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Azzalea      July 03, 2007

Beloved Azzalea
David Christopher Lewis
July 3, 2007   8:50–9:17 am MDT
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
2007 Freedom Conference
Bozeman, Montana

Azzalea and Uzziel Come for the Integration of Lightbearers upon Earth

I AM Azzalea, and I come this day giving you my name, for I am the twin flame of Uzziel. You have called to the archeiai, and though my beloved is not named in this ritual, yet we have come to integrate the light of the seven rays within you, blessed hearts.

Through your devotion to the blessed ladies of heaven, many more have come whose names are not known by you and yet who also grace the Earth with their radiance, their own message of hope and faith and charity from the realms wherein they dwell in the heaven world. For you see, blessed hearts, there are many multitudes of choirs of angels. And when you invoke the various choirs and name them as such, then we love to descend and to peek through the clouds of your atmosphere to see who it is that is praying so fervently to us. And in great joy we wing our way into your sanctuaries, into your homes and unto your hearts to express something of the grace of heaven that you desire.

The integration of all seven rays focused through the eighth ray is what Uzziel and I employ in our service to life at many levels, first and foremost in the lives of those who acknowledge the presence of angels as God's representatives—the angles of his awareness of himself as light. And we work with many who understand the importance of the integration of the soul, especially those who work in the fields of counseling, of higher education and in certain sectors of government where there is the communication between peoples of all nations, namely those who come as ambassadors, representatives of their nations to councils to move together toward the resolution of conflict and toward a unified field of awareness of peoples, nations and cultures worldwide.

Thus we give you a key to the integration of all lightbearers across the Earth. For though you may not always work closely together in your various circles of fellowship, yet at a higher level the light of the I AM THAT I AM is one, and those who strive toward the perfectionment of their souls and who work for the light are of one people, of one holy body of the saints robed in white upon the Earth.

You see, blessed ones, long, long ago there were those among the fallen angels who attempted to divide the various choirs and bands of angels. And this has outpictured in many ways throughout the Earth throughout the long centuries of your evolution in various manifestations of darkness whereby peoples are set one against the other and there is not the cosmic harmony between hearts that God placed within the very spirit of the angels in the beginning. Thus there have been openings into the aura of the Earth through which other lifewaves have come to disturb the delicate balance of life here. And you have seen warring factions throughout the long history of various ages, and these conflicts have not yet been resolved to the glory of God and for the oneness of all peoples.

We come by dispensation for the integration of greater numbers among the lightbearers upon Earth who would put aside something of their own worldview, of their own opinions of whether this or that pathway is higher or better. Rise with us now in spirit, blessed ones, to perceive from the Holy City how it is that there are many streams going forth through the various gates. And though one may enter through one gate or another, yet all are welcomed by the Lord God to the throne of his appearing. We desire each of you to be ambassadors for integration and unity among souls of light across the Earth.

Therefore share the new message of unity among men and women of good will in all faiths. And use this Rosary of Faith, sharing it with others to allow them to see the principles of unity and integration, which, first and foremost, are those that are honored within this movement of The Hearts Center. There is no doctrine and dogma among the angels; there is only love. There is no meaning to those rituals that mankind has developed in their worship except that they be directed toward union with the Divine. Therefore honor each path as valid, so long as souls understand the nature of the Divine, even within their own world, and do not relegate to a future the Divine appearing within each one.

I refresh your souls with the scent of our choir as we sing to all life upon Earth the melodies of the divine world. Blessed ones, I also wish to reveal to you this day that Uzziel and I work very closely with the Vera Choir, for they have for quite some time manifested a very high level of attunement with our hearts, our love and our light. And I recommend to all who can that you stay to hear these blessed souls, whose voices do rise as one voice with ours to express the very glories of heaven.

Feel now the love that we share with each of you. And once more, as you did at the beginning of this conference, take the hand of the one to your right and to your left as Uzziel and I release now the integrating power of the light of God that is always victorious.

O mankind, know the unity of heaven this day. Put aside all that works toward the fracturing of the light. Stay centered in the Divine within you and know, through holy purpose, the gifts of heaven that come to those who welcome each heart into their abode with grace, who, through a hospitable nature, give to those in need.

Share your light; share your love; share your spirit of fire. And let us see what we will see in terms of how quickly this Earth will be changed from glory unto glory and to a new golden-crystal age of love-wisdom. This is our prayer, O holy ones. Do not forget your station in life as angels, for many of you are of our bands, as you know. Wing your way in your meditations into our dimensions, and even as you visualize and conceive, through eye magic, of our presence in your midst, so it will be by your invitation.

I AM Azzalea. May the fragrance of my floral essence be with you this day, and may your love grow in proportion to that which you receive and become in the presence of the angels. I thank you.

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