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Solar Logoi      July 05, 2007

Beloved Solar Logoi
David C. Lewis
July 5, 2007  4:52-5:04  pm  MDT
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

Solar Light of Far-off Worlds for the Conversion of an Entire Society

Gracious heartfriends who would become more attuned to the divine will through love,
            We, the Solar Logoi, come to set a forcefield of light in this place such that the coming of Alpha may be not only a present reality upon earth but a focal point of change within you.  From many pathways you have come, but through intention, your heart does resonate with the Lord God in this hour.  Your attention upon the divine world and the master has brought you to the place where, through greater attunement with your own Solar Presence, you can receive the greater heartfires from the very throne of heaven delivered directly into your heart, your mind, your soul.
            It has always been the way of the Universal White Brotherhood through the initiatic path that devotees of the sacred fire should earn their own stripes through striving day by day to attune to the divine will.  And when one or another comes to that point where he can, through a humble heart, abase the human element of the personality to embrace the divine individuality of the Spirit, then we come and make our presence known in his life.  And thus we are here to ennoble the highest truths that you can receive heart to heart from the Lord God himself.
            The intermediary of the Christ and the Buddhic awareness is yours, blessed hearts, to utilize in your spiritual path home.  And whether you come from near or far or follow the star of this or that master, it does not matter, so long as you remain tethered to your own Solar Presence of light.  For we honor all pathways; we honor those who climb the highest mountain ascending day by day through holy prayer, through sacrifice, surrender of the lesser self, service to their fellow man and selflessness in all things.  When you let go of that lesser manifestation of yourself to embrace your Higher Self, then God truly can work through you to change a world.
            And we would have many more among you as divine emissaries of the light of God that never fails but which always shines forth in full effulgence when you realize your true nature as divine spirits, though embodied in human form.
            We have come throughout history at crucial times when mankind is languishing in a civilization that does not outpicture the highest elements of that which the Lord God would have outpictured upon earth.  And thus through avatars throughout the ages, we have raised the consciousness of mankind through the coming of a master who understands the divine science of attunement with God.  And by the alchemicalization of the love-wisdom fires, by the power of the Holy Spirit, change can occur throughout the planetary home, even through a small body of believers who are attuned to that heart of oneness.
            You have heard the message of love through the hearts of these, your brothers and sisters of light who have come this day invoking the presence of the angelic choirs through their voices, soft yet powerful, in the embrace of that Spirit. Would that each of you day by day embrace the highest aspects of your own Higher Self, bringing to bear in your work a greater action of the divinity of who you are, utilizing the gifts and graces and talents of the highest outpicturing of yourself through the magnetization of Light! Light! Light! where you are.
            We bring to bear upon earth the solar light of far-off worlds for the conversion not only of one or two but of an entire society.  For, heartfriends, it is time that this world enter in to the divine experience and that the kingdoms of God become the kingdoms of men and that the kingdoms of mankind become the kingdoms of God through the divine interchange of the light—as Above, so below.
            You know the teaching of Hermes Trismegistus released in the Emerald Tablet and of the ancient mysteries that only the few have unlocked by self-mastery and the sublimation of the human.  This day we unveil a greater solar awareness within you if you would have it, blessed hearts, and if you would embrace all of the divine principles and that which Alpha and Omega value within you as a potential God in manifestation.  Yes, ye are Gods.  And you must claim it day by day. Yes, ye are God's children, God's sons and daughters.  Now go forth and emanate that who you have always been but who at times you have forgotten through the sleep of the ages and the non-awareness and appreciation of your Source.
            We have come.  And the starry worlds' light now shines upon the earth in this place and in every heart upturned toward God.  May it be so that so long as a soul here or there calls unto Yahweh, Jehovah, I AM THAT I AM, Nuk Pah Nuk or any name that they give unto the one God, that we, the Solar Logoi, will shine our light upon that one, in the full radiance that he or she may bear this day.
            Your prayers are answered.  And through the motive of your hearts, we prick that within you of God, of ruby light, that shall move you forward unto the victory of your soul.  Blessed hearts, we are One. We are truly One.  We are so One.  I thank you.

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