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Maitreya      July 01, 2007

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
July 1, 2007  11:54-11:58 am  MDT
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

Bring Compassion into Action

            Peace be unto you, dear hearts. Compassion be yours through each petal of your heart. Meditate with me this day on compassion as it is expressed through each petal, twelve in number.
            I ask you to discuss, during your afternoon repast or meal, what that compassion can look like through practical action in the world and what you within your family, your Hearts Center, your community can do to bring compassion into action now.
            It is a simple assignment but one that will carry you far in life.  For though you may talk of, meditate on and visualize world peace and compassion, what you will do speaks more profoundly of who you are than your words only.  This was the message I gave to Jesus when he came to the East—that although he could study with the rishis, although he could know all things of the deepest mysteries, yet I required him to prove the law through works of kindness, through healing and ministration. And so I ask you, each one, also to prove how much compassion you have become in the doing of the word who you are.
            What this Hearts Center movement will look like tomorrow may be much different that what it is today because each of you, as a hearts center in yourself, will make the message real for Jesus and me and for all ascended masters, your personal sponsoring master, your guru, your Higher Self.
               Imagine once more with Jesus and me now what this world will look like when you put compassion into action. And let us go forth and do it together. In the name I AM THAT I AM, in the holy name of God, we serve to set life free.  Amen.

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