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Kuthumi      August 08, 2007

Beloved Kuthumi

August 8, 2007   7:48-8:07 am  MDT

Wellspring Retreat

Emigrant, Montana



Resolve to Be God Where You Are!


Blessed Hearts,

            I would discourse with you on the psychology of sunship—s-u-n—in overcoming the victim consciousness and supplanting it with the victory consciousness! I am Kuthumi. And I perceive that many of you are coming to that place in your soul's evolution where the last vestiges of the outworn garments of selfhood in man must be cast off in order to accept the new garments of Selfhood in God. This requires a mindset of self-assurance whereby in God, in your divine Self you are complete. And there is no longer a need for the blame game whereby you see others as players in causing you to be less than who you are.

Psychology in this hour in the marts of man, has come to a certain understanding and level of awareness whereby people are arising out of the sleep of the ages to perceive their own divine nature. And yet many, even among our chelas at times, slip into this victim consciousness whereby they see what others have said or done to them as being the causative energies that have outplayed themselves in who they are and have become. Would you be responsible fully to and for the I AM consciousness who you are? If so, I say, "Let go of all sense of separation that comes when you pinpoint what others have done or said, even in past incarnations, that you have accepted as causing that which you accept as who you are in the now.

            When you replace the victim consciousness with the victory spiral of light within your being, then you look upward and see the First Cause as the only cause of who you are. And when you put your trust in God and in your Solar Source, then true “sunship” may resonate and emanate in and through you unto all life.
            Every ascended master came to terms with the responsibility of personal Christhood, Buddhahood at some point before the ascent and permanent union with the One could manifest. And each of you needs to come to terms with this cosmic accountability that within you says, "I am the One. I am responsible for all energies that flow through me. No one human in my past can move me from the point of God reality who I am in this hour in God, for I know who I am. I AM THAT I AM. And I self-identify with the Beloved who I AM now."

            Yes, you have experienced trials, tribulations, tests. And others have wronged you in a certain sense by their words and deeds and actions. But when you enter the point of perfect poise in God, then will these energies affect you, affect the true you of who you are? This is the question that you must ask yourself when, at times, you are burdened by what you sense and perceive as the sendings of others unto you. But, I say this day, that from a point of harmony within the point of the center of your being, you will not be moved by these sendings if you perceive your own Buddha nature, your own God source and the fount of the allness of perfect love where you are from this centeredness of being, blessed ones.

            The psychology of sunship is one that when you enter fully into the gnosis of this Presence, then there is complete resolution of all your past. Karma is dissolved. And thus, there will not be the reaction betwixt you and others that heretofore had tripped you up into making greater karma, thus requiring another round and another round of testing until you could come unto that point of self-realization of the allness of God within.

            You see, blessed ones, when there is resolution, you are resolved to be God where you are. Then all is resolved. You make no more, what you term, negative karma. But the Source and the energy from that Source is always yours to command in works of love, light and liberation for all life. It is a mindset, a “heartset”, whereby you are set in the Presence. And then the full re-connectivity with your God Self does allow all that you require to be yours in the instant. There is no more dissimulation. There is no more blame or putting outside of oneself the responsibility for the actions that you then take.

            You see, it has always been your own sunship with God that has been the determining factor of what you have manifested in your world. And when in alignment with holy purpose and when perceiving from a paradigm of perfection, you ennoble yourself by allowing the great God Self to ennoble you, then the flow is full. And all healing, all abundance and all the treasures from your causal body may be instantly within your purview and use for the blessing of sentient beings.

            Many of you are coming to the point in your devotions, meditations and spiritual work where you are very sensitive with the energies present within the reality of your aura. And your aura I define in this hour as being the conglomerate of the essence of all of your seven bodies manifest in your world and consciousness. Would you expand that aura to be the causal body of all of the fruits of your solar awareness in all past lifetimes? Would you have access to the great light that at one point in time flowed through you when your crystal cord was the size of the tube of light? This is the question that you must answer through conscious cooperation with your Source.

            For, blessed ones, if true healing of self and others is to occur within this movement, then there must be the greater flow of cosmic light substance through you. And this may only come when you have put your attention upon the details of life, of the non-resolution of your psychology. For if the full tap was unloosed and you had access to the full magnification of the light of your Source, could you imagine what would occur if these were colored by the lower nature of your self in your sendings and your offerings?
            Well, I say, wash clean the electronic belt and let it become a forcefield of light, magnified by the sun within your solar plexus and your lower chakras, such that all that flows through you is magnified by the Mother Light, as Above, so below, rising upon your spinal altar for the victory of God-consciousness where you are. Supplant the victim energies now with the victory spiral of Mighty Victory and the masters of the yellow ray who inculcate within your crown in this hour diadems of golden liquid fire to infuse your mind with the essence of the mindfulness of the Buddhas. And let full presence, conscious awareness be where you are always such that all that comes within your aura is light; all that flows from your aura is light.

            I AM that light where you are. Yes, I AM light! I AM light! I AM light! You may say it with me now nine times, "I AM light. I AM light. I AM light. I AM light. I AM light. I AM light. I AM light. I AM light. I AM light."

            Would you understand the higher nature of light from the realms of light of the highest Buddhas and bodhisattvas? For the light borne by these beings of cosmic awareness, although from the same source of [the] light of God, is effused with their presence and conscious awareness of God where they vibrate. And there is a greater concentration, a greater energy quotient of fire contained within the light who they are. This day I challenge you to be that greater light where you are, blessed hearts. Through conscious cooperation with us and through new spirals of cosmic connectivity with your own Solar Source that may be yours for the asking in humility, in love, in light.

            I am Kuthumi, master psychologist. If at times you find yourself slipping into a past momentum of the draining blame game, of the victim consciousness, call to me and to Mighty Victory and we will be there to supplant the engrams of darkness with the engrams of cosmic light to raise you into all-light. I thank you.



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