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Maitreya      August 09, 2007

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
August 9, 2007   7:45–7:55 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Maitreya and the Mother Come to Wash You Clean

           I come to wash you clean. And through the action of the sacred fire leaping and dancing around you, coupled with the Mother's light, together we wash you, O soul, in our love-wisdom. Leap and dance, O fire, through these your servants. Consume those last vestiges of their karma [that] they release this day from the unreal self. Into the spiritual river this substance now flows, the higher Ganges of light.
           I am Maitreya, and with the Mother we move energies through you—swirling, blazing, consuming [darkness] and raising you into the ineffable light of your own Buddha nature.
            The song of the soul is sung: Wash me, O God, in light. Cleanse me, O Lord, in your love. Spin me, O Beloved, in the wisdom of your mind. Raise me in the sacred dance of the flame, and seal me in the joy of oneness with thee.
           I am the action of the fire of Spirit where you are. [Maitreya makes a blowing sound three times.] And I cleanse and wash you with that Mother Light. O see her come now with her towels, gently caressing you, O babe of the Spirit, O Buddha-to-be. Nothing will besmirch you in the Presence of the Mother. No energies of the dust of humanity and unconsciousness will linger any longer upon you, O soul, for the Spirit is here singing the lullaby of love. O hear it.
           Ye are all babes this day. Now see Krishna dancing with his gopis, playing his flute. The rhythm of Shiva comes. And Radha, in her garments of light, joins the holy one. Dance, O soul, in Mother's love. O Ishwara, O Lakshmi, O Durga, come. Caress these and seal them in light.

[Flute music is heard in the background of the audio recording of this HeartStream before and during its delivery.]

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