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Manjushri      August 10, 2007

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
August 10, 2007 (17 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

To Know the Mystery of Creation, Go Within

Return to the Garden Consciousness
Accept the Buddha Bud within and Flower in Love, Wisdom, Power

           Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I found you. And that mystery I would convey to these my friends at the behest of my guru, Lord Maitreya. I am Manjushri, and I emanate golden wisdom fire unto you and through you as you are able to bear it for a world.
           You would know the mysteries of creation; you would know yourself; you would know the meaning of life; you would know the purpose of your coming—all these you would know if you could. And yet the Lord has willingly placed within you the key—love, wisdom, power—to unlock the mystery that you seek. Day by day unfolds this mystery. And through discernment and attunement, when you turn the key and open the door, a new light may be yours, a new understanding. And as you walk the spiral staircase of attainment, step by step your own Higher Self reveals unto you that which you must uncover, discover and know to be who you are.
           Some would unlock all the doors at once, but I say, is this not foolish? For sufficient unto each day is the energy veil¹ that must be relinquished and is the light that may be garnered toward the victory.
           You have walked with the Lord in the Garden. You know his voice. You know his compassion and kindness for all. Return to the Garden consciousness, where the mysteries are revealed moment by moment through your communion with the Lord Maitreya.
           Meru University is an opportunity for each one to receive the impetus of fire for a greater connectivity with the source of being. And this firm and strong means whereby you are wed to God may be yours through study and through the application of that Word in works of graciousness, kindness, conscious awareness to raise sentient life.
           Yes, you came to Earth to serve. It is simple. And in service to life, your pathway home, stone by stone, is firmly set. Each time you serve willingly, lovingly, ennobling others through your heartfelt communication and presence, you may then move forward on the path. It is as a game that little children play: “Mother, may I move forward?” “Yes, you may, my beloved, for you have served well this day.”
           And yet it is not only a game but a divine experience of emanating the Mother's love in all you do, blessed hearts. For you see, even in our names—Maitreya, Manjushri—we begin with Ma, do we not? And so the Mother light is that which we worship, is that which we raise on high for all. And when [the Mother light is] vibrating in the crown, the full wisdom teaching does come through many who would be teachers. Then the race is raised, and the race is on to see how many will catch a glimpse of the Mother's visage and move forward in this great drama and game until that one does fully embrace the Mother, becoming the All in all next to her heart.
           O Kuan Yin, bodhisattva, we serve with thee all life. And our great sacrifice is no sacrifice at all but simply opportunity to love, and love again, and again until all are free.
           To know the mystery of creation, go within. For the entire mystery is there within the secret chamber of your own heart, ready for you to discover it. And it has always been so for each one. “Come unto me,” the Mother says, “all ye who are heavy laden and burdened with the energies of the world and the cares of the flesh, and I will give you rest in my bosom, in my heart.”² This rest is surcease from outer action, is peace in stillness, in knowing the All in all.
           As the students of Meru University prepare lovingly those workshops and modules and presentations, as a gift to the Mother, [to] win [her children back] home to her heart, I will be there with the God and Goddess Meru all the way—inspiring, enfiring and raising the light within you such that wisdom's fires may be real within your work and that which you, each one, will present as the highest and best offering of your spirit to each soul who comes to the fount to drink.
           I slay now the dweller of nonacceptance of your divine Buddha nature. For it is time that you glow with the light of Buddha in your crown always. This wakefulness does put to sleep the un-self, the not-one, the lesser you, who never was, really. For I AM THAT I AM has always been who you are, and always will be. Accept the Buddha bud within and flower, O soul, in love, wisdom, power this day.
            [Manjushri chants:]  OH  EE  AH
           I open a portal for your full flowering. May the nectar of the gods be yours for the asking, for the receiving. For you are worthy. For you are God.
           I am Manjushri! I have come. I have sung, and I am with you each morning when the messenger is present. For I am his, and he is mine forever.

1. Matthew 6:34: “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”
2. Matthew 11:28: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

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