for your full beingness, for your oneness—as Above, so below—with all that is alive.
            I am Omraam. I bless all those who look to me for the teaching of the Sun. Now widen the circle of our community. Form those Hearts Centers, and let the Aquarian rider ride so that this earth may be heaven come through all who are one with God.
            Om-raam I am.

1.  Heartfriends in The Hearts Center movement engage in safe, solar gazing for up to one hour at sunrise each morning. On a graduated basis, beginning with only 10 seconds and then adding 10 seconds daily, one may gaze directly at the sun to receive the solar currents of spiritual and physical light that increase illumination's flame within. This is an ancient solar science known by initiates of past mystery schools and which is again coming to the fore during this time of transition into a golden-crystal age of enlightenment and freedom. The Master, while in embodiment, shared in this sacred practice with his disciples from Spring to Autumn Equinox each year in the northern hemisphere. Additional teachings on this subject are available at the following link:

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