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Sanat Kumara      July 02, 2007

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David C. Lewis
July 2, 2007   8:00-8:15 pm MDT
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

We Come from Venus in Preparation for Alpha's Coming

            Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth light, joy, peace and love to men and women of good cheer!¹ Thank you, blessed hearts, for your welcome. Please be seated.
            I am known as the Ancient of Days,² and yet you know that I appear as a young man. The eternal Spirit of God is as a child, and I come with a childlike spirit. For I have witnessed the joy and that childlike spirit within your hearts this evening and throughout this conference. And for this, Lady Venus and I are grateful. For you see, we have sent our angels in advance of our coming. And they have allowed [you], through their presence in your midst, to also have the opportunity to shed years of your life such that you may become as a little child again.
            What will it take for you to become the eternal youth that you seek in God? This is for each one of you to discern; for, blessed hearts, I have presented [the keys] in my teaching on the ruby ray. For when you serve with selflessness, in sacrifice to save sentient life, in complete surrender to the will of God, then the light flows through you in your gifts and offerings to others. And thereby you receive a new charge of the eternal Spirit of God as you strive as the young children do. Even in your games, even in your fun there is the quality of acceptance of cosmic joy whereby the twinkle of mirth entering your domain does give new birth unto you, you see.
            Many of you spend quite an abundance of your resources on making your personage look young. Would that you could spend oh so much more in terms of your givingness unto all life [and thereby] allow the ladies of heaven to embellish their cosmic blushes upon you such that your countenance would be like my own divine woman. It may be so for you, [too.] Through a spirit of love and of the inner knowledge of the path of the ruby ray, through the ongoing teachings that we give, you [may] one day look into the mirror and see shining there the very image of yourself as an ascended one at the age of eighteen or twenty or twenty-two in the fullness of your inner beauty, your inner grace.
           O holy ones, we come from Venus to extend a helping hand to our friends upon the Earth in preparation for beloved Alpha's coming. And during this journey, he will not take his usual side trip to Venus in advance of coming. But he will alight here directly, coming from the Great Central Sun, because of the need of the hour upon Earth for his appearance, his light and the New Blue energies of the divine resources of the Spirit with which he comes. These you may attune to hour by hour even in these final hours before his appearing. He is as a blazing comet of light traversing the galaxies! And you have heard one among you give testimony to his appearing in the past.
            Thus, blessed hearts, [divine] changes will enter the Earth's atmosphere, [both] through our coming [and through Alpha's coming.]  For we will stay here during these next two days, amplifying our presence in your midst to the point of allowing the greatest magnification of the light upon Earth that can by cosmic law be allowed during the stepping down of the energies of Alpha to the Earth. We would also see each of you rising in consciousness, [both] in preparation for his coming [and] toward the day of the very immortality of the Earth itself as Freedom's Star. When a certain number among mankind step forward to declare their sonship, their daughtership with God, heaven takes note, dispensations flow and the days are shortened for the elect—those who have elected to do the will of God and to fulfill their reason for being.
           Thus, Alpha comes to spin the Earth! For have you not called it forth? And even this one prayer to raise the Earth in sacred fire and to align the spiritual axis of this planet² has been heard by legions of light from far-off worlds who have streamed forth their cosmic rays to the Earth in answer to this call. And you see, Alpha himself could not bear to stay away from the Earth and the devotees who have devoted their very lives and fortunes toward the end of saving the Earth itself.
            You see, blessed ones, long, long ago when I made the commitment to bear the light for Earth's evolutions, Alpha himself took note and did offer his services, but these were denied by great cosmic councils in that hour. For if he had come, there would [have been] a great shift in the energies of the solar systems [for] which he [was] responsible. And therefore, it was decided that it was enough for this dark star to receive the light-energies of the 144,000 with me—you being among that company of saints.  
           Therefore, since beloved Gautama has taken up my mantle and I have returned to maintain the flame on Venus, I was able to secure other dispensations for this galaxy and solar system. And Alpha, because of the stabilizing action of the light in this area of the cosmos, was also able to come and lend his momentum unto you for the final victory. When one among you stands as a Siddhartha or sits beneath the Bo tree to surrender all to God such that the will of God may be fulfilled, then when that enlightenment comes fully unto that one, each of us may step up in rank and in the hierarchical chain. And thus, spiritual evolution is ongoing, and many more may follow the example of the one who has set forth through determination the example to be a Christ, a Buddha for all.  
            The day that you fulfill your reason for being will be a glorified day for the Earth, and we see many more among you rising toward that final day in the not-too-distant future. As each of you attain[s] to the level of ascended master and then move[s] on to cosmic being, then you will begin to understand more of what it means to be a cosmic bodhisattva, not only for one planet but for great starry systems of worlds.
           This is the love of Alpha and Omega—to keep the flame for the numberless number of stars within their domain. Blessed ones, when they come, give glory and honor and praise unto the name of Alpha and Omega, even as you have prepared the ritual.³ And thus, you will ennoble the great light that is borne by these holy ones, even as they reflect that light back unto you as sons and daughters of the one God.  
           So we emanate, and the Earth receives the pink corona of our love in this hour. And we braid the violet, pink and golden rays around the Earth to seal it for these next forty-eight hours and more of your communion together, blessed ones. This is an action of protection and also one of giving every soul upon Earth the opportunity to bend the knee to the Lord God in his representative Alpha. At the soul level all will know of his appearance. And as the days are shortened for the elect, they are also lengthened for those who have elected to do other than that which the Lord God has sent them forth. Do not despair! There is a way out. My son Gautama has taught you well. Walk in the light; be the light, and the Earth will know her victory.
            We seal you with the love of all the evolutions of Venus, who have sent missives, letters of living love to each one of you. I distribute them to you this evening to read during your time of rest. Yes, there are many who are rooting for you, blessed ones, and who send you their good cheer, their comfort and their cosmic encouragement to keep on keeping on until the victory is won. 
            May the Lord Alpha and Omega seal you, even as we seal you with a ruby cross. God bless you. We bid you a fair adieu.

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3.  Victory of the Holy City: The Soul's Mystical Union with God from the book of Revelation, prayer 9.016 in The Hearts Center Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book.


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