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Keeper of the Scrolls      July 01, 2007

Keeper of the Scrolls
David C. Lewis
July 1, 2007
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana 

A Progress Report


           Blessed hearts, I bring a report to you, even as you have presented a report unto us of your progress—though short, I must say.
first speak of the progress of each one of you, for the recording angels have been very busy in recent weeks and months capturing upon the etheric substance of the allness of God what you have been up to, which we see, hear, feel and know in all dimensions and planes of being, even as who you are is manifest in the seven planes and beyond through your own conscious awareness of life. Truly you are more than you know only through your five senses, blessed ones. The intimations of your heart, your pining for God, even the thought essences that are not always captured in words and deeds make their way upon the primordial substance of the Mother, [which] then is transported into the book of life, of which I am the guardian as the Keeper of the Scrolls.
            Many ascended masters have taken note of that which you have brought to the altar and will continue to [bring] during this conference. And for this there is much applause in heaven. For the profundity of the word that has manifested through this dispensation is such that if even twenty percent of that which has already been recorded were to make its way into the marts of the world in publications and media presentations, you would see a great increase in membership and in the light garnered in the Earth by the recapitulation and the re-presentation of our words.
            You have seen the need and you have acted. And for those of you who have taken it to heart personally to act, you receive this day from the Lords of Karma a boon of light added to the momentum of your casual body, which you may activate day by day in greater works as you choose. You see, blessed ones, there come points in time where the records are read to the great councils of heaven, just as you have your dissertations, your tests, your theses. And when you have fulfilled the requirements of the law as set forth by your own Higher Self in communion with the Karmic Board, then you receive the signet, the diploma, the [approbation] and the congratulations from heaven for your striving and your service to life.
            Thus I present to those of you who have striven and given much an [approbation] from the Lord God Alpha, even in advance of his coming, which you may not open quite yet until after Hercules does speak. But within this scroll, tied with a ribbon of light, you will read the record not only of that to which you have attained in this hour, in this life, but of your karmic record and balancing thereof and of what yet remains for you to fulfill in this life in order to ascend and of that which you must also resolve at all levels of your being for the full balancing of 100 percent of your karma.
            This your soul may read after Alpha's coming. And it will give you a very directed matrix on where you have been lacking and exactly where you need to go in terms of your spiritual path, the acceleration needed in certain areas, and specific individuals with whom you must either come in contact or resolve ancient streams of karma that have been those which have tripped you up and at times been at odds to your acceleration on the path.
            You see, even within this activity some have been brought into your life that have challenged your paradigms, presented a thorn in your side to resolve, or have been the testing ones in your midst to prove whether your spirituality may manifest in all places, in all situations, with all people. Once you have gotten the victory over the beast of selfishness and of the tyrant ego dweller, then, blessed ones, your sails will be set for the remainder of your incarnation for the greater proving of the law through works and varied physical manifestations, such as those that you see offered unto you here, that will be a testament to your life, your path, your love of God.
            We see that many of you need to leave not only trails upon the sands of time but deep burrows and grooves within the Earth for many to follow who are also destined to ascend to the heart of God through the example that you are setting because of the maturity of your soul, your development of your inner faculties and the advancement in the use of spiritual gifts that you are able to employ day by day in your work. When you see something brought into the physical after many long weeks, months and even years of meditation and striving, of study and of editing, then, blessed ones, you will see how, in this testament to life and the very process that you have undergone in completing this assignment, you have been the overcomer, you have fulfilled the law of your being, because you could not [have] [brought] it forth and give[n] it birth unless you had at a certain level become that teaching, become the word that you deliver[ed].
            We see many of you rising to new levels of spiritual awareness, even pushing through unto cosmic consciousness in your meditation and emanation practice. Keep on keeping on, blessed ones! For the strides that you make are felt by all sentient beings. And when one or another among this body of heartfriends and lightbearers bridges the gap to the divine world, there is a great influx of cosmic energy to the planet that all feel at the soul level. Why, even your Buddha Mother accelerates day by day, pulling many of you higher in consciousness, even while her body and structure may continue to deteriorate in the physical.¹
            Do not rely so much upon your outer form in the eyes of others to be the testament of light. But know that a heart right with God is the acme [of virtue]. That is the goal you must strive for and toward—to be an example of a Christed one, one who has fully attained to his own, or her own, Buddha Nature, to be a light unto a world.
           Thus I have come, and in our ceremony in this hour my recording angels deliver unto each of you this scroll. You may place it upon your bedside table until invited to open it at the appropriated hour. I am grateful, and all of heaven is grateful, for your hearts of fire. You see, it is not such a bad thing for us to record all of your beautiful words and deeds and acts of kindness, generosity and grace. This we desire to do. But we would rather not record those things that you would rather not have God see in your world.
            May the blessing of heaven be upon you, even as you strive to wipe clean your past misuses of the light and present a clean slate, as ascending ones, upon which your soul ascended will write a new testament of light to a planet and a people. May it be so through compassion. May it be so by the power of your word. May it be so through wisdom, ensconced within the diadem of the Mother's heart, one with yours.
            I seal you, bless you in the eternal love fires of the grace of God, in whom we move and live and have our being.

1. The Keeper of the Scrolls is referring to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, who retired in 1999 as president of The Summit Lighthouse after her diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease in 1997.

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