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Hilarion      July 04, 2007

Beloved Hilarion
David C. Lewis
July 4, 2007   2:42
-2:56 pm  MDT
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

I Call You to Be Deliverers of Mankind by the Flame of Freedom

I Give You the Momentum of Light to Carry You Forward
in Your Delivery of the Word

Sons and Daughters of Liberty,
            How glorious is the soul, and how wonderful is the soul that flies free. On this day we celebrate [both] the independence of this nation [and] the opportunity for all souls upon earth to be free.
            When your soul senses [its] imminent freedom, [its] right to be one with God, and then you put your shoulder to the plow to make it so in a life lived to the glory of God—whereby your heart, open, is free to worship and to give obeisance to the Divine Maker, the Creator of all—then you will know something of what we the ascended masters have to share in the way of the immortality of the Spirit, whereby your soul, wed to the Divine, is permanently free.
            There is a human freedom, and there is a divine freedom—to be. First there must be the platform for men and women of good will living in a free society to have those inalienable rights to pursue divine happiness. And unless and until every nation upon this earth and all peoples therein are free to pursue their own higher nature, then this planetary body will always be bereft of that which moves the evolutionary process forward in freedom's starry light.
            As you celebrate this day, July Fourth, think on those who gave of their lives so that you in this hour may be free to pursue your spiritual journey. Why, blessed ones, many of you were among those who gave your lives [in previous lifetimes] so that others may live. For at the very soul level you understand the process of freedom. And thus at times it requires an individual to lay down one's own freedom so that many more may have the opportunity to live as free men and women.
            Your founding fathers understood this process. And they laid before you a testament for all nations and for all time of what could be, within a free society, a government of the people, by the people and for the people set forth upon divine principles. And thus you have seen in the history of this nation the yearning of all peoples of all nations who have come to these shores to partake of this divine grace—and many are still coming, as you have seen—for they see within these fifty states that opportunity for their pursuit of [both] material abundance [and], at a soul level, of that soul freedom that [they yearn for] within.
            We have prepared you as teachers and wayshowers to bring mankind a greater awareness of the divine rights and principles and precepts directly from the altars of the Lord God, whereby you could move forward the progress of society from one of only seeking material wealth to one of seeking the divine graces of the spiritual path. Each of you has garnered within your aura and casual body great graces and the means whereby the message may be delivered with the fire of the Holy Spirit, [which] is the only means whereby souls may be converted unto their God.
            I know something about that Holy Spirit. For although I was not there in the upper room with the disciples, yet the Lord Jesus did appear to me and delivered directly unto my heart and being the very fire of his ascended master consciousness so that I could fulfill my mission to bring the gospel to many nations throughout the then-known world.¹   
            I call you, each one, to be the deliverers of mankind by the flame of freedom that burns within your soul. For by the use of the violet transmuting, singing fire and the accelerated action of this light in its laser action to pierce the veil of darkness, you, as an ensign of the people, may truly be, blessed ones, one who can—like Moses or Abraham Lincoln or many who were called in their time to aid their people—be a wayshower, a light, a lamp unto all.
            As you keep the flame burning brightly within your heart through holy prayer, through deep reverence for life and meditation upon divine principles and the order of the universe outplayed in nature, you will see the power of that Spirit moving through your being in greater measure day by day, whereby the souls to whom you speak and whom you are called to serve cannot help but be moved by the very present reality of your own Buddha nature and the stream of light flowing through you. This is our desire as ascended masters—to see each of you endowed with that Spirit blazing upon your heart's altar and within your aura.
            Thus, blessed ones, march with the armies of heaven, with the angels of the Lord who are arrayed in this hour across the skies to celebrate with the fireworks of heaven the divine impetus of freedom that descends each Independence Day to those who are able to catch that fire and bring it forth unto all life.
            I am Hilarion. I give you, by the action of the emerald matrix that I hold before me now as a crystal sphere of energy, the momentum of light to carry you forward in your delivery of the Word to every nation, every people, every continent, every hearth and home. The present reality of your beingness in the Now is what it will take for the victory to be ours.
            Call to me when you have prepared your lectures and your offerings to others in your sacred services. And with the Maha Chohan, I will be there with the fire of conversion, not to make people see as you see, but to, through the enfoldment of the light of freedom from within their own souls, allow them the opportunity to self-correct, to align with holy purpose toward their own immortal freedom in the light. No one knows another's pathway home to the heart of God except the Higher Self of that one. Therefore allow [all] the freedom to pursue their own divine calling as they are called. But give them the tools, give them the resources, and then their soul[s] will fly into the heavens with us one day.
            I bless you with the grace of the ascended hosts in your midst through your joy, through your love and laughter, through the Spirit that moves within this body. And I thank you.

1.  Hilarion was embodied as the disciple Paul, previously known as Saul of Tarsus.

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