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Lady Kristine      July 04, 2007

Beloved Lady Kristine
David C. Lewis
July 4, 2007   3:00-3:14 pm  MDT
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

Growing the Community of the Holy Spirit

Set Aside Time to Love God with All Your Heart, Mind, Soul and Spirit
Love the Soul of Each One within the Holy Sangha of the Buddha

            I bless this holy company with the grace of freedom. And I honor each of you who has pursued the higher walk with God, however that has manifested in your life. By God's grace, we serve, and by the immutable light of living love our hearts are warm in each other's company, whereby when we embrace a heartfriend and welcome a new devotee to this path, there is acceptance, there is honor, there is the sharing of the holy oil of the warmth of our togetherness.
            Oh community, this is what I laid down my life for on behalf of the Mother, and I am still laying down the light of my being for the Mother within you, each one. When you nurture life in any way whereby there is the spark betwixt your heart and another in service, there is the conveyance of more than just one aspect of your soul. Each time that something of the self is transferred in reverence to another, there is a divine connectivity affirmed, recognized, embraced and strengthened whereby the Community of the Holy Spirit does grow.
            People leave off of coming unto communities because at times they do not feel the warmth, the acknowledgement, the joy, and yet when the Holy Spirit is present through one and through the many, then there is the natural acceptance, heart to heart, of the infinity spirals of light that are caught and shared betwixt hearts here and there. I see within this small company a growing fervor and an increase in the light within your beings such that the groundwork is being laid for many more to understand this dispensation. But, blessed ones, it will take even more attunement and alignment on the part of many of you in order for the full blossoming of this activity [to occur].
            When one reaches unto his own or her own Christhood and maintains that level and status of spiritual accomplishment through conscious awareness of the light present within, present within that one, then, blessed hearts, the stage is set. The resources are available for the greater influx of light and dispensations for the energizing of your mission. Our teaching during Meru University has been for the purpose of raising you in consciousness to the highest level that you can first accept and then maintain day by day and week by week.
            When you employ the teaching that we give by fully taking advantage of it and applying each directive of the Spirit, meditating upon the nuances of the teaching, even behind the words that are spoken, and ingesting the radiance of our words as cups of light, then you do rise and become more fully conscious and awake.
            How can we avoid the lapses in conscious awareness that at times occur in the lives of even our best students? How can we avoid those times when you fall and trip and then need to return unto a previous step in your spiritual development, taking a test over here and there? This may come by grace; and that grace comes through the expansion of love within you.
            Therefore I recommend that if you [have] one spiritual practice that you maintain in constancy day by day, it is to set aside that time to love God with all your heart, mind and soul and spirit,¹ even for five or ten minutes a day, and to feel the effulgence of the Spirit within you rising in devotion to the Lord of all life. For when there is the flow of that devotion and the reconnection of your heart with your Presence, then there is the strong tie that allows the grace of God to descend unto you, to assist you on your path at any hour that you need that grace.
            In my final embodiment I was determined to have the full empowerment of my heart by complete devotion to my guru, mentor and teacher. And this sustained me even through the long hours of my service, late into the night and at times early into the dawn hours. Blessed ones, this same grace and spirit of oneness may be yours through your pursuit of love to the Nth degree.
            Therefore love one another even as I have loved each of you², as every ascended master loves you so and as your own Higher Self loves your soul. Love the soul of each one within the holy sangha of the Buddha. Look not always to the outer self, but as you gaze into the eyes of each one of your friends, your heartfriends, see the shining of the soul of that one through their eyes, through their face and through their heart.
            This is my message, [which] will lead you on to the freedom that you would have from the rounds of rebirth. Contained within my message this day are keys. As you meditate upon them, I will deliver droplets of grace through your crystal cord into each chakra. And this grace, as the oil of the Spirit, will allow these chakras to spin and hum with greater clarity, with greater fire, with greater love for all.
            I am Lady Kristine. The pristine light of grace is yours this day by dispensation, for I offer it to you, each one. 
            Now, blessed hearts, if you have listened intently to our words, frolic in the fun of the sangha and joy in the spirit of the Lord that moves through you the youthful energy that you seek. Play with a child today. Appreciate them, love them, for in the very process whereby you honor and respect these, my holy ones, you will gain the eternal youthfulness of the light that you seek.
            God bless you, and have a wonderful day.

1.  Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37; Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27
2.  John 13:34, 15:12

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