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Queen of Light      July 01, 2007

Beloved Queen of Light
David C. Lewis
July 1, 2007  4:05-4:14 pm MDT
Freedom Conference
Hilton Garden Inn, Bozeman, Montana

Heavenly Butterflies from the Heart of the Queen of Light

 Blessed Hearts,

I release thousands of butterflies into this room. See them now in your mind's eye carrying the light essences of heaven. They alight and land upon you—in your hands, on your shoulders bringing you my love. What is it about butterflies that catches the imagination of children? The story of a caterpillar and its metamorphosis is one of the eternal cycles of God's love in nature. Springing forth from the chrysalis, the new creature flies.
            Do you know that one day you, too, shall emerge as a light being with wings of fire and ascend to heaven above? I raise you and make you a little lighter today. Can you feel the joy of the angels, the sylphs and all the elementals who have joined you with their presence of hope and love for you? Life on earth is not meant to be a burden, blessed ones, but is meant to be a time of joy, happiness, family sharing, community and that spirit of oneness, of music, movement, laughter. This is the golden-age jubilee light that I bring and that I wish were shared in all Hearts Centers in your times together.
            Feel the lilting radiance of light streaming, whirling and dancing through your being now. Speak unto this little butterfly your wish to me. Speak in the silence of your heart what it is that I, as a fairy Godmother of light, may do for you. Do you have a dream? Do you have a desire to help others? I can help you fulfill that Godly desire. I take my wand now and impart crystal wish-fulfillment light essences to each one. So long as your wish is pure, in time and by God's grace, it will be fulfilled, blessed ones.
            Sparkling now all around you is the radiance of my angels and of the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Purity. For we three always come in our triune manifestation of purity and light.
            O children, in your dreams you have seen the angels. You have seen the very face of God, but you did not always know it as God. And God has seen your face as a babe, so pure. Teach the adults of purity of heart. Share with them something of the purity of your own being today. And during this conference take them by the hand. Tell them a story or two, for you have many stories to tell of your heart's longing for love and joy and happiness.
            This is my gift to the children in all of you today. And through this light you may be eternally young, youthful, free. So blessed ones, release the butterflies now and fly with them to my abode where we shall continue the story, the ancient story of “once upon a time” for God's eternal law fulfilled in you.


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