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Goddess of Beauty      July 02, 2007

Beloved Goddess of Beauty
David C. Lewis
July 2, 2007   5:21–5:36 pm MDT
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

Bringing Forth the Mysteries of Love through Visuals of Light

The Anointing of a Daughter of God
to Fulfill her Mission as a Messenger of Beauty

Blessed Hearts,
            This evening, by dispensation, I have brought, with my angels, a replica of a specific room within the temple of Lady Venus from her retreat, so near to here, and placed it over this room so that for the few short moments of my time in communion with you, you may look around you at the soul level to see the beautiful works of art of various ascended beings serving on the third ray. And even your own beloved Lanello has recently taken a class from my beloved Paul¹ and has completed a sacred portrait of his beloved as he perceives her from his vantage point and as she will appear as an ascended lady master.
           You see, blessed ones, the mysteries of love we would bring and declare unto you in words and in music [and] in visuals of light, that the very focus of your eyes upon them [would] energize and raise your beings to new levels of spiritual awareness. God is the Great Artisan, [who] can never be fully duplicated; for you see in nature the greatest beauties that can be seen. And yet we who are one with God can at least in our own way bring forth through the work of our spiritual hands those creations that also glorify God—even while ennobling the spirit of man—in his highest representation, both on earth and in heaven.
            When you strive to outpicture something in this plane of beauty and call upon the angels and the masters of the third ray to assist you, we come. And those of you who have the talent and the sensitivity of the secret-ray chakras to bring forth these foci of beauty upon which others may look for inspiration always receive the benefit and the grace of the light rays of the pink flame flowing through your heart and through the heart/third-eye connection, [which] then manifests through your hands.
            You see, there is a three-partite matrix that is fulfilled within you each time you set your hand upon the canvas or the electronic canvas through your mouse. And it is while you are in meditation upon the higher world and upon your own Solar Presence that we, at times, give you those little tidbits of inspiration that can be translated into the beauties that you create for others to see. This is a sacred process, and as many of you know, there are a number messengers of art and beauty upon the Earth. For these have proven lifetime after lifetime that through the surrender of the lesser self, they were able to capture the essences of the divine world in such a way that all mankind could receive the graces of the Spirit through the lens of the eye while partaking of their offerings.
           Without love, there is no true beauty upon Earth. But where love is manifest, then even if the creation be slightly bereft of the skill sets of a Venetian master, it will carry the flame into the world. And those who are sensitive will know and feel the light through that manifestation.
            Blessed hearts, it is true that there are many who are progressing to higher planes and dimensions of being even while they perfect their skills in the arts and sciences of this world. And yet I would come this day to fulfill an assignment from my beloved to anoint a daughter of God in your presence, to whom a certain torch is being passed from one master unto a disciple, who may continue in the way of perfecting her skill sets to be truly a messenger of beauty in her own right.
            Therefore I call before this altar beloved Tom and beloved Lisa. Please kneel. Blessed Tom, I receive your portrait with all the love of my heart, my friend.² And I once again bestow the blessing and the grace of the masters of the pink ray of heaven upon you as a messenger of music and art. And I now give to you this oil of the rose to pass this offering unto your apprentice, who has been a student of you[rs] more than once in past lifetimes and who has most ably and beautifully rendered an expansion of that which you have created [in] the Buddha Nature Chart. [She has illustrated the] very expression of the expansion of the threefold flame [in a format whereby this] teaching can be offered by these heartfriends the world around to grace those who are coming into this movement of light [with the] understand[ing of] the divine principles of meditation upon the sacred essence of God within.³ Therefore through this son of God, I also anoint this daughter of my heart. Please rise.
            O hearts of fire the world around, beauty has come through the appearance of the angels of the pink ray here [and] through you and you and you who strive to be hearts of fire as the graces and virtues, as the beauties of the heaven world in your work, in your offering, in your art.
            Therefore, O hearts of fire, I invite you to see what this son of God has been up to lately. And I encourage you to take that which he has most ably fulfilled in the work of preparing visualizations home with you and share them with others in your Hearts Centers and heartfriend groups.4 For behind the image, there is always the flame; there is always the glory of the light manifest through that heart, eye and hand connection that has manifested in the sacred geometry of the art of the artisan of the Spirit who fulfills the law of his or her own being through love, through love, through love.
            I seal each of you with a kiss of peace and a peck of love from my beloved upon your cheeks.

1.  Paul the Venetian, the chohan of the third ray, is the twin flame of the Goddess of Beauty who was embodied as Ruth Hawkins.
2.  Tom painted a new image of the Great Divine Director.
3.  Lisa's artwork was formatted onto a DVD entitled Threefold Flame Meditation and is available through the Hearts Center website at
4.  Tom provided many new visual images as foci for meditation during this event.

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