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Alpha      July 05, 2007

Beloved Alpha and Omega
David C. Lewis
July 5, 2007   5:44-5:55 pm  MDT
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
2007 World Freedom Conference
Bozeman, Montana

The Purpose of Life is Love
nter into the Divine Experience of Living a Life of Love in God

            I come in answer to the cries of Earth's evolutions, and I kneel before the great God-flame within each created son and daughter of God. Truly I bow before that light that shines within you each one, blessed hearts. For in the beginning, as Alpha, you as a spirit-spark of the Divine were created in the perfect image, the immaculate design of the one God. And in the Omega return, you shall come once again into the holy alignment with that divine nature, who you are, in the one light.
            The purpose of life is love. And when you enter into the spirit of love, then we, Alpha and Omega, live within you. For where else can we live but within love? And when love is present, then we are there, blessed hearts, beating within your chest, emanating our Presence of the light of first cause and last effect within you. Where love is, we as the oneundivided, though in the plurality of that onenessemanate through the Alpha and Omega currents, as Above, so below, within you.
            Have you perceived the oneness of God where you are? If not, then this day enter into the divine experience of living a life of love in God, of God, as God. “Holiness unto the Lord,”¹ you cry, and we answer with our grace and the spirit of oneness, who we are.Alleluia! rises unto our throne, and we return the song of love to each one in whom our flame burns.²
            Ye are spirits, though most have shed the light of the Divine in a life not lived to the glory of God. This day embrace the Spirit that we bear and live as one with us. As we serve Communion through hearts of fire this day, new currents of the true blue of heaven will be imparted unto you, each one, as you assimilate the light of heaven manifest in the very substance that ye take in, which is God, if you would have it so—if through your belief and acceptance you will ingest the Spirit of love, who we are.
            There is a hush across the solar system as all life receives particles of divine grace from the oneness of our belief in our creation. Yes, blessed hearts, we still believe in you, for we conceived you, you know. And we have never left off of our belief that you will return unto our hearts in love. Let that day be this day. Let that day be every day, for when in the spirit of givingness you enter the heart of God, then we embrace you with our Spirit again and again until, fully subsumed in love, you become God.
            Yes, I kneel, and Omega, with me, bows to the light within each one. We honor our own. We love our own. We embrace our own.
            [Alpha and Omega chant:]  OM
            The call compels the answer. This day we call you, and we compel you unto holiness, love, joy in our embrace.
            Take and eat now; take and drink now of the Alpha-Omega spirals of our love, and live forever in God, O hearts of fire.

1.  Zechariah 14:20;  Isaiah 6:1-3
2.  Revelation 19

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